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WELCOME!!! Here at Green Kiss we aim to provide our patients with a comfortable setting in which to safely obtain their medicine. WE ARE OPEN FROM: 10:00 am-10:00pm Monday-Sundays We carry flower medicine, concentrates and edibles. We are also always looking ahead for new, innovative ways of medicating! Our knowledgeable staff dedicates their time to making sure each of our patients receives the best medical cannabis to fit their personal needs


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bho $25!! $140oz

all bho $25. top shelf quality dry meds for $140 oz on selected stains.

Valid from 1/1/0001.

every saterday

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“Store closed ”

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“Great staff, work on bud though. First time here, won't be back. I came here because on the weed maps site it said free gram and joint for newbies if they buy 1/8 for 25$. After getting home, and weighing with my gram scale. It seems I was at least a gram shorted. Now I understand mistakes do happen, and perhaps the person working just forgot, or an error was with one of their scales. Either way, due to this and the hard way to find them (even with cross sign), my rating I feel is fair and stands. I know there is nothing wrong with my scale, I have a backup plan where if the scale I always use ever seems short to use the back up brand new scale to double check it, and the back up one that is brand new said the same thing. I have only been shorted one other time by a place, (and I've been to many places), and I used the backup scale that is brand new that other time, so in total the backup brand new scale has been used a total of two times, and both times it agreed with the old and used scale. So this is not a chance in patient error. As for the quality it is what I will call ok. It is better than QPC's bud, but not by much. I would rate it out of a 1-10, as a 2, maybe a 3 if I vaporize and smoke enough, (yes I do both), that way I am doing everything in my power to get as stoned as possible for a decent and fair rating. But all in all, the staff was friendly, and professional, quick service, and this place shows promise of potential.”

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