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10 cannabis strains that can help stop the munchies

Published on February 20, 2016 · Last updated February 8, 2023

One of the best parts of using cannabis is planning what to eat afterwards. The munchies can be a beautiful thing, and we don’t just mean the pure ecstasy of dual-wielding a fried chicken leg and an ice cream sandwich (every once in a while). Cannabis’ effect as an appetite stimulant has been life-changing for patients dealing with cancer, depression, and other gastrointestinal/appetite disorders. But not everyone wants to, or can, indulge in their food lust, and some will actively avoid cannabis because of the munchies—particularly those struggling with pre-existing eating and health issues.

But we have good news. It’s possible to enjoy weed without getting the munchies, as long as you’re choosing the right strain! Leafly contributor Emma Stone delved into what in weed gives us the munchies, and it turns out there’s a strong link to THC as the culprit. Most cannabis consumers—especially first-timers and casual experimenters—have only tried high-THC strains, so we found some of the best strains that can give you all the laughs without the munchies.

The Science of Munchies: Why Does Cannabis Stimulate Your Appetite?

How to avoid the munchies 

Technically, the easiest way to avoid getting the munchies is by not consuming cannabis at all. A Yale study published in 2015 found that THC stimulated a group of nerve cells in the hypothalamus, the area of the brain that governs instincts like hunger and arousal. More recent research, such as the first Cannabinoid Eating Experience Questionnaire in 2019, that THC can influence the parts of our brain that determine motivation and pleasure. 

But if you want to still experience the psychoactive aspects of cannabis without hankering for a snack, we recommend you opt for strains that have high amounts of CBD and THCV, two cannabinoids that lack the psychoactive and hunger-inducing qualities of THC. These strains aren’t as common as high-THC strains, so ask your local budtender for available options.    

Types of weed strains that won’t give you the munchies

1. High-CBD cannabis strains

If you’ve ever tried a high-CBD weed strain before, you’ve probably noticed at some point that they don’t cause the munchies like THC-rich strains. While less extensively researched than THC, a recent research review on CBD and impact on appetite indicated that taking CBD could lead to lower body weight; there was also a likelihood that it would have no effect.

We do know that this non-intoxicating cannabinoid counteracts many of the intoxicating effects of THC, in addition to its own anti-inflammatory, calming, and sleep-inducing effects. Our own anecdotal evidence leads us to recommend high-CBD, low-THC weed strains for avoiding the munchies. Additionally, a weed strain with equal parts CBD and THC may also suppress your appetite with the added benefit of mild euphoria.

What is a cannabinoid?

2. High-THCV weed strains

If you like heady sativas, maybe you’ve noted that there’s always more cereal and crackers after a sativa sesh versus some kush or Cookies strain. THCV is a cannabinoid that has captured both cannabis lovers and the general public for its reputation as an appetite suppressant.

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It manifests in cannabis plants in small amounts, most often in landrace sativa strains like Durban Poison and Red Congolese. Studies also indicate THCV can help with diabetes, anxiety, and even Alzheimer’s.

For those of you interested in reaping the myriad of benefits weed has to offer without feeling hungry, we hope you find these lists helpful.

High-CBD weed strains that won’t make you hungry

Most strains you’ll find on dispensary shelves are high in THC, with minimal amounts of other cannabinoids, including CBD. But strains with higher amounts of CBD still offer some level of intoxication with the added benefit of not igniting the munchies. 

Ringo’s Gift

CBD: 14% CBD

Leafly Reviews: 137

This is an elite CBD strain named after cannabis activist Lawrence Ringo that combines ACDC and Harle-Tsu. Ringo’s Gift has almost no intoxicating effects due to its small amount of THC, but it can help users relax, sleep better, and recuperate faster after a gym session.

Sour Tsunami

CBD: 13% CBD

Leafly Reviews: 260
Genetically, Sour Tsunami is like Sour Diesel, but with a lot less THC. The pungent, diesel musk remains, but offers a 10:1 ratio of CBD:THC for a much mellower experience.



CBD: 8%

Leafly Reviews: 416

Named for Stephen King’s creepiest clown character, Pennywise has both soothing and heady qualities from its  Harlequin and Jack the Ripper parents. At a 1:1 ratio, Pennywise works for any time of day, before or after any meal. While it may not mess with your appetite, it just might cause you to “want to hit the bed within an hour or two.”


CBD: 10%

Leafly Reviews: 108

This strain, which was bred in Israel, offers a nice, near 1:1 CBD:THC balance for those who still want to feel some degree of intoxication without succumbing to snack cravings. Midnight offers many if the benefits of both cannabinoids, including relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety, with a nice floral and herbal palate.

