Star signs and cannabis strains: January 2023 horoscopes

Published on January 3, 2023
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Hello, Zodiac babes, and welcome to 2023! It’s looking like a promising year for virtually every sign in the Zodiac calendar. January 6 brings the first full moon of the year in Cancer. Mars returns to direct motion in upbeat Gemini, and Mercury finally returns to its direct motion in thoughtful Capricorn. 

It’s shaping up to be a long, cold winter for many, but so goes the natural order of things. Do what you can to embrace the slow pace and give yourself the gift of presence in 2023. Take it one moment at a time this month, and you’ll come out ahead in the long run.

Your January horoscope


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Happy Birthday, Capricorn! You may have been born during some of the coldest, darkest days of the year…but your personality couldn’t be more opposite of your humble beginnings! This month is yours to conquer. On January 5, Sun in your sign trine Uranus in Taurus is a spicy aspect that will leave you feeling energized and ready to set some goals for 2023. 

On January 6, there is a full moon (the first of the year!) in Cancer. Leave the heavy emotional lifting to others around this time. Relax and pick up a new book. Treat yourself to a little something special. On January 12, Mars goes direct in Gemini.

It’s been a long retrograde for this powerful planet, and you might feel a little out of alignment with the change of motion, but this is temporary. Mercury also returns to direct motion in your sign on January 18. Your mind should feel like you did a big spring cleaning of old worries and missed opportunities. It’s time to turn a new page. 

January strain: Take a little something sweet with you into the New Year. Granimals is an indica strain with 24% THC and a reputation amongst medical patients for relieving stress and anxiety. Recreational users enjoy Granimals for the sweet taste profile, and a few users have reported this strain is like superglue — it will leave you stuck to your couch. 

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Happy 2023 and Happy Birthday to you, Aquarius babes! Lots happening for you in the first month of the year. The love planet enters your sign on January 2. Right off the bat, romance will be at the top of your mind. Get used to being pampered. Let others show you their love languages, and don’t be afraid to share yours, too. 

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On January 14, Venus in your sign square Uranus (your ruler) in Taurus is a dicey aspect that can leave you feeling left out of your inner circle’s plans. Speak up for yourself! You deserve consideration, too. On January 20, we officially start Aquarius season. Watch your artistic plans flourish. Spend as much time in nature as you can. Your powers are growing this month. Can you feel it?

January strain: Did you know Snoop Dogg has a children’s show, and he even does affirmations for children? Frankly, everyone could use a little boost from Snoop Dogg, and everyone could take a page from his philanthropic book this year. Celebrate living in the same time and space as this living legend by smoking some Snoop Dogg OG. This strain is an indica with a diesel taste profile and users report this bud will leaving you feeling creative and ready to tackle some low-key projects around the house.


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It’s 2023, Pisces. You are here, and this is your time. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. There is a full moon in Cancer on January 6. This is a cozy pairing that is best enjoyed in a comfy pair of PJs from your couch. On January 13, Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces will have you at the top of your game. You’ll be shelling out some really solid advice, so don’t be surprised if this aspect brings you a busy week. 

On January 18, Mercury returns to direct motion in sweet Capricorn. There will be some equilibrium but also some reconning of the decisions you made at the end of the year.

Did you honor your needs? Did you put others before yourself when you shouldn’t have? It’s okay, January is a hard reset for everyone. Spend time alone in nature to get reacquainted with the importance of the present moment. This year is yours for the taking. 

January strain: Garlic is great on virtually everything. In the garlic capital, Gilroy, California, they even put it in ice cream. Here’s to hoping your 2023 is just as successful as garlic has been. Smoke some Garlic bud for both a delicious palate and an impressive 24% THC. Users report this indica strain is strong yet mellow. Expect cerebral effects that hit between the eyes fast and hard.

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Happy New Year, Aries! Things start for you this month with Venus in Aquarius and sextile Jupiter in your sign. This is a buzzy little aspect that will have you feeling jolly at the beginning of the year. January 6 sees a full moon in Cancer. Take a page out of the Crab’s book and find a nice rock to crawl under for the week. 

Your ruler, Mars, leaves retrograde in party-happy Gemini. Draw on the social energy of friends to start your long winter de-frost. Get outside and take in all the sunshine you can.

A new moon in Aquarius on January 21 means make plans for a friend gathering at the end of the month. It will be good to see your main squeezes. 

