The 24 Best Dispensaries to Visit With Your Mom

Published on May 12, 2017 · Last updated December 2, 2022
(Courtesy Serra)

Saying a dispensary is a place you could take your mom to is a huge compliment. Its connotations are cleanliness, a welcoming atmosphere, helpful and personable budtenders, a product selection that caters to all types of consumers, and an overarching atmosphere of maturity.

While not all moms are new to cannabis, many are still new to dispensaries, and if you’re hoping to share the new face of cannabis culture with your mom through a visit to a rec shop, you’re probably looking for somewhere that’s not draped in tie-dye tapestries. With that in mind, the following are our picks for dispensaries your mother will love.


(Courtest The Green Easy)

(Courtesy The Green Easy)

The Green Easy (Los Angeles)

Where: 8311 Beverly Boulevard

If we were moms in Beverly Hills, we’d shop at The Green Easy. A white-on-silver color scheme, gorgeous glass display cases, sparkling chandeliers and fresh flowers in the entryway quash notions that cannabis is still a counterculture.

Harvest off Mission (San Francisco)

Where: 33 29th Street

Harvest’s merchandising and store organization give customers a familiar physical retail experience—you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a natural foods market rather than a dispensary.

Exhale Med Center (West Hollywood)

Where: 980 North La Cienega Boulevard, Suite 102

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This lively, well-lit location keeps it classy yet approachable, and budtenders here are always more than happy to help newcomers select the right beginner products for any goal or budget.

Caliva (San Jose)

Where: 1695 South Seventh Street

Visitors to Caliva can’t help but relax and enjoy themselves—the award-winning dispensary, decked out with reclaimed wood, local art, and a living wall, delivers products of the highest quality; they even have an in-house testing lab onsite.

British Columbia


(Courtesy Farmacy)

Karuna Health Foundation ft. Metta Lounge (Vancouver)

Where: 3636 West Fourth Avenue

This bright and lively location features a plethora of products that you’ll have fun browsing with your mom, and the meditative lounge area that accompanies the store offers comfy couches, coffee, smoothies, music, and more—hang out there as long as you like.

Farmacy (Victoria)

Where: 3055 Scott Street

Muted neutral tones set the stage at this upscale location in Victoria. With glitzy display cases and an easy-to-navigate menu posted behind the counter, you’ll feel more like you’re ordering a split-shot latte than a gram of Super Lemon Haze.



(Courtesy Silverpeak Apothecary)

Lightshade 6th Ave. (Denver)

Where: 745 East Sixth Avenue

The Lightshade brand name is among the most well-respected in Colorado. While all six of its current locations are fantastic, we especially love the one on 6th Avenue for its central location and impeccable service.

Simply Pure (Denver)

Where: 2000 West 32nd Avenue

Simply Pure exudes class and maturity, from the atmosphere in the lobby (well-stocked with cannabis magazines) and the brands available to the professionalism of the budtenders on the floor.

Silverpeak Apothecary (Aspen)

Where: 520 East Cooper Avenue

Silverpeak considers itself the Tiffany’s of dispensaries. Built out by Tanagram Design, the warm wood-paneled Aspen showroom is transportive and absolutely gorgeous.


(Courtesy Seven Point)

Seven Point (Oak Park)

Where: 1132 Lake Street

Chicago-area dispensaries sometimes seem to be in a class all their own—million-dollar buildouts characterize the city’s storefronts, and Seven Point is no exception. With a front door reminiscent of an upscale apartment building and a modern apothecary-esque vibe inside, it’s no wonder visitors of all kinds love coming here.


(Courtesy Serra)

Chalice Farms—Powell (Portland)

Where: 5333 Southeast Powell Boulevard

Situated near Mt. Tabor, Chalice Farms’ Powell location is the perfect place to stop and grab an edible, then savor its effects on a walk through the park.

Serra—Southeast (Portland)

Where: 2519 Southeast Belmont Street

Serra’s design scheme is nothing short of stunning, and the store’s Southeast location is no exception. The products here are equally classy—if your mom loves to shop upscale accessories, this is where to take her.

