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Star signs and cannabis strains: February 2020 horoscopes

Brace yourselves because the astrological forecast predicts February is going to be a rollercoaster month full of explosive change, renewed energy, and new desires. Mercury enters Pisces on February 3 which can bring up a lot of conflicting emotions early in the month. Then there’s a super moon in Leo on February 9, which means every sign in the Zodiac will be feeling a strong urge to tell it like it is. 

The biggest astrological event this month is Mercury’s retrograde on February 17. While most people feel like they have to lock themselves in a dark room during a retrograde, it can also be the perfect time to do some internal accounting and self-reflection away from the noise. A highly anticipated Jupiter sextile Neptune appears on February 20, bringing with it some much-needed good good fortune and smoother sailing for the rest of February.

If you’re willing to embrace a bit of chaos this month you’ll find yourself strolling into March with a better outlook on your finances and personal relationships.

Your February horoscope

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

When Mercury enters your fellow water sign Pisces on February 3, things might start to feel a little cloudy. You probably set up some big plans for yourself at the beginning of the year, and when February rolls around you’re going to feel less inclined to follow through. Maybe your travel itinerary needs a few tweaks, but don’t go wild, Aquarius!

Mercury goes into retrograde on February 17, and the desire to turn your life over to find the meaning you misplaced at the beginning of the month will be strong. It’s essential you don’t make any big decisions this month. In fact, a few people in your inner circle will likely get swept up in the chaotic forces of the retrograde and may try to pull you in with them.

Sit back and prioritize creativity until February 23, when the new moon is in Pisces. When the lightless sky takes over, things will crystalize and internal balance will be restored. Take time for yourself and trust your strong, rational intellect to avoid any emotional disaster this month.

February strain

Staying focused this month is key for you, so roll up an earthy, body-focused strain like SFV OG.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Sensitive Pisces, when Mercury goes into retrograde on February 17, your heart will feel overwhelmed by the weight of the world. As one of the most emotionally attuned signs in the Zodiac, your charitable nature will be a coveted resource when everything goes feet-up in the middle of the month. Don’t be surprised when people come out of the woodwork to seek your empathetic advice and reassurance. This month is going to be an exercise in protecting your energy and finding your flow when the world gets messy.

When Jupiter forms a sextile with Neptune on February 20, you’ll have both your ruling planets guiding you to greener, more optimistic pastures. This is a major planetary aspect that occurs every four and nine years, and it should bring some good news your way. The new moon is also in your sign on February 23, so this will be a particularly rewarding period for you, spiritually.

Do whatever kind of introspection feels right. If you just need to dip out and watch TV from bed, do it! Your phone will cease its non-stop buzzing from the retrograde, and the quiet will allow you to plug into work and recharge your creative battery. Don’t try to save the world this month, Pisces. It can be a productive, peaceful time if you put yourself first for a change.

February strain

To get you through the rough patches this month, pack up something sweet and euphoric like Bubble Gum for an uplifting and re-energizing experience. 

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

On February 3, Mercury slides into reserved Pisces, which gives you the opportunity to restore energy and take care of your needs first. Embrace the rejuvenating feeling of canceling plans. The start of the month is the perfect time for you to melt into the couch, binge watch a show, and protect your precious energy through self-care, and maybe even a little indulgence (but not too much).

If you allow yourself to relax for a bit, you’ll be ready when Venus splashes into your sign on February 7. With Venus will come some tough financial decisions. If you’ve been on the fence about taking a close look at your finances, now is the time to do it. Your self-imposed retreat earlier in the month will give you the energy you need to tackle this momentous and life-changing task.

The chaotic forces generated by Mercury’s retrograde on February 17 may threaten to drag you into some petty drama in your social circle, but you’ve been preparing for this phase. This is a great time to reaffirm the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year and work on some stoicism. Don’t send that snarky text you’ve been dying to send.

Try not to be influenced by the shifting energies around you because these tremors in your friend group are temporary. Keep your eye on the prize and this month could turn out to be one of the most fruitful periods of the year for you.

February strain

Stir up some passion for yourself this month with an energizing strain like Fire OG.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

The beginning of the year probably involved a lot of renovation for you, Taurus, and the month of February shows no sign of slowing down. But don’t fret: The work you began putting in mere weeks ago will have profound impacts on you and your pursuits this month. With the full moon in bold, determined Leo on February 9, you’ll be laser-focused on the aspirations you’ve been chasing lately. You’ll find yourself drilling down to one or two special, creative projects that will carry you through the entire year.

