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Star Signs + Strains: May 2019 Horoscopes

Published on May 1, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(Kaela Graham/Leafly)

For the second month in a row, we are experiencing a triple retrograde in Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This retrograde encourages an emotional deep dive into actions that benefit you and ones that hold you back.

Last month’s retrograde sparked your internal “spring cleaning,” but May shifts into new ways of being. See yourself as you wish to be seen.

The theme for May is: If you can see it, you can be it.

The New Moon in Taurus on May 4th will aid you in this process. The moon is strong, productive, and right at home in Taurus, bringing forth an emphasis on spring’s renewal and regrowth. Look for boosts in your creative and spiritual inner lives. This month sees a rare grand trine with Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto forming an equilateral triangle in the cosmos.

Boosting this lifeforce is the Sun, which moves into Gemini on May 21st, bringing an uptick in energy for projects, as your ability to multitask skyrockets.

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What a turn around the sun it’s been for you, bullish birthday babe!

The last few months have seen you practice the release of toxicity, whether it be what you put in your body or who you surround yourself with. Mercury and Venus both move with ferocity through your sign this month so look to embrace things that feed the lusty side of your soul.

On May 17th it might get bumpy briefly, but things will harmonize again by month’s end.

May Strain: Your extra special birthday bud is a strain popular on both coasts: Himalayan Gold. Earthy with hints of pepper and chocolate, this strain is a delicious birthday treat for Taurans who are empowered by all things from the earth. Enjoy! Your power color is green after all.

A moderate THC content and just a little bit of CBD gives this hybrid a mellow brain and body buzz with a happy, relaxed, and creative euphoria. Not a bad way to celebrate.

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Fiscal sensibility and restraining impulsive emotional urges will serve your twinning soul this month. Venus in your sign shifts focus on your personal values as well as love, finances, and relationships.

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Integrating past-you and new-you may be a challenge from May 17th ‘til June 30th. Take note: Financial decisions made in this time will affect you for the rest of 2019.

Your energy will be boosted by Mercury entering Gemini on May 21st, which will make bringing your goals to fruition more possible than ever.

May Strain: Focus and restraint aren’t your fave states of being, Gemini, but will prove essential to building your best self in May. Chocolope, a flower with a whole lotta get-up-and-go, lends itself to combating stress and depression with a dreamy cerebral high.

Flavors of coffee, sweetness, and earth make this a smoke that pairs well with your morning joe. Focus with a flourish.

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This month starts with a lightning bolt of joy.

While it’s in your nature to slowly shed your shell, May 16th will see you leaping out of it. This will, of course, leave you a little vulnerable, briefly. It also gives you the opportunity to house your inner self in any external form you choose.

Spend the early part of the month envisioning your perfect new space. Don’t let your natural inclination for nostalgia slow down what could be a positively radical transformation.

May Strain: Derived from Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, the hybrid Agent Orange manages to energize without paranoia or edginess, making it perfect for a month when you are feeling a bit exposed, crabby ones.

Both the scent and taste of this strain scream “sweet citrus!” making it a perfect dessert smoke or the perfect way to spark your creative thinking in the tastiest way possible.

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You are eager to preen in the self-perceived, ever so fabulous version of you. Strut! But don’t let it blind you from tending to soulful aspects of your personality.

You’ve got a right to shake that mane as May 15th kicks off a period of professional success and major opportunity. Leave the den to mingle and you’ll find yourself swamped in the kind of attention you crave.

We know it’s hard to be humble, lion, but a smidge of modesty plus a pinch of gratitude will make for a magical May.

May Strain: Your monthly mission is to maintain, Leo. Flo, a hybrid derived of Afghani Indica and Purple Thai with a palate of sweetness, pine, and earth, will serve you well as spiritual medicine.

Quell your natural inclination to boastfulness with this bud that provides a state of happy, uplifted euphoria and a bit of tingly body buzz that will see you socializing without taking over the room.

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You’ve spent the last month in a cocoon of your own much-needed making. Giving yourself permission to go fully inward without guilt or judgment is integral to building Virgo’s best self. This isn’t an easy task for your sign and can take a little push. That work is rewarded this month as you become a (blushing) butterfly.

May 14th will see you at your most confident, energetic, and attractive, taking those new wings for a test drive.

May Strain: A boost is what you need to put yourself back out in the wonderful wild. May sees Virgos social and soaring with Tangie, a positive, energetic strain whose strong notes of citrus, orange, and sweetness make smoking as pleasant as the happy, creative buzz it imparts.

Dose slowly with Tangie, as it is known to be a one-hit wonder.

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Being the kid who does your homework on Friday at 4 p.m. so you can play all weekend is the perfect model for how successful Libras will live this month. May 1st through 7thsees muddled communications, but by the 10th your scales will not only balance, they will overflow with the kind of lush bounty Libras crave.

Feel confident chasing that which you desire. Appreciate all the goodness you’re about to receive, but take care not to lean into your sign’s Achilles’ heel—overindulgence.

