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Star Signs + Strains: November 2018 Horoscopes

Published on November 1, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(Kaela Graham/Leafly)

Scorpio season is here and it’s asking us to dive deep into the waters of our subconscious, determine what is and isn’t working in our lives, and clean house once we’ve figured it out. Venus continues retrograde through November 16th, so expect a few more weeks of relationship reruns and re-evaluations before she stations direct.

The theme for November is: Should I stay or should I go?

On that very same day, Mercury—planet of travel, communication, and technology—will station retrograde and as a result could cause a little chaos over the next three weeks if you’re not paying attention to detail.

Pause, double check your work, and if all else fails, remember that this too shall pass. Mercury stations retrograde three or four times a year, it’s nothing to be afraid of. If something isn’t meant to stick around, let it go and don’t look back. There is something better on the horizon.


Happy Birthday, little stinger! While the intensity of this month may openly terrify the other signs, you were born to navigate November’s ominous depths. Luxuriate in the deathly energy of the new moon on November 7th and Let. It. Go. More specifically, quit cyberstalking your ex. Or your ex’s ex. Venus will still be retrograde through November 16th and that obsessive vibe is not your best look. It’s out with the old and in with the new this month for you, because no one is better at slaying the death/rebirth game like you, Scorpio.

November Strain: Dutch Treat has become a much-favored hybrid because it’s quick to produce a cerebral effect. Scorpios, especially the ones who can’t get off their old flame’s Instagram account, will also benefit from this strain’s paranoia-free and uplifting euphoria. Notes of fruit and pine make for a pleasurable smoking experience.

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The watery season is a historically challenging time for you, firecracker, but this month you’ve got the help of your ruling planet Jupiter—which moves into your sign on November 8th—to sail the treacherous Scorpio seas with a bit more ease. You are never one to shy away from unknown territory, and this month the opportunity to explore new depths of your psyche and your surroundings is ample. Remain open to new experiences and you’ll be rewarded with some great information about what it is you are here to create in the world and why.

November Strain: For opening channels to creativity, introspective thinking, and receiving all the good the universe has in store, Fortune Cookies is the strain for you. Earth and honey dominate the palate of this potent blend of GSC and OG Kush, known to cause couchlock after a heavy smoke. Which, in this case, is fine. Your brain can best explore itself when you are a body at rest.

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If any one sign was made to survive Mercury retrograde, it’s you. Remember that when it feels as though you are drowning in the emotional tidal waves of Scorpio season, Venus stations direct on November 16th and you should regain some of your emotional footing with this shift. Your reserve and resilience will serve you well around the full moon in Gemini on November 23rd when everyone else is running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Capitalize on the chaos and get yours while the rest of world is distracted. You’re not ruthless for nothing, and this month could see some big wins for you professionally.

November Strain: Summon your inner chill with Pineapple Kush, a flavorful stress reducer that keeps your brain in the game. With 14% CBD and a THC count around 15%, this hybrid—whose parentage includes Pineapple and Master Kush—provides a much needed study course for both the body and the mind.

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Your ruling planet Uranus has been retrograde since August, and as a result Fall 2018 has been a bit of a struggle for you, water bearer. When Uranus retrograde enters Cancer on November 6th (while Venus herself is still retrograde), you can expect some unresolved relationship drama to bubble to the surface. The culprit is likely the emotions you tried to dissociate or distract yourself from in the past that—just like karma—are coming back around. Use the powerful New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th to feel your feelings so you can move on for good (and not just find yourself right back where you were). Venus stations retrograde on November 16th and if you’ve done your work, you might find that you’ve opened up some space for a hot new romance or a deeper connection with a long-term lover.

November Strain: You’re on the receiving end of cosmic action this month, good thing you have Blue Mystic on your side. With notable effects that include euphoria, creativity, and arousal, this strain has everything you need to comfortably wade in November’s emotional currents. Flavors of sweet berries are a yummy bonus, but be warned, Blue Mystic has a scent derived of its skunky origins that will leave no mystery as to what has you so mellow.

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Mars enters your sign on November 15th which means this month should be a good time for you to capitalize on your creative ideas, which are never in short supply. You usually have no problem imagining magic; it’s the manifestation side of things that poses a challenge. Mars can give your more delicate and, dare we say, wishy-washy tendencies a much needed boost of focus and energy. Use it! What inventive “As Seen on TV” gadget do you have hiding up your sleeve? Chances are it could make you some real money. Just make sure to read the fine print on any contracts you’re presented after November 16th when Mercury stations retrograde. Preferably before signing them.

November Strain: Staying focused and freak-out free are the keys to success this month. Harlequin, an energetic strain known for its two top traits—relaxation and focus—can assist you on your swim upstream. Its strong THC:CBD ratio is helpful at combating any paranoia, while its sweet and earthy flavors make for a pleasant experience.

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The waves have come, and they are not f*cking around. While you delight in the hedonistic and provocative vibes of Scorpio season (let’s face it, you and Scorpio are like two kinky peas in a pod), if you’re not careful its watery depths will take you down. Tend to your emotional health this month, especially while Venus is still retrograde through November 16th. On the same day as she stations direct, Mercury will station retrograde and that could spell trouble for your brash and sassy ways. The root of the word “tending” is TENDER, and that’s just how you should move through the world this November. Be soft, with yourself and others. You may just surprise yourself with how much you like this vibe and the results it produces.

November Strain: This month requires a strain that, like you, Ram child, is naturally turned up to 11. With a THC count regularly over 23% and CBD coming in over 1.04%, Golden Goat does not come to play. Don’t let its sweet, tropical taste fool you. This is a serious smoke. Fortunately, its side effects are positive and include a happy, euphoric energy and a sense of uplifted relaxation.

