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ABOUT -FREE lifetime membership. -FREE gram of any strain with first purchase. -FREE same-day courier delivery within City of Vancouver! -FREE mail-order shipping with any order over $200. -- WHY ZENLEAF? -TONS of deals, discounts, savings and incentives. -High-quality medicine with premium organic, lab-tested selections! -Simple, easy online ordering with cash or Interac e-transfer payment. -Fast, discreet same-day courier service throughout the GVRD. -Unique and delicious edibles. Taste matters! -Mail orders across Canada with free shipping over $200. ZenLeaf: Delivering inner peace to your door.


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Free gram with first purchase!

As a thank you for using our service, enjoy a free gram (1g) of ANY strain with your first delivery!

Valid from 1/1/0001.

Please indicate your preferred strain in the "Special Notes" text box of your order form.

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“Always gets there before i get home from work... no complaints :)”

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“I really wish and regret not checking Leafly reviews before ordering a large amount from Zenleaf delivery. As an unsatisfied customer I am astonished to find out that this is an on going problem. I ordered sample flight packs of four different strains (1 gram each) several times and the product was great in quality. I then decided on a strain that I liked the best and ordered an ounce as you save a lot on the larger purchases. Here is where the problem begins for me. The quality was unbelievably bad. Bone dry to extreme wet, no scent, no thc, lots of leaf, lots of bottom "of the bag", created a bad high, bad taste, bad headache and just about every other thing that would constitute bad quality marijuana. As others have apparently stated not only was I sent garbage but when I inquired about how or why they would do this to a seemingly nice and respectful repeat customer they replied with extremely rude remarks as they have clearly displayed they are capable of doing so in there reply to the last poor customer that also was sent very low quality product and decided to inform other medical users of there experience. If someone was illiterate what exactly does that have to do with the fact that your company is starting to stack up customers with horror story's about not only Zenleafs product quality being garbage but also that you belittle them upon asking for an explanation. I am amazed and can't believe that Leafly would even endorse such a company and I would advise anyone that does order from Zenleaf to at the very least fully inspect the order at your door before you hand over your hard earned cash. Another bad review from a customer that did nothing wrong and ended up out of pocket heavily. Hank”

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Comment from Zenleaf Delivery

These last few reviews, all in the exact same half-literate writing style, and all in the same week, are as believable as they look. ZenLeaf stands behind our product and our customer service, and we invite our real referrals and clients to draw their own conclusions about these "reviews," because we trust their intelligence. Have a great day!


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