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Mecca Natural Medicine

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“tiatokyo Fuck Mecca About six months ago my ex boyfriend gave me a ride to the dispensary as he always did he parked on the side of the shop, and his lights stayed on too long for the security guards liking so he told him to turn off his lights, which are automatic and turn off by themselves after a couple minutes him and the security gaurd get into a argument and he tells me and I quote, "you need to get your boyfriend# and yanks me by my arm out of the shop. As i walk to the car the argument continues and the security guard threatened to get physical with my ex thats when he called another guard outside for "back up". My ex finally decided to stop arguing and called the manager of shop outside. we told our side of the story, and he apologised for the guards behavior, (mind you they're still yelling at us while we are speaking to the manager) he tell us to come back anytime snd i was a valued patient. We left and i didn't go back for about six months. After the six months i went about 4 times the first three times i had no problem getting in (the guards were new), but my 4th time going back one of the gaurds that was involved in the bs was at checkin, he took my rec and i.d. and typed it in then he said " yeah your information isnt going through i think you're banned from the shop after that incident you had, i proceeded to tell him that i had been there three times after that with no problem, then he was like ok let me call the manager first she doesnt answer then she answers and telling by the conversation and his answers to her he didn't even bring up my situation. when he hung up the phone he said he couldn't let me in because i was in the process of being banned, but he could photo copy my rec and i.d so they could review it. i asked him if i could speak to her he told me no she won't answer the phone and she wont come down to the shop, and that the manager that was at the shop couldnt help me becsuse he had nothing to do with the situation. I couldnt believe it i had my neighbor give me a ride all the way over there not to be let in. i was disgusted because i needed my medication and they are one of the only shops open late in west LA. I will never be returning to this shop they have the worst customer service in the world and their weed isnt the greatest. i do not recommend this shop to anyone.”

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“Loved this place - good specials, great selection, fun vibe and great staff. ”

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