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High, Mom! Your Guide to The Ultimate Infused Mother’s Day

Published on May 9, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Mother’s Day is a time to show the woman who raised you how much you appreciate her. Though an everyday “I love you” is always welcome, having a dedicated 24 hours to all things motherhood lets you go all out in a big way.

Sure, you can take the “self-made coupon book” route, or—for cannabis-friendly moms—consider a day of cannabis infused treats, gifts, and experiences for a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget.

Below, check out our guide to the best Mother’s Day ever—infused with a little cannabis. (Free hug coupons not included.)

Morning: Surprise Your Mom With a Wake and Bake


Who doesn’t like waking up to a piping hot scramble and a jolt of caffeine? Take the classic approach and start Mother’s Day off with a delicious breakfast in bed. Even better: an infused spread with the perfect coffee and strain pairing.

Plan for (and Enjoy) the Ultimate Wake and Bake With These Tips

First Things First: Gather Your Recipes

Does your mom love waffles? Or perhaps she prefers vegetables over hearty oatmeal? Thankfully, the diversity surrounding cannabis infused eats knows no bounds. Whip up a few of these breakfast favorites that are quick, delectable, and elevating:

Recipe: Infused Goat Cheese and Asparagus Frittata

Impress your mom with this super easy and infused frittata complemented by creamy goat cheese crumbles.

Recipe: Infused Bacon

Bacon is the ultimate stoney breakfast staple that will have your mom reaching for seconds … and thirds. Okay, and fourths.

Recipe: Cannabis Infused Pancakes With Fresh Berries

Spring has sprung, which means tasty meals paired with fresh fruit is at the top of our must-do recipe lists. Check out this berry-bursting take on a breakfast classic.

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Recipe: Cannabis Blast Off Smoothie

With a hefty serving of protein-rich hemp seeds, this morning smoothie is a wonderful pick-me-up. A non-infused option for mothers who aren’t the biggest edibles fans, pair this healthy drink with a loaded bowl of Super Lemon Haze.

Find Super Lemon Haze Nearby

Planning a huge breakfast buffet that will make all the other moms jealous? Check out our smoked salmon eggs benedict, berry smoothies, and some sweet breakfast cereal milkshakes for even more infused ideas and eats.

Load Up on Her Favorite Strain With A Mug of Fresh Coffee

Cannabis and coffee is a pairing as iconic as Cheech and Chong. Celebrate the nuances of caffeine and THC by brewing your mom a nice cup o’ joe along with an energizing strain to get her up and ready to go for the day’s adventures.

Start by checking out our guide to pairing cannabis and coffee or mix and match to her tastes.

Notable mentions: Durban Poison is the top pick for light roasts due to its buzzy effects, Bubba Kush brings out the bold flavors in a French-pressed medium roast, and the high-strung Maui Wowie complements dark roasts with its balancing citrus notes.

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Gift Ideas for a Lazy Morning


If your mom isn’t one for infused eats and would rather forego the coffee, then mix it up and sneak one of these cannabis gifts next to her scrambled eggs.

Diamond Vape Pen by Eden Extracts

Eden Extracts’ super sleek Diamond Vape Pen is both stylish and convenient. All white with a smooth pull and flavorful clouds, this pen comes in a variety of flavors (we love the Sunset Sherbet and GG4), so she can pick and choose which cartridges best fit her needs.

Available in: California

Price: $50

Avocado Hand Pipe by Empire Glassworks

Quirkier than the pretty stoneware pipes you’ve seen gracing Mother’s Day gift guides across the canna-sphere, this Avocado Pipe by Empire Glassworks is fit for the avocado aficionado with a knack for nick-knacks. Is your mom an even bigger avocado fan than we’re giving her credit for? Then check out this Avocado Waterpipe from the same glass brand.

Available in: Nationwide

Price: $79.99

Afternoon: Explore Your Town, City, and Country


As the weather gets hotter and blue skies start moving in, there’s so much to do in the great outdoors or around your town. Make it an adventure and take your mom exploring with a buzzy and creative strain on hand.

Check Out Your City’s Art Scene

Are art museums worth the high? According to popular opinion, they definitely are. So take it from Leafly and gift your mom a trip to the local art museum where she can relax amongst beautiful and thought-provoking pieces. Afterward, spend the afternoon passing joints and filling in these fun adult coloring books.

Take a Hike

Nature and cannabis, much like coffee and cannabis, are an incredible duo. If your mother is like mine, she’ll want to head out to the woods for a peaceful day around the trees. Check out our tips and tricks to consuming cannabis in the wild for an active and uplifting Mother’s Day.

Visit the Local Farmer’s Market

A nice, spring Sunday usually means farmer’s markets galore. Bursting with homemade products, organic produce, and a boat load of samples, your local farmer’s market is the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon. Bonus: pick up some mouthwatering ingredients and make your mom a delicious infused meal with your farmer’s market finds.

Gift Ideas for an Afternoon Out


Since you’ll be out and about, your mom will appreciate a little discreet consumption. If she’s a hiker, consider these outdoor cannabis essentials, or dive into the gifts below:

Hard Caramel Candies by Darwin

If you’re headed into an art museum, you’ll want to pop one of these before discovering your favorite painting. Darwin’s delicious Hard Caramel Candies are a Mother’s Day treat she won’t forget. Choose from a variety of CBD and THC ratios that will fit your mom’s edible preferences.

Available in: Arizona

Price: Varies

Body Melt CBD Coconut Oil by THC Express

With a punch of 100mg CBD to 40mg THC, this body salve is the best answer to achy joints. Gift your mom this natural Body Melt CBD Coconut Oil by THC Express featuring ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger, and peppermint. She’ll feel renewed and pain-free after a long day out.

Available in: Washington

Price: $23

Evening: Movies, Crafts, and Dispensaries


End your Mother’s Day on the right foot with a trip to the movies, a night making crafts, and a stop at her favorite dispensary.

The 24 Best Dispensaries to Visit With Your Mom

What’s Playing?

As we all know, watching a great film can enhance the effects of cannabis. Spark one up with your mom before heading into the theater for some great laughs, emotional scenes, and everything in between. Does your mother love documentaries? Check out our picks of the best ones to watch while high. Is she a horror movie buff? Then pick the right strain and its horror movie pairing.

Get a Little Crafty

Crafting is a creative and healthy way to pass the time. We love getting our hands on some art supplies and a few uplifting strains for an evening of creation. Make it an entire night of crafting fun for your mom and set up stations for her to DIY bath bombs, flower crowns, lighters, and even her own stash box.

Pop Into Your Local Dispensary

Moms who are new to cannabis may still be intimidated by a pot shop. No worries, look at these gorgeous dispensaries that are both elegant and accommodating to all kinds of cannabis enthusiasts. Otherwise, hop on over to the Leafly dispensary finder and pick up some of your mom’s favorite products.

Gift Ideas for an Infused Evening

(Courtesy of Brotato Games)

Slow it down or laugh it up with these cannabis picks. Your mom will love ending the day surrounded by her family.

420 – The Card Game by Brotato Games

If your mom is into a touch of inappropriate humor and tongue-in-cheek weed jokes, then she’ll love spending the night playing 420 – The Card Game by Brotato Games for Mother’s Day.

Available in: Nationwide

Price: $35

SereniTea by Mad Hatter Coffee and Tea Co.

End your Mother’s Day right by making your mom a cup of SereniTea by Mad Hatter Coffee and Tea Co. A gentle brew that will calm the senses, your mom will drift off to sleep after a day of fun and infused activities.

Available in: California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Vermont (Nationwide on CBD products)

Price: $12

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