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New Strains Alert: Bettie Page, Space Candy, Jolly Rancher, Pineapple Punch and More

August 21, 2015

Leafly's strain Explorer was just updated with new strains, and they're in sore need of some user reviews. Leave a rating for the ones you've tried, or hunt them down at a nearby shop by following the links below!


Leafly Bettie Page cannabis strain tile 1. Bettie Page

Bettie Page, grown by Liberty Reach Farms in Washington, is a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain. This high-THC strain provides mellow euphoria that focuses itself in the cerebral space, encouraging energy rather than lethargy.

Find out which stores and dispensaries are currently carrying Bettie Page


Leafly Cornbread cannabis strain tile 2. Cornbread

Cornbread by Rare Dankness is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid strain that crosses Katsu Bubba Kush and Rare Dankness #2. Its aroma is a sweet mix of lemons and incense, and like a perfect appetizer, Cornbread is all you’ll need to invite the appetite before dinner. With heavy, tranquilizing effects that relax the body, Cornbread also makes a great nightcap as you transition into sleep.

Find out which stores and dispensaries are currently carrying Cornbread


Leafly Space Candy cannabis strain tile 3. Space Candy

Space Candy originally comes from the gardens of TGA Genetics, who bred this hybrid strain by crossing Cherry Space Queen and Cotton Candy. The genetic combination is as decadent as it sounds, as Space Candy inherits a unique flavor profile of candied apples and sweet cherry, counterbalanced by more tame earthy notes. Its effects may take some time to taper in, but once they do, expect to experience the mind-body balance of invigorating euphoria and deep physical relaxation.

Find out which stores and dispensaries are currently carrying Space Candy


Leafly Pineapple Punch cannabis strain tile 4. Pineapple Punch

Pineapple Punch by Flying Dutchmen is a 70/30 sativa-dominant strain that unites Skunk #1 genetics with those of the Hawaiian indica Real McCoy. As suggested by the name, Pineapple Punch delivers a medley of pineapple, tropical citrus, and sweet floral flavors, while the uplifting, lighthearted effects provide a vacation from stress and bad moods. This sativa’s mellow and functional effects make it a great choice for getting out to social gatherings or appreciating nature.

Find out which stores and dispensaries are currently carrying Pineapple Punch


Leafly Jolly Rancher cannabis strain tile 5. Jolly Rancher

Not much is known about the California-bred hybrid Jolly Rancher, but this hybrid strain has nevertheless carved a name for itself among West Coast genetics. Its name and initial appeal lies primarily in Jolly Rancher’s sour candied aroma, although there’s also something to be said about its high-flying euphoria and colorful buds. Coated with a sticky blanket of sugar-like resin, Jolly Rancher is a treat for all the senses.

Find out which stores and dispensaries are currently carrying Jolly Rancher


Leafly Reclining Buddha cannabis strain tile 6. Reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha from Soma Seeds is a mostly indica cannabis strain bred from Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Holland’s Hope. Originally named Soma Skunk V, the more aptly named Reclining Buddha provides a physically relaxing experience that allows enough mental energy for introspective and creative activities. Growers are drawn to this indica’s resistance to mold, vitality outdoors, and large yields of resinous, cherry-scented buds.


Leafly Peaches and Cream cannabis strain tile 7. Peaches and Cream

The Peaches and Cream hybrid is a Skunk phenotype with a flavor that lives up to its name. Though floral and citrusy in aroma, Peaches and Cream has a sweet fruity taste underscored by a subtle spiciness. Its buds take on a soft pink-orange color during maturation with bright amber hairs bursting from pastel calyxes. Heady euphoria gives way to creativity and good moods, making this strain an excellent choice for focused tasks and unwinding after work.

Find out which stores and dispensaries are currently carrying Peaches and Cream


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