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Star Signs and Cannabis Strains: August 2019 Horoscopes

Published on August 1, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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August is filled with a ton of crazy cosmic movement all leading up to the Grand Trine of Uranus-Saturn-Pluto on the 30th, followed by a new moon entering Virgo, a.k.a. Big Moon Energy. The key theme this month is productivity—this is the month to really get things done. Do a massive overhaul in your house, go after that big opportunity you’ve been waiting for, or just wipe the slate clean for a fresh start.

Sensitive water sign Cancer will be direct with chatty Mercury at the beginning of the month, opening the door for deeper conversations, declaring open intentions, and resolving existing conflicts.

The key theme this month is productivity—this is the month to really get things done.

Every sign will benefit from powerful Jupiter turning direct on August 11, coincidentally the same day that Uranus retrogrades (watch out air signs). Mars, Venus, Mercury, the sun, and moon will all enter Virgo toward the middle of the month, bringing a wave of productive energy with them.

If you’ve been procrastinating on a project or waiting for the greenlight to express some unconventional ideas, you’ll have the momentum and receptive audience to see it to the finish line.

Your August Horoscope


Oh, hey there Leos—this is your month! Not only because it’s your birthday (holla!), but also because the stars say so. That fresh start you’ve been pining after for months? The new moon at the end of July just gave you the thumbs up and you now have the momentum to take care of business starting August 11.

Three major cosmic activities will happen then: rebellious Uranus retrogrades, big, bold Jupiter turns direct, and communicative Mercury enters your sign. If you’ve been feeling blown off and not heard by the people you’re trying to reach, you’ll finally get your point across.

Things will chill out on the 23rd when the sun exits your sign, setting you up for the Grand Trine of Uranus-Saturn-Pluto on August 30, when the sun enters hyper-focused and productive Virgo. Channel that Big Moon Energy to throw your full weight into reinventing your career. Everything you’ve been working for is at your fingertips now—you’re almost there!

August Strain:

Nothing would be better in your world than to lie in the sun with a super lazy strain. It’s your MO, but you need something that will give you the motivation to take care of business. Indica-dominant Grapefruit Diesel offers the right amount of chill with a solid amount of focused mental energy. Bonus: That fresh grapefruit terp profile has a pleasant brightness and lift if you’re a daytime consumer.

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Been feeling a little lost in translation lately, dear Virgo? Things will clear up at the beginning of the month, when communicative Mercury is direct with sensitive water sign Cancer, making this a good time to sort out any issues that you may have been experiencing recently.

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Also, don’t tell Leo I told you this, but even though it’s technically their month, the majority of August is actually centered around your cosmic energy. It’s not a bad thing, as this mostly translates into an extremely productive month—your favorite! Mars, Venus, Mercury, the sun, and the moon (that’s a lot) will all enter your sign this month from the 18th through the 30th.

Scan for any loose ends or projects that need to be wrapped up on the 18th when powerful, detail-oriented Mars enters your sign, feeding into your OCD-level organization tendencies. Venus follows suit on the 21st, bringing out your gentle romantic side, but don’t expect any grand gestures (it’s not your style anyway).

The rest of the month will close out with a productive bang starting on the 23rd, when the sun enters your sign, followed by the Moon on the 30th, then you’ll really hit your stride going into your birthday month. By next month, you should have everything on lockdown and functioning like clockwork, allowing you to focus on the detail-oriented projects that make you happiest.

August Strain:

This isn’t the time to reinvent the wheel. Stick with tried-and-true Green Crack. Reliable, uplifting, and focused, it has the effects to keep you chugging ahead to get your house in check during this high-productivity month.

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Libras are all about keeping things balanced, so would you expect anything less than experiencing a fair share of ups and downs this month? Didn’t think so. In the beginning of August, you’ll be all about expressing F-E-E-L-I-N-G-S, most likely through an emotional bonding session with a close friend or partner, thanks to sensitive water sign Cancer becoming direct with communications expert Mercury (I can already see Kim Kardashian crying).

Opportunities will come knocking on August 11 when lucky Jupiter goes direct, providing a window to get your foot in the door somewhere you’ve been keeping an eye on. That said, Uranus will retrograde on the same day (because of course it would).

Please, please, please try to avoid giving into those self-destructive habits you’re prone to. Stick it out until the end of the month when the sun enters pragmatic Virgo, providing you the momentum to put in the hard work that needs to get your long-term goals done.

