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The legalization of cannabis is a huge, historic step, but it’s only the first step in finding a reliable source for excellent service and quality in a crowded marketplace. People with specific requirements and discerning tastes seek out a provider with the experience and knowledge to help them discover products that consistently fulfill their needs and preferences. At Triple C Cannabis Club, we are proud of our home state of Washington for being one of the first in the nation to recognize and respect the right of every adult to decide what is best for his or her health and happiness. As one of the first and most successful medicinal dispensaries in the state, Triple C continues to lead the way in the transition to legalization by elevating the retail experience with our award-winning selection, service and staff. As a result, people come to us for very different reasons. Many want to relieve pain and promote healing naturally. Others seek to ease stress, enhance experiences or nurture creativity. The many wonders and benefits of cannabis are why it has been so beloved for most of recorded history. For these reasons and more, Triple C is committed to being the most professional and helpful resource for a wide variety of quality cannabis at a reasonable price, in a place where everyone can feel safe, comfortable and respected. Our stores and staff present a clean, classic aesthetic that complements the neighborhoods we serve. We have always placed great value on the positive reputation and close partnerships we have built with our customers and community, as well as top local growers who cultivate the best strains and have their products independently tested to assure purity and potency. Triple C values comfort and consistency, but we also appreciate curiosity and are driven to discover new and better things. Triple C is the original Cannabis Club for those who seek a quality experience that is both unique and reliable. ExperienceChronicWellness

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“The only place I visit for cheap SUPER HIGH QUALITY MEDS!! Their Dutch TREAT is my go to strain & @ 25$ an 1/8th no place n Tacoma can beat that!! If I haven't been here give an a try before July roles around & the laws change...”

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“Always fully stocked, clean and the service is always top notch. Every member of the staff is knowledgeable and aren't afraid to share their opinions on the products they stock, good or bad. This is the only dispensary I spend my money at. ”

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