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New Strains Alert: Pink Death Star, Aliens On Moonshine, and More

Published on April 7, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

This week’s New Strains Alert leans to the indica side with hybrid crosses from several different states. Sharing something special out of the City of Sin is Summa Cannabis with their munchie-inducing strain, Grease Monkey. This strain’s resin production and potent effects stem from its GG4 lineage. Another sticky-sweet cross comes to you from Elev8 Seeds out of Canada. Sour Patch Kiss takes the “blackberry scone” flavors of Kimbo Kush and dips it in the sweet-and-sour terpenes of Sour Kush. This tart treat goes hand-in-hand with the kind candy cut out of Arizona, Lemonhead OG. This strain was originally created in California through a past tense partnership between Royal Choice and Tar Hill Cannabis. Royal Choice’s triple back-crossed OG Kush female got wild with Tar Hill’s one-of-a-kind C4 stud, and poof! Lemonhead OG was born. These strains and more, including the indica-dominant CBD-richAliens on Moonshine, await you.

Gmo Grease Monkey Leafly cannabis strain tile
Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is a sweet, earthy strain with strong skunky overtones. Created in Los Vegas by Summa Cannabis, Grease Monkey is a cross of GG4 and Cookies and Cream. This strain’s indica-dominant genetics saddle the consumer with a lazy, munchie-fueled body buzz that softens the blow of chronic pain, nausea, and stress. While defined as a hybrid, this Grease Monkey’s deep relaxation will naturally lead some consumers toward sleep, so mind your dosage.

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Bke Blackberry Dream Leafly cannabis strain tile
Blackberry Dream

Blackberry Dream is a fruity hybrid cross that might surprise you. Not to be confused with the many Blue Dream “Dream” crosses out there, Blackberry Dream is the offspring of Kimbo Kush and Super Silver Haze. This generous plant produces a massive yield of glittering emerald-colored buds that reek of jam and spice. The strain flowers over 9-10 weeks and generally benefits from a little extra time on the stalk. Mind your dosage while enjoying this strain. The hybrid genetics begin with a heady sativa-dominant bent, but can get heavier on the body with continued consumption.

Sks Sour Patch Kiss Leafly cannabis strain tile
Sour Patch Kiss

Sour Patch Kiss by Elev8 Seeds was designed as a heavy-yielding trichome producer. This was achieved by crossing Kimbo Kush’s sweet, doughy aroma with Sour Kush’s pungent odor and generous production. Sour Patch Kiss stands as a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid but represents its Kush lineage in effects. Offering a heady rush at the onset due to its high-THC percentage, Sour Patch Kiss offers a melting euphoria that settles in the limbs as low-level sedation, curbing stress while honing focus.

Dkk Dakini Kush Leafly cannabis strain tile
Dakini Kush

Dakini Kush is the heavy indica-dominant cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Hindu Kush. This strain’s sweet and herbaceous flavors leave the taste of hops, caramel, and berry on the palate. Dakini Kush offers traditional, if not heavier than average, effects that elevate the mind and relax the body. This strain is a quality choice at the end of the day to enhance mood, diminish pain, and promote rest. Dakini Kush has a healthy yield and a quick nine week flowering time.

Lhd Lemonhead OG Leafly cannabis strain tile
Lemonhead OG

Lemonhead OG by Royal Choice Farms is a gleeful Kush cut with bright, refreshing terpenes. Sweet on the nose and the palate, this strain offers consumers a clean, zestful lemon flavor coupled with a lung-expanding mint/eucalyptus. As with many OG strains, euphoria takes the lead, elevating the consumer’s mood and provoking both smiles and laughter. The effects remain peppy as they transition into the body, leaving a warm and fuzzy sensation without being overly stimulating.

Pde Pink Death Star Leafly cannabis strain tile
Pink Death Star

Pink Death Star is a flavorful creation by Riot Seeds. Known for its “spice rack” terpene profile, this strain reeks of cardamom, fennel, ginger, and pepper. This collection of flavors and the strain’s naturally high THC percentage make it a worthwhile addition to any strain collection. Pink Death Star delivers buds with deep purple hues and body-melting sedation, so naturally, this strain is best utilized in the evening.

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Alm Aliens on Moonshine Leafly cannabis strain tile
Aliens On Moonshine

Aliens On Moonshine by Sin City Seeds is a potent CBD-rich phenotype of The Cali Connection’s Sour Alien crossed with White Moonshine. This indica-dominant strain emits a funky aroma that is a clashing of sour, sweet, and chemicals. The 5:1 CBD/THC ratio gives Aliens On Moonshine potent medicinal properties while remaining mostly functional. Its effects land firmly in the body and can assist with inflammation, irritability, and minor physical discomfort. The uplifting, clearheaded buzz and soothing physical effects make Aliens On Moonshine an excellent add-in or standalone strain for CBD lovers everywhere.

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