August Strain:

Take things easy this month with Sherbert, an indica-dominant strain that will keep you relaxed and happy but with a slight pep to enhance your creativity and keep you feeling motivated.

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Don’t be surprised if you start vomiting up a lot of personal feelings that you’ve been holding back at the beginning of the month. Get those things off your chest now when fellow water sign Cancer is direct with chatty Mercury, because the rest of the month you will be W-O-R-K-I-N-G. No, really. The rest of the month will be spent cleaning house literally and figuratively.

Detail-oriented Virgo gets visits from Mars on the 18th and the sun on the 23rd. Use that workaholic Virgo energy to channel some serious Marie Kondo-level organization into your emotional and physical life, getting rid of things you no longer need and getting yourself in order (cap it off with a heavy saging for good measure). All that tedious effort will pay off, and you’ll have yourself to thank for it!

August Strain:

August will have you operating on borderline workaholic-level productivity, so stick with an uplifting strain like Super Jack to keep you focused, energetic, and ready to take charge.

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Mercury retrograde hit you hard last month, Sagittarius. Good news: This month will be far more chill as Mercury moves direct with Cancer at the beginning of the month, making this a good time to reconnect with an old friend over some good ol’ fashioned emotional bonding.

You’ll get an extra boost of positive energy on August 11 when Jupiter goes direct, bringing a sense of stability, relief, and perspective. Use that time to spread some of your wisdom and support to friends who need it.

Romantic Venus enters pragmatic Virgo on August 21, which will most likely feel extremely underwhelming for your fiery nature. Yeah, you’re obsessed with big, romantic, passionate gestures, but don’t forget that gentler, loving human connections have value, too.

Throw all of your energy into the end of the month when the sun enters productive and focused Virgo on August 23. Use this time to get all your inane end-of-summer cleaning and chores done. It’s a pain, but you’ll feel so much better when it’s done so you can push that productive momentum into September.

August Strain:

Stock up on social friendly Maui Wowie for its uplifting, energetic, and chatty properties that are perfect for catching up with friends over long, deep conversations. Plus, you can’t beat having tropical-flavored terpenes during peak summer.

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The beginning of August may feel like a lull, which will likely bug the hell out of your ambitious nature. August 11 will be the perfect time to express yourself vocally and set up boundaries when Mercury enters proud, bold Leo.

You’re no doormat, Capricorn! Put those intentions to work mid-August when Mars enters Virgo on the 18th. Clean house: Out with the old, in with the new. Rearrange your drawers, donate old clothes or give any excess things you don’t need to a friend who can use it.

Take advantage of the sun entering the tenacious energy of fellow Earth sign Virgo on the 23rd, which will feed your ambitious, workaholic tendencies. Be mindful of your health at this time, and don’t let this productive time consume you.

Use the Grand Trine of Uranus-Saturn-Pluto to mix things up with some personal discovery and adventure. Keeping an open mind and heart will guide you to all sorts of things that you never knew about yourself.

August Strain:

Earthy Chiesel will give you the uplifting, energetic high to be productive, and it is balanced with just enough relaxing and creative effects to prevent you from getting sucked into your overdrive tendencies.

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Have things been feeling out of whack lately, water-bearer? You can thank your home planet, Uranus, for that. This typically slow-moving planet has been making shifts in 2019 and is about to go retrograde on August 11. Don’t freak out. Use the time for some self-reflection and to make internal changes.

In fact, August 15 will be the perfect time for some do-gooder activity when a full moon enters your sign, speaking to your humanitarian nature. You get a great deal of satisfaction from helping others and the world at large, so this is a good time to throw time and energy at causes you care about.

Channel Virgo’s focused and productive energy when the sun enters its sign on August 23. Clean your house, get rid of old junk, reorganize your shelves—make your home into one of those HGTV projects. Whatever boring items you’ve been shoving down your to-do list, this is the time to take care of them. You always feel so good after moving these mundane tasks out of the way to make room for the bigger picture.

During the Grand Trine at the end of the month you’ll finally have the mental and emotional space to take risks and bring your ideas to the forefront. Uranus will be in your corner, giving you the confidence to express your unique ideas in front of a receptive audience. There’s no reward without risk, dear Aquarius!

August Strain:

Sativa-dominant Lemon Wreck is a solid strain for going deep into your headspace, but it has uplifting properties conducive to enhancing your creativity and focus so you can effectively complete tasks.

