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Welcome to our paradise! In 2017, we discarded our hectic city life, opting to immerse our family in a life of farming. We chose to farm hemp because of our own personal experience with this amazing plant! We saw firsthand how hemp-derived products supported the wellness of our own family members.
Today, our “family” extends across America! While our passion is organic hemp farming, our true satisfaction is derived from the thousands of satisfied and loyal customers who benefit from our expanding array of hemp-derived products!

We currently have 42 acres of rich farmland under our control. This results in a wide variety of hemp cultivars, each organically cultivated and unique in its flavor and effects. But offering hemp flower cultivars merely scratches the surface of our fantastic product line!
Here is a brief rundown of the kinds of hemp-derived products you can enjoy from Fern Valley Farms:

Hemp Flower Cultivars - big buds naturally rich in CBD, CBG, and/or CBDV

Small Hemp Buds - just like our big buds, only smaller in size and price

Hemp Shake/Trim - loose plant materials contain CBD; great for homemade tinctures

CBD/CBG Kief - a true natural concentrate, perfect for smoking or adding to recipes

Tinctures - a natural and gentle method for delivering CBD and other compounds

Edibles - satisfy your taste buds with our organic gummies

Capsules - pure hemp flower in a capsule, with different cannabinoid blends

Lotions - perfect for topical applications, relives both chronic and occasional

Vapes/Distillates - choose pure or terpene-infused distillates (in carts or syringes)

Hemp can produce many valuable compounds! At Fern Valley Farms, we offer hemp-derived products containing the following compounds:

CBD - a legal non-psychoactive compound
CBDV - a legal non-psychoactive compound
CBG - a legal non-psychoactive compound
CBN - a legal non-psychoactive compound
Delta 8 THC - a legal psychoactive compound
Delta 9 THC - a legal psychoactive compound
THC-O - a legal psychoactive compound
HHC - a legal psychoactive compound

Also, check out our blog for farm updates, informative articles, recipes with cannabinoids, and more!

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