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“When I had my 1st Appt at Canadian Cannabis Clinics there were only 2 LP's that were actually taking New Patients, and MariCann was the only one with Compassion Prices (on certain Strains). MariCann is the 1st LP that I've used and Setup & Registration all went smoothly, and I placed my 1st Order with them days after getting registered. When I received my nicely Packed Parcel I noticed each Strain was Individually packed in it's own light resistant Bottle, and each Bottle has an Air-Tight Foil Seal which seals in the strains scent/aroma. I looked at each Strain under a 10x magnification and I was Satisfied with what I observed, and quite a few of the Strains physically looked like High Times material. Each of the Strains I had the Opportunity to Buy within my "grams per day limit" each had it's own individual scent, all nice buds (big & small buds with minimal stem), and each of my Bottles weighed out correctly:) A few of MariCann's Strains stood out above the other's that they have available: Critical Mass (Indica) was a Good Before Bed/pain relieving strain, Amnesia Haze (Sativa) looked absolutely caked full of Trichromes, even the small leaves were so full of crystals that you can barely see the green colour of the leaves themselves), and had a Wonderful aroma!!. Strawberry Ice (Hybrid) was my Top choice out of the few Strains I had the Opportunity to Buy. Under my 10x Magnifier (jeweler's Loupe) I was able to observe white, amber, and strawberry coloured THC trichromes, a Wonderful smell of Strawberries, but best of all "the taste" of this Strain when being used through a Vaporizer is an Amazing Experience indeed:) The Strawberry Ice was Available with Compassion prices which helps when on a Budget!. This Strain is an Absolute Godsend that helps me forget about my pain, has a taste of Pleasure, and is also Wonderful for daytime use. I've personally talked to a few of Maricann's Staff and each person has been Friendly, Compassionate, Very Helpful, and are located right here in Ontario (not in US or abroad). Just recently I made my 2nd Order with MariCann, things have been Wonderful with them, and Honestly I only have 1 negative comment at this time. It's True that not all the Strains offered by MariCann qualify for Compassion pricing unfortunately, and this is Honestly my only Negative comment. There should be more options for the size/format of how certain strains at MariCannInc only come in a fixed price/"No Further Discounts Apply" format (aka meaning no compassion prices), and NOT EVERYONE wants to be forced to only have 1 option "size format" to buy. MariCann has been Great so far, Friendly & Knowledgeable staff, and I've found a few Strains that are beneficial to me. I'm Very Thankful to be a Patient of MariCann, and a 100% Satisfied Customer:)”

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“I'm 55 years old I've been ordering for 9 months now , and they are the most rudest and have no compassion for patients. I am a cancer survivor and depend on my Cannabis high in THC to get buy each day.. People use to get high I use to get by. I am on disability fixed income the product I order was $6 per gram and I then qualified for compassion care which gave me a 20% discount,, which was great , because this was the only way I could afford my medication, when placing my order i was shocked when I was told the 20% compassion care isn't available on that strain , it only applies to strains $8 a gram and over , I spoke to a supervisor she was very ignorant Right out refused my compassion care which means I can't afford my meds.. Rude snotty bitch suggested I choose a new LP .... I used METTRUM in 2015 as my LP they are 210% more caring and professional I always got my order if they didn't have what I wanted they would give me a higher quality weed at my budge cost ..”

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