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Get to Know a Leafly Dog: Lucy the Italian Mastiff

Leafly is a dog-friendly work environment, so it's not uncommon to visit our office and be greeted by one of our furry four-legged friends. We wanted to introduce some of our beloved pet-ployees by "interviewing" them for our News & Culture section. Kicking things off is Lucy, an Italian Mastiff owned by one of our Account Executives, Piotr. Originally expecting to adopt a male dog, Piotr had the super scary and intimidating-sounding name "Lucifer" picked out, but when he met the not-so-little lady who would eventually join his family, he fell in love and adjusted her name to the more friendly-sounding "Lucy."

Get to know Lucy and her role here at Leafly with these hard-hitting questions: 

What do you do here at Leafly?

I make sure the water cooler guy is actually doing his job. He comes in once a week to refill our jugs, and sometimes I just don’t know about him so I keep an eye on his actions. Every once in a while he gives me some bacon tidbits. They’re really good. I worry that he might just be trying to butter me up for something, though.

What is your favorite part about working for Leafly?

I like coming in and sniffing around all day. The staff here is pretty accepting of my lifestyle. People here exercise and eat a lot, so there’s always a great aroma around the office. Content Team Intern Kayla smells particularly good. She’s always got some sort of weird vegan food hanging around her desk. Never tasted any of it, but it seems decent.

What do you do to keep stimulated during the workday?

If I bother the staff members enough, someone will throw a tennis ball for me. Sometimes I just like to sit and chew on it for a while. It’s the best when it gets all soggy and moist. I like to keep my jaw muscles in good shape.

How do you feel about working in the medical marijuana industry?

So far, I’m liking it a lot. Everyone seems pretty laidback. There aren't a lot of dogs in this field, so I really get to lead my own pack. It’s nice to be the alpha for once, ya know? 

What is the typical reaction when you tell your friends and family what you do?

I think that we all know that in this economy any job is a great one. When I tell them, they usually just walk around and sniff my butt. It’s a nice gesture, really.