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Hide out this month, homebody. Do a face mask. Bake. Color-coordinate or alphabetize your vinyl collection. Invite friends over for movie night. Read all the books you’ve been collecting and neglecting. Above all, ground yourself. Scorpio season can make you feel like you’re floating out to sea—very anxious and uncertain. Your current relationships (including the one with yourself) will receive a boost of strength, stability, and intimacy when your ruling planet Venus stations direct on November 16th. If you can remember that anything is possible with love, Mercury retrograde (which also begins on November 16th) will be a piece of cake. Delicious, decadent cake.

November Strain: With Mercury’s retrograde in your favor, and the universe urging you to stay inside as fall’s chill sets in, Lavender, a strain as calming and pleasant as its namesake, is everything you need. Pleasant on the palate boasting sweetness, florals, spice and of course, lavender. Its main traits of relaxation and happiness are just what you require to let that “fall chill” set in.

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You know those warnings on theme park rides that say, “Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle and remain seated at all times?” Well, that’s a smart piece of advice you can follow this month, Gemini, as your ruling planet Mercury stations retrograde on November 16th and the moon is full in your sign on November 23rd. Keep your evil twin in check, or better yet, bury them in the backyard. Where you like to think of yourself as charming and persuasive, you could be seen as manipulative and controlling this month. Mind your business. Stay in your lane and you won’t get curbed by the cutie you’ve been trying to impress since summer started.

November Strain: Duality is your nature. Repressing the side of you that wants to be destructive can consume your sensitive reserves of Gemini energy. We recommend a strain that knows your struggle: Bruce Banner. Not for amateurs, this high-THC hybrid comes on strong to quickly produce a relaxed euphoria with a creative streak that will keep your dark twin out of “Hulk Smash” mode. It’s strong, green, and super dank—something to keep in mind when inconspicuous consumption is in order.

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You are no stranger to strong emotions. Sometimes, however, you’re not so sure of their purpose. That all changes this month as Uranus retrograde moves into your sign on November 6th and brings with it the context, clarity, and conciseness you’ve been searching for, specifically around what it is you really want to be doing with your time and energy. Let Scorpio season be a season of change for you. Endings are never easy, but when the timing’s right they can feel exhilarating. It’s definitely time to be embarking on something (or someone) new, so dive into those unknown waters and find your sunken treasure.

November Strain: This month finds you digging for answers and equilibrium. Green Dream, a motivated and happy hybrid boasts an uplifted focus. It’s the lovechild of two very popular strains, Green Crack and Blue Dream. This positive, earthy strain will have you tackling those difficult tasks, both emotional and physical, with aplomb.

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Your ruling planet the Sun is spending less and less time with us these days and you can feel it. This fact, along with the extreme emotional highs and lows of Scorpio season and the ongoing planetary retrogrades, is giving you some serious bummer vibes. Invest in a Happy Light, book a trip to a tropical location, or if money’s tight just turn the heat up in your apartment, download some Hawaiian tunes, make yourself a Mai Tai, and do like Frankie says: RELAX. The good news: a new moon in Gemini on November 23rd will give you a little gift of illumination and clear-headedness when you need it most. Don’t get so lost that you miss the moon’s magic!

November Strain: You need a seasonal boost, and Leos love the luxe life, so why not introduce a premium strain like J1 to your smoking routine? Noted for its high quality and price point, this hybrid of Jack Herer and Skunk #1 (it is a true skunk, so take note) produces a strong, uplifting, clear-headed buzz. It’s peppy, without the speediness of other buzzy hybrids.

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Curb your criticism this month, Earth Angel. Mercury retrograde is never a good time to say everything that’s on your mind, so when the impulse hits remember that old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Unless you want to burn some bridges and alienate some friends. Overall, this month should be relatively easy for you to navigate if you keep it polite and remember that people have things called “feelings.” Scorpio season means those feelings are going to be real sensitive, so use your earthy energy to be a diplomat rather than an authoritarian this month and you’ll be golden.

November Strain: Giggly, uplifted, relaxed, and euphoric make for the perfect mental state when dealing with the sensitive feelings of others this month. It’s hard to not be kind when you’re buzzing on kind buds. Champagne Kush offers a delicate, layered high that can go from thoughtfully mindful to deeply meditative—depending on your level on consumption—making it prescriptive for whatever or whoever challenges you this emotional November.

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Your ruling planet Venus is retrograde in your sign the first half of the month and then stations direct the second half of the month, which means it’s going to be a bit of a confusing November for you. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly lose interest in a crush or new bestie when Venus makes her direct about-face on November 16th. On this day, you could wake up feeling like you’ve been body-snatched for the last seven weeks and no longer want to uphold the version of yourself you’ve been so intensely dedicated to embodying this whole time. Typical Libra flex or Venusian influence? It’s hard to say. The full moon in Gemini on November 23rd will bring with it some exciting new opportunities for you along with a refreshing swirl of new ideas. Let Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius help you make an important decision about your future and prepare to reap some serious rewards.

November Strain: After-birthday balance is always hard for Libras to achieve, and with your scales swinging wildly this month, a steady, 50/50 strain like Bubbleberry is just what you need.  It’s the Goldilocks find of the weed world—a strain that is “just right.” Blueberry, citrus, and rose make for tasty top notes while the overwhelming dankness of this bud won’t leave anyone guessing how you achieve your even keel.

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Original zodiac illustrations by Kaela Graham for Leafly. IG: @kaelagraham

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