When the Sun enters Pisces on February 19, you’ll have an opportunity to step outside of yourself and give your energy to a higher purpose. If you’ve sensed a friend has been quiet or withdrawn, call them up and take them to lunch. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to volunteer for an organization that speaks to your values, now is your moment, Taurus.

By giving your energy to positive, wholesome pursuits, you’ll not only invite good energy back into your life, you may nurture or develop relationships that will be the key to your creative success in the coming months. Get out there and shine this month, Taurus.

February strain

To help you focus on finding the shoe that fits this month, try something invigorating like Cinderella 99.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Oh, social Gemini, what a year it’s been for you already. You geared up on some big projects and found time to party in January. As a result, you’ll probably feel a little burnt out at the beginning of this month. When Mercury swings into Pisces on February 3, you’ll have time to consider the quality of your thoughts and relationships.

Take some time to meditate on the bigger questions you’ve been grappling with. You’ll probably find that you’ve been overextending yourself on most fronts, and it’s chiseling away at your resolve to focus on work and healthy friendships. It’s never easy being the life of the party, Gemini.

Mercury’s retrograde on February 17 will only further confirm your need to take some down time. You’ll want to neglect your inbox and assume a new identity in another town, but don’t do it, Gemini!

Let this be a moment of reflection for you: Take a brief walk down memory lane on social media or read some old emails to get a sense of how far you’ve come. Then, take some time to establish good boundaries for all the relationships in your life, including work. This is the time to figure out balance in your social life.

February strain

A mellow, stress-reducing strain like Blueberry Muffin may help release tension and encourage some positive introspection.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

You’re cleared for lift off this month, Cancer! When heart-eyed Venus enters daring Aries on February 7, you’ll be feeling the urge to swipe right on every romantic opportunity that comes your way.

Discernment is key this month, but harness some of that Ram power and let everyone know how you’re really feeling, not just your romantic interests. You have a tendency to guard your big heart, but this is the time to let trepidation fall by the wayside and shoot your shot, even if you hit the backboard.  

The new moon is in your fellow water sign, Pisces, on February 23, giving you the chance to round out the month with some grounding warmth and reassurance. Whatever happens this month, this signifies a chance to start all over again. This month will have some aches, but all good growth spurts do. Use the darker nights to do some tree gazing or just take some time with the evergreen in your yard to reconnect with nature. Expect some unexpected emotional insights to come to you in the days that follow.

February strain

To help you embrace a month of opportunities, settle in with a happy strain like Dream Queen.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

On February 5, Mercury will sextile Uranus, giving you the chance to see things from a new angle. Leos have a reputation for not letting things go easily. But this is a period for renewed socialization, so holding onto old, bad blood isn’t going to help you get where you need to be this month. Your overwhelming desire to be self-sufficient has led you to push important people away, and you’ve probably let a few petty arguments go on too long.

The full moon is in your sign on February 9, which is the perfect time to stretch your emotional muscles. Send a thoughtful apology message to someone you’ve been neglecting in your inner circle, and let them know you’ve been thinking of them and want to start fresh. Use the beginning of the month to fill your dance card.

When your ruling planet, the Sun, enters into ethereal Pisces on February 19, you’ll be given the chance to pursue some of your wilder ideas. This is the time to try on a new look, a new scent, or maybe listen to a new sound on your commute. Cultivate this positive, spring-like energy as the winter months wind down and watch as your social circle flourishes once again. Be the leader your friends need you to be this month, and you’ll see the benefits even before the first tree blooms. 

February strain

Pack a bowl full of inspiration with a bright, citrus strain like Headband.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Buckle up Virgo, because your ruling planet, Mercury, goes into retrograde on February 17. For everyone else, this may elicit a nerve-wracking feeling, but you’ve always been the level-headed one in your circle, so you’re going to approach this retrograde the same way you approach everything in life: with patience and tact.

Don’t be surprised if people come running to you from all corners of your life for advice during the period. Be extra careful about how much energy you allow others to take from you this month. While your well may be deeper than most, it can still go dry. If you can strike a careful balance, your friends will be grateful that you were available to them in times of trouble.

