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Breeders of the worlds HIGHEST CBD Strain, Franks Gift, 24.6% cbd-a, 9% thc-a. A new standard in true medical cannabis. Only available at The Oregon Microgrowers Guild. Please read our blog for more information. Please use the link below.

Franks Gift and the birth of CBD Oregon

Oregons most trusted patient centered care dispensary.

100% organic medications. High CBD Medication. Patient Centered Care, Serving Eugene Patients for over 5 years. If you have any questions about getting your card or obtaining medical cannabis please contact us!

Eugene Oregons only all in-house, 100% organic, micro-growers guild! We grow our cannabis with love and care. The way we do it differently is easily seen in the superior quality of our flowers. Stop by and see the difference.

Thanks for visiting us. We are Oregon Microgrowers Guild, a group of growers who have worked in the OMMP program as growers for over ten years. We were one of the original "clubs" in Oregon, and have made our name on helping patients get the absolute best medical cannabis in the State.

Our growers are recognized locally, nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves on our unique growing style and the love and care put into every plant we grow. We are hands on from seed to sale and know everything about our medications.

We also carry medicating accessories that will help patients consume the medication they need. We are happy to help show you how these items work.

We operate in a no-judgement, medical, professional setting. We LOVE cannabis and want to make it as respected as we can so the movement will keep the course. Please visit our Facebook page or Website for more information.


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Oregon Microgrowery Guild

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“Let me start by saying this was my first time going to the guild. I don't know if other places in Eugene are the same but you have to ring a doorbell and wait on the front porch until someone lets you in to a waiting room. don't know if that is because of the neighborhood or if they are understaffed but there was three people working at the time. there is nothing to steal in the waiting room so it must be a security issue. The staff were really friendly and welcoming. I stopped trying to buy genetics at dispensaries because every time I have they have been the worst plants I have ever grown. but these guys are known for selling/creating franks gift and lucy's lion cbd strains which they sell out of the shop on occasion so I figured I would give them a try. they must be cool cats to sell the cbd strains instead of keeping them to themselves like other people do. so I decided to buy a couple of clones from them even though they had no cbd clones available. I got one holy grail kush and one starkiller. the clones were kept in another room so you couldn't see them before buying. they threw in a free gram of flower being it was my first visit which was very cool. I got a gram of franks gift to try it out and this led me to my first question about this place. franks gift is touted online as being 3/1 cbd to tch from 25% to 18% cbd tested in the flower. the flower they gave me tested 12.21cbd to 5.12 thc. how does a strain go from 3/1 to 2/1? and how so low? the nug was sugary and cured well, not sure how it could be so low compared to what is published online. anyway I took the clones home and got a look at them. the starkiller looked a bit stunted with small leaves and most of the tips had been cut- very woody stems. It almost looked like it had its roots dried out and was saved from death but would sit unchanged in the veg room for a month - you know the look- but when I checked the roots the looked great. then I noticed some chlorosis on two of the leaves in a mosaic pattern. I had gotten a cut of chemdawg D years back that had the same chlorotic mosaic patterns. I had it in veg with a bunch of other strains and some sort of moth got in the room that was chewing on some leaves in there. the mosaic pattern soon spread to my hells angel's og, chem4, super skunk and one other strain everything else seemed normal. my next harvests were crappy, not sure what from and it took me nearly two years to get the bad plants out. I ended up scrapping my whole genepool and starting over. so I sure as hell wasn't going to put that starkiller in my garden or even in my quarantine. I called the guild and told them and the assured me that it was only a ph problem from the soil they use. I said I was not willing to put the clone in my garden and I live in corvallis so I wasn't going to drive back to eugene over $15 either. they said there was nothing they could do but they guaranteed me it wasn't tmv. What kind of a dishonest statement was that? you cant even guarantee one clone what are you going to do if a virus rips through my whole strain library? if it was my store I wouild have just put a 15dollar credit on my account and apologized instead of making empty promises and putting my garden at risk. they knew I wasn't making it up, they were aware of the leaf anomaly. they even went so far as to tell me based on no evidence that there are people online who say cannabis can't even get viruses. really? is the hemp streak virus a virus that only affects broccoli? I don't know what my plants had when they had that mosaic leaf pattern but I do know whatever it was it was contagious. I was gonna just let it rest but the other clone I bought that I put in quarantine(holy grail) now has two spotted spider mites all over the bottom leaves. it looked ok when I got it but obviously they are taking cuts from an infected garden. wtf? glad I was smart enough to quarantine it. I'm really sorry to say that regardless of the friendly staff and atmosphere they really fell short.”

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“I have checked out a few dispensaries in my time and this is by far the best....No crap, no Attitude, no short changing(yes, I have been shorted before at a different dispensary) They are very reasonably priced. Should I really put all this and turn my sweet little happy place into a traffic jam...I just can't say enough good about them though...stay cool an keep on wakin and bakin.”

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