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Last month was rough as hell on your gentle spirit. You’ll be able to finally take a breather in August, starting with major feels at the beginning of the month when communicative Mercury is direct with fellow water sign Cancer. Let all those emotions you’ve been holding in roll out. Most likely, it will be over a major heart-to-heart with your BFF or partner.

Hi!—over here. Did you space out again thinking about your feelings? While you were stuck in your head the past couple of months, you probably missed some opportunities. Lucky Jupiter goes direct on August 11, opening the door for second chances. Take a big chance, it could be your special day!

Love planet Venus enters pragmatic Virgo on August 21. It’s all about small tokens of appreciation on this day: taking out the trash or offering to run an errand. Not mind-blowing stuff, but it’s the thought that counts. Overall, expect this month to be a short breather that will give you the recharged energy you’ll need to meet your goals ahead.

August Strain:

Ease into August with relaxing Granddaddy Purple, an old school indica guaranteed to take the edge off and put a smile across your face. You’ve worked hard, Pisces. Keep the focus.

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Listen, Aries: Last month during Mercury retrograde, you might have said something tactless and pissed off someone you care about. You can’t help it, you tell it like it is. It can be an admirable quality, but be sure to do damage control when sensitive water sign Cancer swoops in at the beginning of the month, direct with communicative Mercury. That’s when you’ll have touchy-feely energy prime for deep, meaningful conversations.

Career-wise, mid-August will be incredibly busy, when you’ll have opportunities that require putting in a lot of hard work toward the long-term. But you’ll have the motivation and drive to do what it takes when lucky Jupiter goes direct on the 11th, followed by your home planet Mars entering tenacious Virgo on the 18th.

Romantic Venus enters pragmatic Virgo on August 21, signifying somewhat of a boring love phase—you know, the kind of love shown by gestures like taking out the trash without asking instead of the fiery passion inherent in your Aries nature. Roll with it, it will feel nice.

August Strain:

Give in to your feelings this month with Blue Mystic, an uplifting and euphoric indica that will give you all the touchy-feelies.

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Oh Taurus, I know things have been stressful. Which means you’ve probably been saying all the wrong things and getting lost in communication. You’ll finally have a moment to breathe at the beginning of the month when communicative Mercury is direct with sensitive water sign Cancer.

Have a heart-to-heart with someone you’ve been meaning to sort out any miscommunication with. It will clear the air and your emotional bandwidth for a more optimistic outlook in time for lucky Jupiter to go direct August 11. A lucky break is heading your way during this time if you know where to look for it.

Romantic Venus enters pragmatic and hard-working Virgo on August 21st, which could translate into being married to your job for a while. The upside is that you’ll be so busy working, you’ll end up saving money (never a bad thing).

August Strain:

Really put the whistle into your work with a dose of Sweet Skunk, which will give you the energetic, uplifting, and focused drive you need to succeed.

Find Sweet Skunk Nearby


Last month you might have screwed up and said the wrong thing, so make amends at the beginning of August when your communicative home planet Mercury is direct with soft-spoken Cancer. A genuine apology goes a long way—just saying. You’ll be feeling a little bolder on the 11th when Mercury enters outspoken Leo, speaking LOUDLY and DIRECTLY. Yeah, yeah, we can all hear you.

Things will go into hyperdrive when Mercury and Uranus square on August 16—not all of them will necessarily be good things, but Virgo’s focused energy will keep you on task. By the end of the month, expect an upswing during the Mercury-Jupiter trine on August 21. Take advantage of an opportunity to put yourself in proximity with someone influential. It could result in a big, lucky deal.

August Strain:

Uplifting and energetic Chernobyl will give you a solid dose of motivation and optimism to wheel and deal this month.

Find Chernobyl Nearby


Prepare to dip into some major touchy-feely conversations at the beginning of the month when chatty Mercury enters your creative and sensitive water sign. It will open the lines of communication and put you in a good place for accepting big, positive news during the Venus-Jupiter trine on August 8.

Ride that positivity wave to the 15th when your ruler moon is full in quirky Aquarius. Let loose and do something unexpected for a change. You’re a creative spirit, Cancer. Let your freak flag fly a little.

On the 23rd, the sun enters productive Virgo, giving you the opportunity to take care of loose ends and set yourself up for the months ahead. There’s no immediate rush during this time, so use the rest of the summer to take time for the little things and allow yourself to have a little fun.

August Strain:

Channel that creative energy with Kali Mist, which brings a euphoric and uplifting high to loosen you up and pull you out of that shell you’re often stuck in.

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