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“Options Medical Center has the worst service out of any dispensary I've been to in Colorado (I've been to more than 36). The meds there are nothing special, and are usually stemmy and larky. This is THE place to go if you are into white trash. It seems they're run by white trash and hire it exclusively. The bud tenders will take their sweet time, like their time is more important than yours; like you're lucky to buy anything from them, a counterproductive business attitude. If there are only 2 other people waiting before you, you could be waiting 15 minutes or you could be 30 minutes. I have waited with a handful of people in front of me for over 45 minutes, just because the employee were lazy and slow. Try Greentree past the light on Arapahoe, there buds are way better and the service there is on par and won't keep you waiting forever. In summary, 'Options Medical Center' is bullshit.”

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