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Now Open to the Public! Don't have an OMMP card but need medicine? We would love to help! 21+ with valid ID only.

Breeders of the worlds HIGHEST CBD Strain, Franks Gift, 24.6% cbd-a, 9% thc-a. A new standard in true medical cannabis. Only available at The Oregon Microgrowers Guild. Please read our blog for more information. Please use the link below.

Franks Gift and the birth of CBD Oregon

Oregons most trusted patient centered care dispensary.

100% organic medications. High CBD Medication. Patient Centered Care, Serving Eugene Patients for over 5 years. If you have any questions about getting your card or obtaining medical cannabis please contact us!

Eugene Oregons only all in-house, 100% organic, micro-growers guild! We grow our cannabis with love and care. The way we do it differently is easily seen in the superior quality of our flowers. Stop by and see the difference.

Thanks for visiting us. We are Oregon Microgrowers Guild, a group of growers who have worked in the OMMP program as growers for over ten years. We were one of the original "clubs" in Oregon, and have made our name on helping patients get the absolute best medical cannabis in the State.

Our growers are recognized locally, nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves on our unique growing style and the love and care put into every plant we grow. We are hands on from seed to sale and know everything about our medications.

We also carry medicating accessories that will help patients consume the medication they need. We are happy to help show you how these items work.

We operate in a no-judgement, medical, professional setting. We LOVE cannabis and want to make it as respected as we can so the movement will keep the course. Please visit our Facebook page or Website for more information.


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“It's a little house in a residential neighborhood, which is great. Fits their personality and fits mine. My budtender was great, really knowledgeable about all their buds. They had a very small outdoor selection, but small is better than none. I got a gram of the Blackwater for $10. It was a generous gram-plus, and the actual weight printed on the label. It was a much more formidable opponent than one might expect from a relatively low THC number. I was pretty much couchlocked and going off on some really wild mental tangents, hours later still. I smoked it in the evening for chillaxing purposes, but I can't imagine trying to get anything done. Maybe something creative, but not a routine activity. Anyway, in summary, the prices at this place are only average, but the bud is kind and they help you well. Will be back.”

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“One of the best places in town. The Guava Chem is one of the tastiest, potent,clear-headed strains i've ever tried. The potency of the guava lasts longer than most, 3-4 hrs compared to 2hrs for most strains. I got a pack of mendo cookie seeds from their shop and had one of them pop open and start sprouting in under a half an hour! Had never seen that kind of viability before, I couldn't believe my eyes. Got a pack of deep blue OG. Pure purple with beautiful orange hairs and quite resilient to pests as we observed. The thing I love about this dispensary more than any other is their knowledge about the strains on their shelf. They are experts and answer questions gladly. Everything on the shelf burns really smooth, and terpene profiles are awesome. Organic relaxation with a clear head and no headaches. I always enjoy going in and talking with these people because every time you leave you come out having learned something new. Their prices are the fairest in town in my opinion. You get the most quality for your dollar there. They greet you by name there. You're treated like the friend walking into the house to greet his other friends. The vibe is unmatched. One-on-one service in a discreet location protects your privacy and gives all of the focus to your needs. These guys are the best.”

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