May Strain: Instead of reaching for cake, reach for the cannabis, Libra. Your love for all things dessert is satisfied with a puff or two of Caramelicious.

Famous for well-developed flavors (sweetness, vanilla, and honey, to be exact), this flower provides a relaxed, happy, uplifted buzz, tasting of candy.

It also pairs well with iced coffee and dark chocolate if you want to take the treat to the next level.

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Scorps find themselves making hard choices this month. You will be tested to keep that stinger in check, and anxiety wants to get the better of you. Keep a strong focus on future outcomes to guide yourself through these sticky situations.

But it won’t be all sticky. May 14th sees you very social and the 17th sees you at your sexiest.

Take your vitamins and practice self-care early in the month as May 19th may bring a potential for physical ailments. But the end of the month is slated for adventure and you don’t want to miss out.

May Strain: Warding off anxiety and stress is key to a productive May. Sweet Tooth—an award-winner—is both uplifting and relaxing, and will keep you going without edginess or paranoia.

Popular on the West Coast and Colorado, this sweet, floral, and earthy bud is a nice pre-dinner smoke. You’ll notice an uptick in appetite and a bit of cottonmouth, so plan accordingly.

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Most aspects of your life this month will sail smoothly, Archer. The New Moon on the 4th will fuel the actualization of your own hopes and dreams. May 14th kicks off a spiritual renewal, and it’s a magic that helps fulfill the dreams of others.

Be mindful not to rock the boat where work is concerned. Jupiter, your ruling planet, governs your career and is in retrograde.

But don’t fret, your financial house is looking good and unexpected income may be heading your way.

May Strain: Indulge that famous Sag party mojo! You’ve earned it. With a moderate-to-high THC content, Pearl Scout Cookies is a custom hybrid made for serious smokers or to be microdosed by less seasoned connoisseurs.

This is a happy, giggly smoke that will keep your spirits high, even when dealing with career tensions. This danky strain has notes of sweetness and citrus and is unmistakably pungent, so prepare accordingly.

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We all throw around the phrase “if things align.” For you this month, it’s literal. May sees things lining up in your favor, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll hit the lottery. Things will pass smoothly this month, and you’ll have everything you need.

Without much want or worry, your job is to appreciate what you’ve been given and remember that it’s all a gift.

May Strain: Chill and take it all in, Cap kids. If your job is to let life unfold, you are going to want Bubblicious on your side. As its name implies, it’s a sweeter strain with notes of berry and earth and pairs well with red wine.

A chatty, relaxed, and sometimes sleepy strain, Bubblicious can be an aid in your wind-down routine and can settle your mind if it becomes unchill.

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This month is a study in contradictions, Aquarius, which we all know is not your jam.

Aquarians crave synergy and thrive when things seamlessly merge together. A not-to-be-missed event occurs when you’re feeling your most introverted. Or you’ll meet someone who revs your engine but you can’t agree on anything. It will be anything but seamless.

You’ll be out of this cosmic confusion by July 1st, when an old lunar eclipse from January finally quits stepping on your smooth groove.

May Strain: Meditation and medication go hand in hand for Aquarians seeing rocky waters this month.

Providing a heavy body buzz and a relaxed state of happiness, Pink Kush can aid you in both the medicinal and meditative.

Sweet, floral, and earthy, this strain tastes of spring and its perfume of vanilla and candy make for a multisensory smoke. Take note, heavier doses are best saved for bedtime.

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The last week (or so) of April’s showers will bring those fabled May flowers, and everything’s coming up rosy. Stop and take it all in. The color, texture, and fragrance of a downright magical May will be lavished upon you, lucky fish. May 10th is a great day to shine and take on a public challenge—karaoke, anyone? May 21st will see adventure and/or travel on the horizon.

This isn’t a time for major life decisions or to make major changes, your job is to stand and simply bloom.

May Strain: Pisces feel all the feels. Deeply. Sometimes this can be a negative, but this month it’s quite the opposite. A strain for various pursuits of pleasure is in order.

Enhance your senses with Mango Kush, a sexy, giggly flower that tastes like fresh fruit (mango and banana specifically) and exhales with pine. The tiniest of puffs will bring on bliss, while a bong hit will take you to bed. Take that as you will.

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Wow! You’ve burst right through the “new you” metamorphosis phase straight to fabulousness. This month sees you at optimal energy: communicative, creative, and sexy. Your task is to channel this surplus of energy into the most positive manifestation possible.

Don’t let your abundance of good fortune blind you to the needs of others as someone close to you may need a helping hand. If you have any old skin to shed, the May 18th Full Moon is your deadline.

May Strain: Light on the body buzz but heavy on creativity and conversation, 50/50 hybrid Rainbow is the perfect smoke for a social Aries out on the town. The sweet, woody, and tropical flavors give way to an active high.

It also happens to be highly recommended for staying home and gettin’ down. Mmhmm. Channel this surplus of energy into the most positive manifestation possible, indeed.

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Original zodiac illustrations by Kaela Graham for Leafly. IG: @kaelagraham

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