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New Strains Alert: Green Mango, Lemon Meringue, Carnival, and More

Published on March 26, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

This week’s New Strains Alert sends some love to The Netherlands and Sumo Seeds. The award-winning seed bank is getting back to ground after a successful series of Cannabis Cups that garnered the company seven distinctive honors. Amnesia Ganja Haze won four of the seven Cup awards to Sumo in 2017 and offers a classic Haze experience that has been refined down to the genetic level.

Sumo OG Kush also pulled down a few awards, deepening the legendary lineage of OG Kush with the addition of to California’s own wild fire flowers, Mendocino Purps and LA Confidential. These Europe seedlings are sure to tickle some taste buds, so if you’d had the pleasure, share a review. Have a nice weekend, my fellow strain hunters, and don’t forget: Be good to each other.

Leafly Carnival sativa cannabis strain

Carnival by Ministry of Cannabis is a sativa-dominant strain designed to translate the eccentric, colorful vibe of Carnival from the streets of Brazil into the mind of the consumer. This cerebral strain gets its powerful mental effects from its select Haze mother and its unknown sativa-hybrid father. The scents of citrus and lemon candy explode off the lanky spears created by this plant. Know to thrive both indoors and outdoors, Carnival has a snappy flowering time of only nine weeks. This strain’s upbeat euphoria and general mood alteration makes it a great social strain to share among friends.

Leafly Honey Rock hybrid cannabis strain
Honey Rock

Honey Rock by Sumo Seeds is the product of selective breeding and the pursuit of exceptional cannabis. By crossing Super Widow (White Widow x Super Skunk) with Swazi Poison (Swazi x Durban Poison), Sumo Seeds created a rock-hard indica-dominant hybrid that combines landrace genetics with refined hybrids. Honey Rock’s effects are deeply soothing, offering stoney sedation and relief from aches and pains. This is not a daytime strain; the eclectic cannabinoid profile and overall potency make this strain one of Sumo’s heaviest.

Leafly Lemon Meringue sativa cannabis strain
Lemon Meringue

Lemon Meringue by Exotic Genetix is a sweet, zestful cross of Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream. This pungent combo emits a variety of aromas including citrus, diesel, and nuttiness, but at the center of this bouquet is a tart slice of lemon meringue pie with a fat dollop of whipped cream on top. Lemon Meringue offers uplifting mental effects and sativa-driven energy that encourages physical activity. This strain’s subtle motivational qualities and pleasant euphoria make it a go-to for folks combating fatigue, depression, and minor headaches.

Leafly Sweet Harlem Diesel hybrid cannabis strain
Sweet Harlem Diesel

Sweet Harlem Diesel by Sumo Seeds is a fascinating cross of European and American genetics. This strain was created by first crossing Old Afghani with Honey Rock (Super Widow x Swazi Poison). The Sweet Afghani cut was then crossed with a US cut of the famous Sour Diesel. The resulting union yields a unique hybrid with a citrus-diesel aroma and uplifting mental effects that keep the consumer alert while the subtle body effects settle into the limbs. Sweet Harlem Diesel won 3rd prize for Indoor at the 2017 Balearic Cup. Its breeder recommends utilizing this strain to help relieve stress, depression, and minor physical discomfort.

Leafly Amnesia Ganja Haze sativa cannabis strain
Amnesia Ganja Haze

Amnesia Ganja Haze is another award-winning strain from Sumo Seeds. The sativa is a genetic combination of the famous Amnesia Haze (a classic out of Amsterdam) and Silver Buddha Haze. This new twist on an old favorite garnered Sumo Seeds a 1st place win at the 2017 Semana y Copa Cannabica for Best Sativa, 1st prize for Best Indoor and Premio Especial Del Publico (Best Overall at the 2017 Il Castello Cannabis Cup), as well as 2nd place at the 2017 San Canuto Cup on the island of Fuerteventura. Exhibiting a strong Haze aroma of sour citrus and spiced tropical fruit, Amnesia Ganja Haze delivers a THC and terpene-heavy profile. This strain’s cerebral effects make it enjoyable for use throughout the day.

Leafly Sumo OG Kush indica cannabis strain
Sumo OG Kush

Sumo OG Kush is a multi-award-winning indica strain by Sumo Seeds. This powerful cut won 1st place Kush and 1st place Overall at the 2015 Highlife Cup in Amsterdam. It also recently won 1st place Outdoor at the 2017 Il Castello Cannabis Cup and 2nd place Outdoor Flower at the 2017 Mallorcannabis Cup. This mysterious cross of an unknown OG Kush hybrid and California Kush (Mendocino Purps x LA Confidential) creates a pungent, citrusy, diesel-driven strain that retains OG Kush’s traditional euphoria and stony relaxation while deepening its overall complexity. If you’re lucky enough to snap off some Sumo OG, enjoy it later in the day or after work to maximize its relaxing effects.

Leafly Green Mango sativa cannabis strain
Green Mango

Green Mango by Sumo Seeds is a tropical indica-dominant treat that took 2nd place in the “Hydro” category at the 2016 Highlife Cup in Amsterdam. It was created by crossing Master Skunk and Dr. Herer to create Master Jack, which was then crossed with Sumo’s ultra-stable Somango. These genetics give way to a pungent, bright terpene profile that manifests as a rich mango flavor with hints of citrus. The buzz is uplifting and cerebral while remaining indica-dominant, sparking creativity between the ears and stimulating conversation. Growers with restricted space will appreciate that Green Mango typically keeps its height below four feet while producing a yield upward of 550-750g/per plant.

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