January strain: Time for a little Fresh Squeeze this year. Fresh Squeeze is a hybrid strain with 26% THC and a chestnut and citrus taste profile. Users report this strain makes them feel tingly and energized—a perfect way to feel going into the New Year!

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Bull on a green background with cannabis on the border and the word "Taurus"
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Hello and welcome to 2023, Bulls! On January 2, your ruler, Venus, enters Aquarius. Love will get top billing at the beginning of the month. Don’t be shy—give that cutie your number! On January 8, Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus will stretch you to your comfort limits. Lean in! Offer to take on a project at work that would normally scare you. 

On January 22, Uranus goes direct in your sign. Again, expect some emotional stretching to occur. That’s what New Year’s is for, right? On January 26, your ruler enters Pisces; an old friend might come out of the woodwork. This connection will be sacred for the rest of the year.

Invest in the people that invest in you, Bull! It is a gamble that almost always pays off. 

January strain: Virtually every other mammal in the animal kingdom is hibernating or powering down for the long winter. Get in on some of this sleepy action with a little Sugar Black Rose. This indica strain has a potent 29% THC, so don’t expect to be on top of your game after smoking this. Users report this strain has both fruity and earthy terps, and its relaxing body buzz puts even seasoned users in the mood for a nap.

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Welcome to 2023, Gemini. Mars goes direct in your sign on January 12. Get ready to have old friends appear after a long proverbial (and maybe literal) freeze. Try not to hold on to grudges—everyone was struggling at the end of 2022. On January 18, your ruler goes direct in Capricorn. Mercury has finally left its long retrograde, so rejoice! 

We kick off Aquarius season on January 20, and there is a new moon in Aquarius on January 21. You feel the winds of change blowing? You should! Things are starting to clear up in a number of areas of your life. You have always been pretty good with change, so don’t stop now.

On January 29, the sun in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini is a light-hearted aspect that will nudge you to get together with just a few close, trusted confidantes. Ring in the New Year with people that love you for who you are, Gem! 

January strain: You don’t have to hit the ground running this month, Gemini. Relax a little. Lavender is an indica strain with a modest 18% THC. Users report that this dense, purple bud has a zesty taste and pairs great with those nights when you just can’t get to sleep.


Dab rigs and a large crab on a blue background with the word "Cancer"
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You made it to 2023, Cancer! Good for you; it wasn’t an easy ride. Fortunately, things are really looking up this year. First, there is the first full moon of 2023 in your sign on January 6. Relax, bask in the beautiful glow of that big moon. There will be plenty of time for planning and strategizing. 

On January 12, Mars returns to direct motion in upbeat Gemini. This bodes well for both your friendships and business partnerships. Use this time to plan downtime with the people you love. A relaxing smoke session or kickback at your place can really set the tone for the year. On January 18, Mercury leaves its long retrograde in Capricorn. Rejoin. Balance. Thank the stars above you can start 2023 with a little more predictability.

Finally, your ruler (the moon) is new for the first time in Aquarius on January 21. Think about one self-care practice you want to try to adopt this year, and start making it happen the last week of the month (if you haven’t already).  

January strain: Ease into 2023 with a little Purple Linda. This indica has 16% THC and a delicious aromatic profile that is floral and fruity. Users report this is a very mellow strain that hits between the eyes and relieves muscle tension. Give yourself the gift of a refreshing January.

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Pink lion and joints on orange psychedelic background with the word "Leo"
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Roar your way into 2023, Lion! On January 2, the planet of love (Venus) enters artsy Aquarius. Show your boo some special attention first thing this year. If you’re single and looking, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there—dating apps, speed dating events—to do something daring this month. 

On January 7, sun in Capricorn with conjunct Mercury in Capricorn can make things a little dicey in the communication department the second week of the month. You may have to bite your tongue more than you typically like.

On January 20, your ruler enters Aquarius and we officially begin Aquarius season. Be your own biggest fan. Do things that don’t make sense to anyone but you. It’s going to feel good.

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January strain: Don’t worry, Leo, there will be plenty of time this year to be the life of the party. Why not be the life of your couch this January and ease into things with a little Dolato? This indica has a respectable 20% THC and comes highly reviewed by users. It’s a great strain for kicking back and melting tension between your shoulder blades. Take a hit, put on a good record, and visualize a successful 2023 coming your way.

