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MedMar is a medical cannabis dispensary located in Rockford, Illinois. Its professional staff has expertise in the medical, pharmaceutical, and cannabis industries. This ensures that each and every patient will receive the very best treatment for their specific condition. MedMar is the finest medical cannabis dispensaries in the state of Illinois.


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“I love the atmosphere and the love the medmar team brings. Its loving, invested team will make you feel at home while your buying your medicine. I really do love the staff. When I think of how great budtenders interact with their patients, I think of Medmar Rockford. Without a doubt. I've read other reviews that I'm agreeable with, they don't do well with high customer flow, I've stood there as well while everyone else was getting helped in the back and I'm actually quite surprised, "behind" the doors should be more controlled and safe I should never stand around in the back! Second, They have a past of putting a tax on products that are 1. Highly desired 2. Numbers testing higher than usual. I have seen products come with a normal price tag then jump 5-10$ when it goes fast or people request (THAT MEANS PATIENT'S ARE GETTING RELIEF) I wouldn't suggest this course of action, I suggest the prices stay the same ESPECIALLY if it's an effective medicine. This is the problem with greed. Ex: One 1/8th of Brownie Scout was $45(sale)-$55 4 months ago, today you can spend $60 because the numbers tested high. Or Ex: An 1/8th of Gelato used to cost $55, Gelato is a "go to strain" for many people because of its pain relieving ability, you can expect to pay $60 for an 1/8th today. This is a trend among many desirable strains here. The pricing here should allot for consumers to be rewarded for buying material in Bulk where here you are punished for trying. There's almost never an option to buy in bulk. Online menu needs to be updated way more often. Currently was updated 7 days without an update, but they can sit on Instagram all day where they can't post pricing? The bud is dry but this I cannot blame on Medmar, this is the cultivators fault. All in all like I said the team is great, I suggest pouring Energy into selling more, you never, ever, ever start raising prices on items that shouldn't fluctuate as a solution. This hurts you in the long run. Minor fixes!”

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Comment from MedMar Rockford

Thank you for your review! We appreciate your kind comments about our staff and are very happy to hear that we make you feel at home when you are buying your medicine. We would also like to apologize for the wait you experienced during your last visit. We recently remodeled the facility to allow for more patients to be in the dispensary and, as a result, decreased wait times quite a bit. That said, we pride ourselves on giving each patient the time they need to fully understand their medicine and to ask any questions about the products we provide. We strive to provide both comprehensive and efficient service and will continue to try to do better. As far as pricing and menu go, we pride ourselves in providing patients with a wide array of products at prices we hope will fit their budget. In fact, our selection of product is second to none in the state. Unfortunately, we do not control all of the aspects of the price as the cultivators and market conditions also determine the price at which we buy and ultimately sell the medicine. We do promise, however, that our prices are lower than our competitors in our district. To that end, we offer our price match guarantee. If you find a product advertised by a competitor in our district with a lower price, we promise to match price. Again, we really appreciate your comments and look forward to serving you in the future.

“I recently started going to this location and I have had an excellent experience every time. I would definitely recommend MedMar to area residents. The quality of the flower/concentrate is second to none. The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. My first/second visit was with Aleasha R. and Laura R.. They helped me with choosing the correct medicine for my ailments. They were extreamly nice and very informative. During my most recent visit I worked with Taylor C.. I arrived at the facility 5 mins before closing. I was afraid they were going to rush me out at 6. Much to my surprise...the exact opposite. Taylor was patient and made me feel at ease. Overall experience with MedMar has been very satisfying and gratifying.”

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