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New Strains Alert: Sour Poison, The Sister, Wreckage, Royal Haze, and More

New strains are in, and they're in sore need of user reviews! You can find out where to get them by navigating to their strain pages and checking the "Availability" tab. Or, if you've tried them already, share your thoughts in a review. 

There are more new varieties waiting in the Leafly Explorer, so don't forget to check those out, too!


Leafly Sour Poison cannabis strain tile  1. Sour Poison

Sour Poison is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Sour Diesel and Durban Poison genetics. The sweet, earthy aroma invites you to get closer, while the interplay of pine, berry, and diesel flavors of Sour Poison bring an energetic and uplifting rush that motivates the mind. The euphoric effects of Sour Poison settle into relaxing laziness as the buzz tapers.


Leafly The Sister cannabis strain tile  2. The Sister

The Sister is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain that is said to be a rare “sister” cut of Chemdawg. Although led by indica genetics, The Sister provides uplifting, clear-headed euphoria that leaves the mind awake and nimble for creative endeavors while also kick-starting the appetite. Like her sister, this strain takes on a sweet citrus and sour diesel aroma.


Leafly Royal Haze cannabis strain tile  3. Royal Haze

Royal Haze (or Royale Haze) by Dinafem Seeds is a mostly sativa strain bred from Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights genetics. Taking after her Haze parent, this sativa inherits a spicy citrus flavor and buzzing, energetic effects that keep you alert and productive throughout the day. Outdoor growers will appreciate her flexibility and resilience even when the temperature drops, although her 10-11 week flowering cycle demands a bit of patience.

An autoflowering rendition of Royal Haze was bred by Royal Queen Seeds, who mixed Amnesia Haze, Skunk, and a ruderalis strain. Its effects are similarly energizing and cerebral.


Leafly Wreckage cannabis strain tile  4. Wreckage

Wreckage, bred by TH Seeds, is a sativa-dominant cross between Trainwreck and SAGE that provides an energetic, happy escape from stress, fatigue, and bad moods. Combining flavor profiles from both parents, Wreckage takes on a fresh menthol and herbal sandalwood aroma.


Leafly Mazar Kush cannabis strain tile  5. Mazar Kush

Mazar Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Afghani and Mazar I Sharif, two age-old indica strains originating from the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. This strain delivers powerfully relaxing effects to both body and mind, making it a good choice for late night use or for after-work unwinding.


Leafly Cherry Durban Poison cannabis strain tile  6. Cherry Durban Poison

Cherry Durban Poison is a hybrid strain that brings a unique cherry flavor profile to the high-energy qualities of Durban Poison. True to its sativa roots, Cherry Durban Poison delivers a rush of cerebral euphoria that lifts the mood without clouding the mind.


Leafly White Kryptonite cannabis strain tile  7. White Kryptonite

White Kryptonite is an indica-dominant strain that descends from Kryptonite and White Widow. The powerful euphoria dealt by White Kryptonite borders on hypnotic and trance-like at times, making this strain a good choice for meditative, introspective evenings.

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