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Woman reading a book with a flower in her hair on green background and the word "Virgo"
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Happy 2023, Virgo! There are lots of reasons to breathe easier this month. To start, Mercury (your ruler) in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus on January 8 promises some luck at the beginning of the month. Then, January 18, Mercury leaves its long retrograde in Capricorn. Hallelujah! Maybe your email inbox will look a little less like a toxic dumpster fire. Rejoice in some much deserved harmony coming your way. 

On January 22, Uranus goes direct in determined Taurus. Stand your ground this week. If someone comes for your character, don’t forget to remind them that you are not the one and this is not the moment.

In late January, the planet of love enters Pisces. This is a perfect time to explore new romantic feelings—just don’t fall too deep without knowing where you might land. 

January strain: It’s time for a refresher—a weekend spent inside, letting you body and mind drift off for a bit. Watermelon Zkittlez is the perfect companion for such an occasion. This indica-dominant strain packs a heavy hitting 24% THC. Users report that this strain offers a swift, cerebral head rush and body-melting effects that last. Hibernate this month! Don’t wear yourself out the first month of the year.

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Scales on sky background with rounded pipes and the word "Libra"
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Happy January, and happy 2023! Sweet Libra, you have a low-key month ahead. Your ruler (Venus) goes direct in Aquarius first thing on January 2. You and your boo will be in lockstep. If there is no boo in the picture and you want there to be a boo in the picture, you have to leap out of your comfort zone. Don’t be scared. 

On January 4 Venus in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries is a bold aspect that might have you surprising yourself with your own wit and charm. On January 18, Mercury returns to direct motion in Capricorn.

Breathe a little easier and enjoy some calm in the middle of the month. On January 21, there is a new moon in Aquarius. If you’re an artist, try drawing inspiration from the natural world in the second to last week of the month. It will have some surprising benefits. 

January strain: Named after Adam Sandler’s affable and goofy character Donny Berger from “That’s My Boy,” the Donny Burger strain is an indica with an impressive 27% THC. This aptly-named bud will have you giggling your way through an Adam Sandler movie marathon. Take it easy this January. There are plenty of months left in the year to get serious about your goals.

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Scorpion and bongs on a blue and pink background with the word "Scorpio"
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Happy 2023, Scorpio! The year starts with a full moon in Cancer on January 6. Tuck into a good book and get your 2023 reading list off to a good start. On January 12, one of your rulers (Mars) goes direct in spunky Gemini. Don’t sit on the sidelines this week. Make the most of this burst of Gemini energy by planning your 2023 strategy. 

On January 18, sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto (your other ruler) in Capricorn. This aspect is energizing and can also be a little overwhelming. Tap into some meditation to get a better sense of where your efforts would be best places. On January 20, we begin Aquarius season.

Time for change, growth, renewal, and artistic endeavors. The month ends on a high, fun note! 

January strain: Just pretend you entered the witness protection program this month. If a bear can hole-up in a cave all winter and still be considered cute, so can you. Take some LA Confidential with you into your hibernation. This indica strain has a very modest 17% THC and is known for its well-rounded effects that come on quickly and stay for a while. Medical patients use this strain for insomnia and chronic pain.

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An archer pulls a bow in front of a fiery orange weed background with palm blunts and the word "Sagittarius"
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Happy January and welcome to the New Year, Sagittarius! On January 4, Venus in Aquarius sextile Jupiter (your ruler) in Aries will bring positivity, charm, and a little luck your way.

On January 6, the first full moon of the year starts in Cancer. Don’t waste your time or energy on communicating with people who don’t do the bare minimum to connect with you. 

On January 22, Uranus goes direct in determined Taurus. Make use of this strong pairing by honoring your moral compass—if it feels wrong, don’t do it. On January 24, Sun in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries is a feisty aspect.

Leverage your charm to make new friends and establish deeper connections with powerful people in your professional sphere. 

January strain: No one really wants to take a 9 lb hammer to the head, but you can simulate the effects by smoking a bowl of 9 Lb Hammer. Listen, sometimes you just need to be knocked out for a bit, and in the depths of winter, that’s a compelling proposition. This indica strain offers up 20% THC and dense buds that taste fruity and sour. Users report the melting effects last a while, so don’t make big plans after smoking this strain.

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