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New Strains Alert: Brandywine, Hulkamania, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and More

Published on May 19, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Welcome back to another New Strains Alert! This week’s collection has a little something for everyone. We have two Appalachia crosses in the form of Elphinstone and Sorcery’s Apprentice. Appalachia, being a hybrid of Green Crack and Tres Dawg, offers a high THC content and potent, uplifting effects. This stimulation makes guest appearance in the aforementioned strains.

We’re also adding a couple award-winning strains from the 2017 Dope Cup. This include Brandywine, a GDP-like cut that relaxes without sedation. The other Dope Cup winner is a high-CBD strain named Shurman #7. This special Solstice cut was created by crossing Blueberry Cheesecake and The White, two of Solstice’s highest THC strains–but as dominant and recessive genetics go–boom!—a new 3-to-1 CBD/THC strain was created. Find these strains and more on Leafly!

91k 91 Krypt Leafly cannabis strain tile
91 Krypt

91 Krypt by DNA Genetics is a potent strain by many names. Bred from the Chemdawg ‘91 stock crossed with DNA’s famous Captain Krypt OG, this strain was created for high potency cannabis consumers. It emits a deep, dank terpene profile that fills the room with skunk and swampy earth. With a THC content pushing over 20% on average, enjoy 91 Krypt to stimulate appetite while harnessing full body relaxation.

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Sor Sorcerer’s Apprentice Leafly cannabis strain tile
Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Bodhi Seeds sprinkles a little magic in your bowl. Created through some mystical cannabis alchemy, this strain’s genetic parents are Cheech Wizard crossed with Appalachia. This hybrid pairing conjures sweet, creamy aromas with a subtle note of chemicals on the rim. It is known for its dreamy, contemplative mental state and functional relaxation.

Hlk Hulkamania Leafly cannabis strain tile

Hulkamania is an honorary strain for “The Hulkster” himself, Hulk Hogan. While this strain may not arrive in Hogan’s recognizable spandex, bandana, and mustache of the iconic wrestler, it does combine some heavy-lifting THC muscle in the form of a Monster Cookies and Bruce Banner cross. Hulkamania combines relaxing physical effects with creative and uplifted mental effects, offering consumers the best of both worlds. Also, in true Cookies fashion, the strain smells doughy with notes of sweet earth on the exhale.

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Sh7 Shurman #7 Leafly cannabis strain tile
Shurman #7

Shurman #7 by Solstice won Best CBD Flower at the 2017 Dope Cup in Seattle, WA. This phenomenal strain was a happy accident brought forth from the phenotypes created from Solstice’s highest THC strains, Blueberry Cheesecake and The White. Possessing a surprisingly robust terpene profile for a CBD-dominant strain, Shurman #7 expresses sweet and savory notes that coat the palate.

Gpb Grandpa's Breath Leafly cannabis strain tile
Grandpa’s Breath

Grandpa’s Breath is a semi-sedative indica-dominant strain that provides functional relaxation. This special cut combining parent strains OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple was bred by Dungeons Vault Genetics, and it emits pungent, earthy terpenes with a little fruitiness intermixed. Grandpa’s Breath has an above average yield, but also tends to take a touch longer to flower. Utilize Grandpa’s Breath in the evening to maximize the deep relaxation central to its effects.

Elp Elphinstone Leafly cannabis strain tile

Elphinstone is a sativa-dominant strain that combines stimulating genetics and pungent terpenes. This strain is a cross of Sweet Skunk and Appalachia. This pungent pairing imbues the consumer with a giggly, uplifted mental state juxtaposed with mildly focused and relaxing physical effects. The flavors are a mixture of skunk and sweet 7-Up-like notes.

Bwi Brandywine Leafly cannabis strain tile

Brandywine by Dungeons Vault Genetics is a pleasant indica strain with a calming buzz. Created by crossing Pink Champagne and Grandpa’s Breath, Brandywine emits a delicate tea aroma with notes of hops and Chardonnay grapes. The effects are reminiscent of Granddaddy Purple, with relaxing physical attributes that dismiss stress without being overly sedative. Anticipate squinted eyes and a touch of appetite stimulation as well. Enjoy this strain in smaller, controlled doses to maximize its medical benefits. Brandywine won 1st Place Indica at the 2017 Dope Awards in Seattle, WA.

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