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7 GSC strains to celebrate National Cookie Month

October 2, 2019
(Vadym Petrochenko/iStock)
In the most unofficial holiday news possible, turns out October is National Cookie Month. 

With GSC, a.k.a. Cookies, being such an influential cannabis strain, it’s only right that you celebrate all month by consuming it. 

There are many GSC-crossed strains on the market that provide a variety of experiences. Some make you happy and some put you to sleep, so, in order to help you choose which Cookies strain is right for you this October, I’ve comprised a list of strains crossed with GSC, as well as the chemical profiles (cannabinoids and terpenes) that help drive their effects. 

Find your shape, find your color, find your Cookies.


Which Terpenes Are Found in ‘Cookies’ Cannabis Strains?

Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies is a cross of GSC and Orange Juice that produces a super stoney and euphoric feeling. It’ll have you happy and relaxed; effects were usually considered indica dominant, however we know that these effects are more closely tied to its terpene profile, featured in the above flower. Grab this strain if you want to kick off Natty Cookie Month properly.

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Try This Strain: Orange Cookies, the Body High for When You’re Low


You’ve probably seen this strain popping up in a bunch of crosses over the past year, and with good reason: Do-Si is some goddamn fire, boy. Do-Si-Dos is a beautiful purple cross of OGKB, a beautiful phenotype of the renowned GSC and Face Off OG. Many associate this strain with relaxed effects, giving you a very stoney feel. So if you want to wind down with some Cookies, Do-Si could be the one for you.

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GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies is one of the most visually appealing strains on this list by far. Also known as Garlic Cookies, GMO has a very distinct and identifiable garlic aroma backed by that classic OG funk, courtesy of Chemdog and GSC genetics. Straight up, if you want something that’ll get you stoooooned, GMO Cookies is 100% the way to go.

Find GMO Cookies nearby


If you’ve ever smoked Sherbert, chances are it was false because its genetics are all over the strainosphere. A cross of Pink Panties and GSC, Sherbert is a fruity and gassy strain with pretty purple flowers.

The high is a bit lighter and easier to manage than a lot of other Cookies strains; it holds powerful effects, so if you want to celebrate without being so damn high you can’t think, Sherbert could be a good option for the novices.

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What Are You Smoking, episode 79: Mr. Sherbinski

Blueberry Cookies

Want a little fruity flavor added to that gassy earthiness that comes from Cookies? Blueberry Cookies might hold the terpenes for you. A cross of Blueberry Tahoe and Thin Mint GSC—the chosen GSC phenotype for many Cookies strains—this strain hits the body with relaxed feels and a creative mindstate.

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You know and love Gelato already, so there’s no reason to even get into its details. But I will. Gelato is a potent cross of Thin Mint GSC and Sherbert that’ll punch you right in the body with a heavy dose of euphoria and relaxation.

It has many popular phenotypes, including Gelato 33 and Gelato 41, all of which will hit you with that same powerful experience. Novices should steer clear, unless you’re ready to be on Cloud 9, 10, and 11.

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Leafly’s 2018 Strain of the Year

Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies is one of the most delicious and visually appealing cannabis strains in all of cannabis. Straight up, this flower is PURPLE, which would lead you to believe it holds the sedative effects of many strains with similar aesthetics.

However, this cross of Tangie and GSC has effects that are light and fun, as in this strain is perfect for daytime activities or group sessions where everyone’s tolerance varies. 

If you grab no other strain on this list (smoke that GMO, for real), grab some Trop Cookies and take National Cookie Month to the maximum level.

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Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is an Associate Subject Matter Expert for Leafly, where he specializes in informational and lifestyle content pertaining to cannabis strains and products. He also manages the Leafly strain database.

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  • Jameson Whitehill

    my father is 76 with parkinson’s and a few others. i treat him with 10-20mg of Cresco Harle-tsu 4:1 (cbd:thc) RSO every morning, and 5mg of Terrapin’s Indica Blend for nite. since beginning mmj 9 months ago, i see an increase in mental clarity, recall, mood, and energy, and have been able to end his dependence on tramadol, reduce his restless legs meds, completely stop blood pressure meds, and greatly increase quality of life. i highly recommend at least giving the harle-tsu a try. for accurate dosing, dilute your rso into a carrier oil to make a tincture (or you can buy harle-tsu 4:1 tincture ready to go, but it costs 3-4 times the price). VERY IMPORTANT – for seniors especially, be sure to work closely with your doctor while starting and as you continue taking rso. start with very low doses (1-2 mg of thc, so with the harle-tsu, that’s 5-10mg total), and check vitals before taking and at intervals after (the rso takes a couple hrs to fully kick-in) to ensure no dramatic effects (particularly on the blood pressure).

    • SuzieThatsMe

      Thank you so much for the advice. I have written all this down and at my Drs. appointment this week I am going to see what she says. I also have to check at the Medical Dispensary to see if they have it. It seems that every time I read something through Leafly and find the marijuana that I feel might help me, my dispensary does not have it.

  • SuzieThatsMe

    Thank you . I will look those up!