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Star Signs + Strains: January 2019 Horoscopes

Published on January 1, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(Kaela Graham/Leafly)

2019 is arriving. And by that, we mean ah-RIV-ing, sweetie. The New Year blasts off with not one, but two eclipses—a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn at the New Moon on January 5, and a total lunar eclipse in Leo at the Full Moon on January 21.

Eclipse energy can be unpredictable. It shakes things up, but always with a purpose, an opportunity for alchemy. January’s solar eclipse brings opportunities for abundance and manifestation, while the lunar eclipse brings opportunities to transform old habits and patterns.

The theme for January is “break on through to the other side.”

Expect things to be anything but boring in this first chapter of 2019. You can get the most out of your New Year’s resolutions by showing up to the conversations, situations, and feelings that emerge from the cosmos this month.

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Everything is connected, stargazers, and it’s time to decide who you want to be this year.


Everything’s coming up Y-O-U this month, as Mercury enters your sign on January 4 and a partial solar eclipse occurs with the New Moon (also in your sign) on January 5. Expect an easy breezy start to the New Year, especially in your professional life and how you interact with others and get your ideas across.

In simple terms, you’ll be able to make those moves you’ve been stressing about. We all know you’ve had your New Year’s resolutions written down and organized for months now, and that BBE (Big Boss Energy) is about to pay off big time.

Make sure you maintain your trademark focus or the Full Moon lunar eclipse on January 21 could knock you off your balance with a surprise detour.

New Year Strain: Your nature is to approach everything head-down and ready to push, but this January, try directing your energy toward relaxation, creativity, and focus. You’re sure to see a path to how much easier it all can be when you let the good wash over you.

Dutch Treat, an uplifting hybrid, can be of some assistance. Sweet fruit, pine, and eucalyptus serve as refreshing notes that carry the special scent of the Yule season into the new year and make for the pleasant experience you deserve.

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This month is all about reconnecting with your love of freedom and all things freaky as your ruling planet Uranus finally stations direct on January 6 after spending the last five months retrograde. Soak it up and challenge yourself to say “yes” as much as possible in January because big things are on the horizon with all this supercharged energy floating around. But you’ve gotta be there for it.

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The total lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on January 21 could seek to harsh your mellow if you allow the ideas of others to affect how you should be moving through the world. So, a word of advice: don’t.

New Year Strain: This rare alignment of the cosmos invites you to live your life like an early-‘80s Prince song, so roll with this freaky-deeky tide, Aquarians. An ultra-luxe strain like Purple Cotton Candy will get your motor running and has a tasty blend of lavender, blueberry, and lemon.

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If any sign is at home with eclipse energy, it’s you. The unpredictability. The chaos. The potential for transformation and depth. The cosmic allure of it all. It just screams, Pisces!

Your curiosity is going to be on overdrive and you should indulge it…to a degree. Practice balance. Eclipse energy is all about the unknown and the unexpected. It can be easy for a seeker like you to overdo it chasing a new sensation.

Lean into your adaptable nature this month and if things feel unstable, harness the earthy energy of Capricorn season to keep you afloat.

New Year Strain: Swimming against the current will not serve you well this month, Pisces. Keep it simple, lean into your own buoyancy, and enjoy the ride. The star strain you’re seeking is both mood-stabilizing and one that promotes bliss. Hybrid Cheese, with its legendary aroma and taste to match, will do just the trick.

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You’re going to be feeling the cosmic effects from both of the eclipses this month, but they’re only going to F with your vibe if you fight them. Change is inevitable and it’s not always going to be on your terms. If you can embrace that truth and loosen your death-grip on control even just the tiniest bit, you’ll be blessed with an opportunity to manifest some real abundance both spiritually and physically.

Cooperation is key this month; ride the wave instead of swimming against it. Venus in fellow fire sign Sagittarius is here to help you with your connectivity. Just watch that Veruca Salt energy, hotcakes.

New Year Strain: Your fiery nature is hard to repress and no one wants to put those flames out, but turning on your personal damper this month is in your own best interest. Relax, let go, and embrace the month with an uplifting, motivating, and mood enhancing strain. Agent Orange, a hybrid of Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, delivers on the physical benefits, and packs a tasty orange citrus with a potent punch.

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Cultivate your chill at the New Moon on January 5 with new breathwork or yoga practice. The total lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on January 21 will highlight your need for security and routine as its unpredictable and fiery Leo energy could kick up some real anxiety for you.

Don’t panic. Mercury will be sitting in stable, fellow earth sign Capricorn as this unfolds, and some seriously grounded support will help you navigate any tough conversations or unexpected setbacks with success.

New Year Strain: Your chill mantra this month is “The Dude abides” so, of course, you’ll need the assistance of a quality White Russian. This widely popular hybrid sports a THC level that can lock you to the couch when readily consumed. But don’t worry, your mind will be soaring. It’s known to be “smooth and spicy with undertones of skunk and earth,” much like The Dude himself.

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With Mercury in practical, responsible Capricorn for most of the month, you could find yourself dealing with consequences as your first order of business in 2019. The New Moon and a partial solar eclipse on January 5 asks you to avoid gossip, and maybe even take a good, hard look at how you speak in general. It’s never too late to come up with some resolutions for the year ahead.

No one is asking you to abandon your entertaining nature, twinstar, but perhaps you can funnel all the energy you spend on other peoples’ business into a better channel. Your own goals and dreams are a good place to start.

