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Best Cannabis Pre-Roll Packaging

February 2, 2018

Conveniently pre-packed with potent cannabis, pre-rolls take the work out of constructing crutches and rolling one up. With such a small yet user-friendly approach to the classic joint, brands have hopped on unique packaging that best displays their signature strains while giving the consumer an extra punch of art and elevation.

What is a Pre-Roll?

Below, discover some of the most creative, fun, and unique packaging in the world of pre-rolls. Have a go-to pre-roll wrapped in an original package? Tell us about it in the comments.

Saints Joints by Saints

#Repost @wiki_leaf ・・・ Happy hump day! We're rolling through the week with @saints_joints . What are you smoking?

A post shared by Saints Joints (@saintsjoints) on

Saints Joints delivers five delicious pre-rolls wrapped in an intricate box that’s almost too stunning to toss. The entire Saints Joints collection offers gorgeous artwork and even a chance to give back with their exclusive pre-roll boxes and continual donations to the arts in the greater Seattle area.

Available in: Washington

Whole Flower Pre-Rolls by Marley Natural

Decompress and reconnect with our all natural, sungrown indica pre-rolls. ✨🍁 #MarleyNatural . . . #prop64 #prop215 #LA #herb #sungrown #advocate . . . Warning: This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. Should not be used by women that are pregnant or breastfeeding. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children.

A post shared by M a r l e y N a t u r a l (@marleynatural) on

Marley Natural keeps its cannabis line clean and classic, and the brand’s sharp pre-roll packaging is no exception to this rule. Housed in a tin and swathed in black, this elegant design turns the focus to the cannabis without any need for pomp and grandeur—it simply speaks for itself.

Available in: California, Oregon, and Washington

Editor’s note: Leafly and Marley Natural are owned by the same parent company.

Glow Sativa Shorties by Glow Premium Cannabis

#Preroll packs in every flavor! Check out a 3-pack of .8g #flower and #hash standard sized #joints OR the 4-pack of .5g flower and hash #shorty joints. #indica #sativa #hybrid Always #readytoroll they're #easy #stylish and #discreet #glowpremiumcannabis #glow #cannabiscommunity #cannabis #Oakland #madeinoakland #smokeweedeveryday

A post shared by Glow Cann (@glowpremiumcannabis) on

Vibrant hues of orange and red lay against a backdrop of black in Glow’s Sativa Shorties, while the indicas showcase calming blues and hybrids stay true to form with a balanced green. The packaging is loud without being overbearing and offers the perfect visual to the sativa strain’s popular energizing effects.

Available in: California

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Island Premiums by Island

Beach day necessity ♥️🌴🌊

A post shared by Island (@islandcannaco) on

Bright and retro, Island’s Island Premiums will transport you to the beaches of 1960-70s California. Drop by your favorite California dispensary and light one up before taking to the waves.

Available in: California and Nevada

White Label Pre-Roll by Nativ

The journey towards your weekend begins here. Find the perfect Nativ preroll for any occasion. White, Gray, and Black Labels come in multiple strain varieties to help elevate the vibrations no matter what your plans are. #nativ #breatheeasy #prerolls #cannabis #california #venicebeach #mmj #420

A post shared by Nativ (@nativborn) on

Nativ’s White Label pre-roll line promises a gentler high over its Gray and Black contemporaries, and the smooth packaging is an added bonus to the quality cannabis within. Containing nothing but pure flower (the other two are mixed with hash), the color grade across Nativ’s joints give you a smooth visual to determine pre-roll potency.

Available in: California

Rise Pre-Rolls by Huxton

sunday feelings | #huxton #hxtn #huxtonusa #cannabis #americancannabis #enjoyproudly #cannabiscommunity #marijuana #brand #lifestyle #zen #peace #relax

A post shared by @ huxtonusa on

The bright tins carrying Huxton’s pre-rolls are calm and clean—and that’s exactly why we love them. With a focus on effects rather than specific strains, the packaging mirrors the ease of consuming with an anticipated and trusted high. Bonus: each pre-roll tin comes with its own box of matches.

Available in: Arizona

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Stubby Bat Multipack by Sugartop Buddery

Stock up and save this Tuesday, by filling your pocket with a multipack of prerolls from @sugartop_buddery Ask for it at your favorite dispensary. Keep it #topgradetasty Oregon. . . . . #eugenedispensary #cannabis #goodvibes #420 #madeinoregon #eugenelife #smokewithus #eugeneor #eugeneoregon #highsociety #cannabiscommunity #wakeandbake #541 #weedstagram #instaweed #celebration #lodidodi #topgradetasty #newproduct #multipack #party #joints #joint #smokeweedeveryday #packofjoints #prerolls #preroll ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery under the influence of marijuana. Keep marijuana out of the reach of children. These products are intended for OMMP patients and adults over the age of 21.

A post shared by SugarTop Buddery (@sugartop_buddery) on

Eco-friendly and complete with a crutch card, Sugartop Buddery’s Stubby Bat Multipack is made with 100% hemp fiber. Feel good about this purchase and the environment while lighting up the brand’s buzzy Lodi Dodi.

Available in: Oregon

Stone Road Reserve Pack by Stone Road

Find Us This Weekend At The @emeraldexchange 💚🍁🌲💚

A post shared by Stone Road (@stoneroadfarms) on

Stone Road steps it up a notch with its stunning, outdoorsy Reserve Pack carrying glass tubes bursting with quality, organically-grown pre-rolls. Not only do these packs offer a touch of charm, the pre-rolls are rolled with unbleached plant cellulose paper and sealed with the gum from the acacia tree.

Available in: California

Day + Night Doobies by Kushie

Day + Night Doobies ☀️🌙 // #420 #stonernation #highsociety #wakenbake #doobies #stonerdays #hightimes #kusharmy #weedmaps #KushieBrand #KUSHIE

A post shared by Relaxed Lifestyle Brand (@kushie.brand) on

Kushie Brand’s Day + Night Doobies‘ packaging offers a lovely gradient that represents the peaceful rise and slow fall of the sun. Each box contains one Lemon Haze pre-roll for daytime use and one Skywalker OG pre-roll to help you wind down at night and ride out the last of a cannabis high.

Available in: California

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Toasties by Caliva

get lifted

A post shared by Voted Best Collective In CA (@gocaliva) on

Caliva’s Toasties are enveloped in packaging that exudes California cool with calming shades of blue. The wrapper represents the lower-THC and ultra-mellow pre-rolls within, making them the perfect pick for a soothing smoke amongst friends.

Available in: California

Maple Wreck Pre-Rolls by Frosted Flowers

Whats your pick? #SilverHaze #SumatraKush #MapleWreck #FrostedFlowers #Seeourbrands #loyaltotheoil #topshelflife #topshelf #topshelfonly #highlife #medicalmarijuana #weshouldsmoke #prop215 #prop215compliant #stonernation #cloudchaser #cannabislife #mmj #mmjpatient #weedhumor #stonersociety #onlysmokethefinest

A post shared by Frosted Flowers (@frosted_flowers) on

Crisp in white with light accents, Frosted Flower’s Maple Wreck Pre-Roll packaging is both sleek and fresh.

Available in: California

Singoli Pre-Roll by Biscotti

(Courtesy of Biscotti Brands)

Biscotti’s Singoli pre-rolls contain 0.8 grams of cannabis to 0.2 grams of hash. This powerhouse joint is housed in a delicate tube topped with a wax-dipped cork, so you’ll feel extra fancy while getting extra lifted.

Available in: California

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