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High Grade Organics (Bend)

Where: 224 Southeast Davis Avenue

High Grade Organics is a quintessential lifestyle store, with a thoughtfully curated product selection thoughtfully displayed inside a cute butter-yellow building. The focus here is on cannabis’s ability to stimulate creativity, so if your mom loves to write or paint, she’ll adore this shop.



(Courtesy Garden Remedies)

Garden Remedies (Newton)

Where: 697 Washington Street

Products are beautifully displayed here, and frosted glass partitions between registers let visitors receive budtender recommendations with a degree of privacy. It doesn’t hurt that the brick building this dispensary inhabits is steeped in New England charm, right down to the garden gate-style entrance.


(Courtesy Paper Leaf)

(Courtesy Paper and Leaf)

The Novel Tree (Bellevue)

Where: 1817 130th Avenue Northeast, Suite B

This family-owned dispensary, which sees legalization as an unrivaled opportunity to present cannabis to the world, has been pleasing hard-to-please Bellevue moms since I-502 went into effect.

American Harvest (Peshastin)

Where: 7550 US Highway 97

Off the beaten path in the lovely Leavenworth area, American Harvest is largely female-owned and -operated. It’s a perfect stop on a road trip over the pass for a weekend out of town.

Paper and Leaf (Bainbridge Island)

Where: 8040 Day Road West, Building 3, Unit 1

Designed by Johnson Squared Architecture and Semigood Design, Paper and Leaf embraces minimalism yet exudes warm, welcoming vibes.



(Courtesy Arizona Natural Selections)

Arizona Natural Selections (Scottsdale)

Where: 7320 East Butherus Drive, Suite 100

Arizona Natural Selections has a uniquely feminine feel that’s perfect for putting apprehensive moms at ease. High ceilings, bright lighting, colorful wall accents, a butterfly motif, and an ultra-clean look and feel make this place a must-visit. For those outside of Scottsdale, there’s also a location in Peoria.

The Holistic Center (Phoenix)

Where: 21035 North Cave Creek Road

The Holistic Center recalls a spa, with an earthy color palette and partitioned desks for private consultations. Keep with the spa theme and treat your mom to an infused balm or bath soak while you’re there.



(Courtesy Arbors Wellness)

Arbors Wellness (Ann Arbor)

Where: 321 East Liberty Street

Housed in a charming white-and-brick building, this airy and bright location features elegant light fixtures, classy art pieces, marble countertops, and more homey details.

Greenwave Dispensary (Lansing)

Where: 500 East Oakland Avenue

This clean and clutter-free location feels like a pharmacy, which moms picking up medical cannabis will appreciate. Bright lighting, a white-and-green color scheme, and no-nonsense displays let customers think critically about their product selection without being overwhelmed.


(Courtesy Oasis Medical)

(Courtesy Oasis Medical Cannabis)

Oasis Medical Cannabis (Las Vegas)

Where: 1800 Industrial Road, Suite 180

Oasis in Las Vegas is oh-so-zen: spring-green walls, tile-accented displays, a waterfall, big leafy plants, skylights to let in plenty of natural daylight, and a farmer’s market hosted on weekends are there to make anyone feel welcome.

The Apothecarium (Las Vegas)

Where: 7885 West Sahara Avenue

If you’re vacationing in Vegas, this luxe location is guaranteed to please—treat yourself and your mom to a few edibles and pre-rolls, and save them for winding down after a night out on the town.

New Mexico

(Courtesy The Verdes)

(Courtesy The Verdes Foundation)

The Verdes Foundation—Eastside (Albuquerque)

Where: 6005 Coronado Avenue Northeast, Suite A

This pretty corner store is planted with flowers out front and just as cheerful inside. Big windows shed light on the main counter, behind which friendly budtenders await, always willing to spend as long as needed to ensure visitors leave with the perfect products for their needs.

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