New Year Strain: Ground yourself and take advantage of your universal orders to promote life order. If you’re thinking about what nonsense your darker twin wants to spout this month, remember: It’s hard to talk shit while you’re inhaling. Camping on the couch and experiencing euphoric relaxation provided by hybrid Original Glue and its earthy, pungent, and pine notes will help you on your path.

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This is a crabby month for you, waterbaby. Capricorn season is rough on your sensitive nature in general, and when you combine that with Mercury moving into Capricorn on January 6, and the total lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on January 21, you could find yourself on the receiving end of some harsh words. Remember that you’re not responsible for any emotions besides your own, no matter how hard someone may try to convince you otherwise.

The partial solar eclipse at the New Moon on January 5 could give your New Year’s resolutions a little boost of star power, so focus your energy on what you want to achieve this year and not on those who want to bring you down.

New Year Strain: Spend the month with a joint in one hand and the other posted in front of you like STOP. Preemptively telling folks to talk to the hand is much easier when you’re imbibing a happy, uplifting hybrid like Dragon’s Breath. This skunky, spicy, child of popular strains Northern Lights and Jack Herer will aid in handling any bummers you encounter.

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Pause before you pounce this month, kitten. The total lunar eclipse in your sign at the Full Moon on January 21 is a great opportunity for you to get clear on your intentions for 2019 and align them with some positive, productive action. But that can all disappear in a flick of your whiskers if you succumb to the fiery, distracting, hot mess energy that this event is also going to kick up. Not every situation calls for aggression or impulsiveness.

Take this advice in your love life too, as Venus enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius on January 7 and things take a turn towards high drama.

New Year Strain: January will be a productive month to explore the other, lesser-recognized Leo trait: cat-like self-care. Handle what needs to be handled, make sure future plans are intact, then relax, bliss out, and casually spend your time metaphorically grooming yourself from mane to paw. Juicy Fruit is not only as yummy as its name implies, but this hybrid also promotes happiness, relaxation, euphoria, and focus, your star sign checklist this month.

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Your ruling planet Mercury enters fellow earth sign Capricorn on January 4. This, paired with the Sun moving through Capricorn through January 22, is going to help your resolution game get off to a strong and productive start which, let’s be honest, meets your extremely high expectations for yourself. The partial solar eclipse at the New Moon on January 5 is going to positively influence your financial endeavors; a new job or professional opportunity might open up with a higher pay scale attached to it.

Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone this month, and you’ll be rewarded. After all, you’ve done the groundwork. Trust that you’ve set yourself up for success.

New Year Strain: Accept your success and do it with a smile this month, Virgo. You are on the receiving end of some very good vibes in January. All you have to do is let yourself accept them, which for Virgos can be a task itself. A little Blueberry Diesel will help you drop your guard and open up to the Universal love. This peppy, happy hybrid also rocks a notably smooth smoke and diesel-heavy notes, for fans of that famous diesel boost.

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It’s a double whammy of eclipse energy for you this month, peacekeeper! Your natural skill as a mediator can really shine through the chaos these planetary movements are going to whip up. Friends may be feeling out of sorts, and it’s going to be you they turn to for guidance and support. Your powers of persuasion and fairness can be put to profitable use this month, so explore new ways of using your talents in your chosen profession.

Venus moves into fiery Sagittarius on January 7, and it’s going to be difficult for folks to resist your trademark charm. As if you needed a reminder.

New Year Strain: Your flair for telling people what to do and exactly what you need in the cutest way possible will serve you well this month. But let’s not pretend that doesn’t take lots of your own energy. Relief for the burden comes in the form of California Orange, a bold hybrid full of orangey, citrusy sweetness, and a euphoric, uplifted, and relaxed effect.

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It will be tempting to start the new year off in a MOOD, especially with all the eclipse vibes and Capricorn season throwing uninvited shade, but you can avoid falling into the murky depths by building yourself a colorful raft instead. The partial solar eclipse at the New Moon on January 5 is a wonderful time for you to do just that by letting it go.

Letting “what” go, you ask? Everything! 2019 is a clean slate and you’re in charge of your destiny. The total lunar eclipse at the Full Moon on January 21 will test your patience but will also give you a chance to redefine how you handle adversity. New Year, who dis?

New Year Strain: You’re entitled to a little something smokable to kick-off 2019. Tried, true, and universally beloved hybrid Blue Dream is the classic strain for getting it done and keeping your cool. It’s sweet berry-ness, buzzy boost, and generous THC count make for your new year’s karmic medication.

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Venus enters your sign on January 7, and the heavens are aligning for you to find yourself a New Year’s cutie! And this time, you might just have space in your life for it to be more than just a casual fling.

With Mercury in earthy Capricorn for most of January, you’ll be tuning into to the finer points of the sensual world so try to be present. Living in the future is only going to hurt you this month, and the possibilities for missed opportunities are high. Slow down and enjoy yourself. You’ve got a whole year ahead of you!

New Year Strain: Give yourself all the cookies this month, Sag. You survived another trip around the sun and there are sexy times in your cosmic forecast. Pink Cookies, with its sky-high THC count and unusual blend of pepper, herbs, and grapefruit notes make it the perfect prescriptive treat.

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Original zodiac illustrations by Kaela Graham for Leafly. IG: @kaelagraham

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