Charlotte’s Web

In this Feb. 7, 2014 photo, 7-year-old Charlotte Figi, walks inside a greenhouse growing the Charlotte’s Web strain of medical marijuana, in a remote spot in the mountains west of Colorado Springs, Colo. The Colorado girl with a rare form of epilepsy whose recovery inspired the name of a medical marijuana oil that drew families to the state died earlier this week from COVID-19. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File)

CBD: 12–15%

Leafly Reviews: 284

One of the most famous CBD strains wasn’t bred for recreational purposes, but rather as a way to help children regulate and manage their epilepsy. Charlotte’s Web was named for Charlotte Figi, a young girl who used high-CBD, low-THC cannabis to help with her Dravet syndrome.

High-THCV weed strains that won’t make you hungry

If you still want to get high when you smoke, vape, or dab cannabis, THCV makes a big difference in whether the munchies will strike, and how hard. These strains, because they contain higher THC content than the previous list, may still induce some hunger.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison from Whitethorn Valley Farm - via Farm Cut (David Downs/Leafly)
Durban Poison from Whitethorn Valley Farm – via Farm Cut (David Downs/Leafly)


THCV: 0.5%–1%

Leafly Reviews: 3,582

Could THCV be the reason Durban Poison was one of Leafly’s bestselling strains of 2022? Its vibrant, resinous buds and pungent, spicy smell and flavor aside, Durban can give smokers a burst of energy for creative and physical activities that “won’t give you the munchies or paranoia,” per one Leafly reviewer.

Red Congolese

The rare energetic, smooth sativa Red Congo. (Courtesy Shady Pines Box Club)
The rare energetic, smooth sativa Red Congo. (Courtesy Shady Pines Box Club)

THCV: Unknown

Leafly Reviews: 237

Like Durban Poison, this peppery landrace sativa packs a punch and enhances any active or social situation. One Leafly reviewer concurred that it elicits a high that’s “very uplifting and lucid, with no fatigue or appetite stimulation.”

Pink Boost Goddess

Pink boost goddess from Emerald spirit botanicals
She’s praying: Emerald Spirit Botanicals’ Pink Boost Goddess. (Courtesy Emerald Spirit Botanicals)

THCV: 5–11%

Leafly Reviews: 2

This strain may lack in reviews, but that’s only because it’s been available to the public for a couple of years. Emerald Spirit Botanicals bred it specifically for its high THCV content, which is the highest on this list. It won back-to-back awards at the Emerald Cup in 2021 and 2022 for its unique pink color and unique cannabinoid profile.

It has a minty, peppery and floral aroma that pairs with, as one reviewer described it, a “very cerebral high” that “flows down your body every so often for a subtle relaxation but also great for activities and creativity.”

Jack the Ripper

THCV: 5%

Leafly Reviews: 455

Jack the Ripper descends from the infamous Jack Herer, one of the most powerful sativas ever bred. It boasts an impressive amount of THCV in  addition to its zesty terp profile and highly intoxicating effects , and Leafly reviewers laud it for curbing the munchies. “I find this strain most helpful if you need to focus or just hang out, but my favorite use of this strain is ​amazing appetite suppression abilities,” one wrote.

Skunk #1

super skunk cannabis strain
Super Skunk. (Leafly)

THCV: Unknown

Leafly Reviews: 501
Skunk #1 is a classic, and was one of the first hybrids decades ago to offer both sativa and indica qualities. Some Leafly reviewers confess you might feel a little peckish after a bowl, but its pungent, funky taste and tingly euphoria will keep your mind off food and focused on fun.

Do sativa or indica strains make you hungry?

Both sativa and indica strains can make you hungry and give you the munchies. THCV tends to manifest in higher amounts in sativa-dominant strains, but the presence of a lot of THC in a strain is a better indicator of how intense the munchies will hit you. 

Do edibles make you hungry?

Yes, edibles can make you hungry just like smoking, vaping, or dabbing cannabis. If the edibles contain THC, they will likely make you feel hungry once they start to take effect, regardless of the consumption method. Because edibles have a longer intoxication period than inhalation consumption methods, you might feel the munchies for hours after eating THC edibles. 

Does CBD oil make you hungry?

Due to its lack of THC (and often, hemp-derived rather than cannabis-derived), CBD oil shouldn’t give you the munchies like a high-THC strain or product would. However, it’s possible that it will, as no two people have the same physiology and reactions. 

Can Delta-8 cause the munchies?

Delta-8, a less potent version of THC that manifests in small quantities and can be harvested from hemp plants, will still give you the munchies. While little research currently explores delta-8’s specific effects on appetite, a 2004 study concluded that even small amounts of delta-8 can bring on the munchies, possibly even more than regular high-THC cannabis.

Amelia Williams contributed to this article.


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