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“Yet again another terrible experience. Not just for myself as a witness, but for a friend I brought in to be a first time customer to test their customer service. Boy was it ever disappointing. We were offered coffee and water. That's nice. No thanks. The sign up process was standard, until they brought up the fact that address didn't match. This was explained due to moving. They then asked for a COSTCO card as a form of ID, which is ridiculous, that's not even government issued. This issues continued worse in the back where a girl came out and again asked if we wanted coffee or water again. No thanks. During the transaction the girl behind the counter knew nothing of the products, how they were made, and had to continually call on reception at the front, she wasn't sure either. The girl in the back asked for his ID and then again brought up the fact his address didn't match, again, this was explained. Then she proceeded to ask if he had ever been audited! What is this shit?! During this whole confusing back and forth of asking for product information and packaging product the girl had forgotten to put the largest order in the bag! Are you kidding me?! Now this was not realized until the late evening, but no attempt was made to contact that medicine was left behind. An edible was purchased during this transaction, it had all the nutritional information but ZERO medicinal information on it. I don't care that the cookie weighs 63g. I care about the medicinal qualities. It's nice to know I'm 63g heavier now though. All that said, upon leaving we were offered water or coffee, How about offering some real fucking service...”

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“I had bought a couple grams of the mothers milk shatter a couple weeks ago and it was great. A great taste, smell and texture. I had recently gone in noticing that they had restocked on a fresh batch of the same mothers milk shatter. I purchased 3 grams but did not check to make sure this batch was made as good as the last. When I got home not only was one of the grams short but the shatter texture was all wet and not the same as the last batch. You can also see lots of bubbles and the taste is absolutely horrible. I'm positive there is lots of butane left in this batch. Very disappointed in the quality.”

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