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Heart-focused and patient-focused, we want to offer the highest quality service, with the highest quality products. Transparency is at our core and we pride ourselves on providing full spectrum testing to ensure that all products pass mold, pesticide, heavy metals, and residuals - as well as full canabanoid and terpene profiles on all strains so you can be sure what is (and is not) in your medicine. ** To place orders, please contact the phone line. Will need to send picture of DPH card and MA license for service** **DELIVERY ONLY - NO STORE FRONT** ___ * Veteran’s Discount: 10% (on sale price up to $600) * Over 65 Discount: 10% (on sale price up to $600) *$200 Minimum on orders. *$20 Delivery fee - waived if order over $400 *Store hours reflect phone hours, but delivery hours may vary


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25% OFF SELECTED FLOWERS any size. Cannot be combined with other flower deals.

Valid from 5/5/2017.

Includes Strains: Agent Orange, Blue Afghani, Blue Dream, Jager/Purple Hindu Kush, Mr. Nice Train, Purple Diesel, SFV OG, Shishkaberry

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“Not an actual location to rate, but I still give these folks five stars. My first delivery was later than the gentleman said he would be, but he was very apologetic and I could tell it wasn't their normal way of doing things. So I am simply going to overlook the lateness. Compared to the brick and mortar dispensary near me (Brockton) the product delivered to me was vastly superior. I wouldn't normally do so, but I did weigh it, and it was over what the grams marked on the packages. It was obviously fresh, and looked to my relatively untrained eye to be naturally dried and cured. The stuff I get at the dispensary is always brittle and very dry. One of the items I ordered was out of stock, but Nick (the delivery man) brought something else and offered it to me. I could have refused, but why not try it? I'm game to try new things! He said it was similar, and when I looked it up he was correct. I found these guys when searching for Gorilla Glue #4 on Leafly. I REALLY wanted to try it, and these folks have it. (It did not disappoint!). Signing up was as easy as could be--just scan and email your license and your Mass. medical marijuana card. Done! And prepare so show your card when the delivery fellow arrives. They only take cash, so be prepared! Prices were extremely fair, and I am happy to pay a delivery charge for the convenience. I was gifted two containers of gummy bears to make up for the late arrival of the delivery, which seems more than fair. Ladies, I was a little nervous having a marijuana delivery guy come to my house, but the young man looked like he just stepped out of his 9 - 5 office job. He was immaculate, polite (even friendly!) and cordial when I pretty much dragged him into my grow room to show him my plants! Highly unlikely I will ever use anyone else. Why would I need to?”

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“Ordered some product before heading out on vacation. I liked the first time patient treat but each of oz we're a half gram short, so 2g total. 3 out of the 4 strains were nice although I liked the Mr Nice Train and White Rhino the most. The Death Star was definitely not the same tier as the others. Also got the CBD isolate and to be honest I'm not even going to smoke it since the added terpenes are way too intense for me. The driver was great on communication and very friendly.”

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