Look to the new moon in Pisces on February 23 to renew your energy levels. You might find yourself feeling extra sleepy during the last days of the month. Embrace the snooze button until March. Play some delightful white noise as you sleep to encourage peaceful dreaming and don’t forget to let the daylight into your house, as Virgos have a tendency to flourish in natural light.

February strain

Since you’ll be treated like a wise elder this month, get your zzzs in and roll up a sleepy strain like Granddaddy Purple.

Find Granddaddy Purple nearby

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Your ruling planet, harmonious Venus, enters into bossy Aries on February 7, which could throw your coveted equilibrium out of whack at the beginning of the month. Don’t get too caught up or worn down trying to restore balance. Let your social calendar get a little heavier than your work calendar, or vice versa. The less you resist, the more painless it will be. Besides, you’ll find equanimity again when the new moon appears in Pisces on February 23.

This month will teach you that you cannot wholly invest yourself in maintaining the scales. Let go in February and watch what happens. Let someone else be in charge of making sure everything is divided fairly. Kick your feet up and find a good book, and trust that all things will return to center sooner rather than later.

The night of the new moon would be the perfect time to organize your house and get rid of things you’ve been holding onto for too long. Put your phone on silent for a few hours and draw a bath to embrace the healing touch of water-sign Pisces. Look ahead with confidence, brave Libra. The year looks bright.   

February strain

Embrace relaxation and levity this month with the help of a giggly strain like Cherry Pie.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Mars enters into goal-oriented Capricorn on February 16, giving you the opportunity to channel all your will power into formulating long-term career goals. If you’ve ever been accused of stubbornness, this month is your chance to prove that “stubborn” can be a compliment.

Do some research for career opportunities; if nothing fruitful comes of that search, keep looking. Don’t be afraid to entertain some seemingly strange career advice because new opportunities can come from some unlikely places.

When Mercury hits retrograde on February 17, avoid making any immediate decisions with the information you’ve collected earlier in the month. Keep it in your back pocket and take a few weeks to digest your options and read up as much as you can. This level of consideration might seem like overkill, but this is an opportunity to stretch your self-control and set yourself up for the long haul.

February strain

With the deep dive you’ll be doing into your life this month, grab a strain that will keep you thinking, like the focused Bruce Banner.

Find Bruce Banner nearby

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Sagittarius, you can expect a mostly quiet month with lots of time to do the thing you love most: deep thinking. The full moon in Leo on February 9 will shine a light in your direction, giving you a platform to share your big, wonderful ideas with those around you.

Take the opportunity to travel as much as you can this month, even if it’s just taking a walk around a different part of town. You crave new input and by seeking it out this month you’ll be giving yourself the push you need to get through the dreary winter months.

When Mercury goes into retrograde on February 17, you’ll need to be careful where you invest your time and money. Your tendency to overshoot could prove especially troublesome in the middle and later parts of the month, and the temptation to try every new thing that comes your way will be strong during this period. Just lay low and try some new music or a new hobby that keeps you from getting too overstimulated. You’ll need to stay clear-headed to make it through February unscathed (which you absolutely can do).

February strain

Keep your tempo upbeat this month with a roll of some sweet, pleasant Motorbreath.

Find Motorbreath nearby

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

On February 3, Venus will sextile your ruling planet Saturn for a heavy dose of opportunity. It will be very important to get out of your comfort zone early in the month. Pick up the phone when it rings. Not only is there money to be made, but by opening all channels of communication you’ll be inviting conversation with those closest to you.

There are a few familial bonds you’ve been neglecting lately thanks to a jam-packed calendar. It’s really okay. You haven’t been purposely avoiding anyone and your inner circle understands. Use the first few weeks of the month to spread kindness like pixie dust on the people you’re closest with. Sometimes your pragmatic nature gets in the way of magic.

February is your chance to make one person you’ve been in touch with recently feel very, very special. Use the charming, warm energy of the new moon in Pisces on February 23 to give you the courage to ask this someone special out on a date. Use your knack for planning to create a magical night under the stars sometime later this month. Most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously this month. You’ve got a funny, lighthearted side people deserve to see.

February strain

Tap into some focus and smooth, happy vibes with a bowl of uplifting Banana Split.

Find Banana Split nearby

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