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Located on Kempenfelt Bay in downtown Barrie, Sunrise Medicinal is a private club that focuses on alternative healing. We are currently accepting new members. Membership is free.


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“i have created a page for the medicinal patients of Barrie, ON who have been affected by the resent closures of Sunrise Medicinal, and West Med, Who would like to participate in sharing their personal stories with each other, our community, the necessary government, and authority officials, and signing this petition in hopes that our voices will travel in numbers so that our opinion can be part of the final decisions for these dispensary locations. Please feel free to tell your story without judgement. Share your illnesses and/or struggles that were relieved by cannabis obtained during your membership with either dispensary mentioned above, and explain the comfort feeling of having trusting faces providing this to us, being able to learn from well educated bud tenders and patients of all sorts on how to handle our issues. Also, how monthly orders for LP's are unpredictable and expensive, not many people can afford the monthly prescription fee. The casualness of being able to grab what you need when you need it from your personal dispensary is empowering to patients who suffer from depression or anxiety, And pain doesn't come with a schedule, The convenience of these dispensaries makes dealing with it that much easier. There are many reasons as to why these places meant so much to their patients. i hope to build this page with stories of all sorts and wisdom from everyone, this is where our voice will be heard!!! positive and educational words only please! this will be helping me fight our case! write your stories and experiences, then share this page with ALL of the medicinal patients.”

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“Knowledgeable Staff! They approach each client with a professional manner and catter to the individuals medical needs as well as personality. Their product speaks for itself at a fair price as well as the incentives , sales ,and promotions that give the added perks for a 5☆”

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