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11 Arousing Strains to Help You Celebrate Valentine’s Day Right

February 14, 2014

There’s nobody we’d rather spend Valentine’s Day with than all of you Leafly fans. Thanks for making our website and app such a success! You fill the buds in our heart.

To celebrate this amorous day, here are a few strains you might want to pick up for you and your honey, as they’ve been tagged by Leafly visitors as having an “arousing” effect. Enjoy!

To Kick the Evening Off

Leafly Asian Fantasy sativa cannabis strain

You don’t have to be of the Asian “persuasian” to enjoy this titillating sativa. Though Asian Fantasy is a somewhat rare find, this strain delivers arousing, energetic, and relaxing effects, as well as flavors of apples and cheese.

“this strain smells and taste so good with a more sativa buzz to it” – lazytoke

Leafly Ultimate Trainwreck sativa cannabis strain

Sweet and citrusy, Ultimate Trainwreck is rated high in arousal, focus, and happiness, which sounds like a recipe for a fun evening with your loved one.

“By far one of my favorite strains. Just make sure you have a couch nearby, because you won’t be leaving it for a few hours. Smelled like an Angel’s Lady Parts, after they’d been put through 4 Quarters of an NFL game. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” – Sinsation

To Keep Things Going Right

Leafly Purple Princess hybrid cannabis strain

This pretty Purple Princess has berry flavors and will leave you feeling creative, energetic, and euphoric — a perfect combination for trying out some new moves on your own prince or princess.

“really nice head high, noticed a little cough so I broke it up and noticed that was a better idea. this girl has allot of branches tucked in her, not a terrible pain though because it’s easier to decipher flower because of her dark purple color. the feeling i instantly have after smoking it is it makes me feel happy in my head, really nice to listen to music on or some sexual adventure, I can see too. I donated a 25 and to my surprise she hits hard as a cerebral high and could have a couch lock feel if you let it.” – DevyantByson

Leafly Sour Dream hybrid cannabis strain

Sour Dream is a beautiful hybrid of Blue Dream and Sour Diesel, resulting in an earthy, pungent experience that will spark arousal, euphoria, and a touch of the giggles. Keep you and your honey’s mood in amorous spirits with this Dream.

“Just picked up and was surprised by the high I got. It smokes smooth and the high is even smoother. Drops you in some giggle fits and some longs conversations. Very social, functional, and fun high. Highly recommended if you want to uplift your day and go out and do something.” – Anonymous/a>

To Take You Straight to Cuddle Town

Leafly Yumboldt indica cannabis strain

While it’s another somewhat rare find, Yumboldt is a potent strain that will help you and your drift off to sleep after a night of sexy shenanigans feeling happy and relaxed.

“This is an effective strain of cannabis that provides a smooth, mellow, and pain relieving high. It has a very pleasant scent, with a great taste.. along with thick, beautiful orange hairs on the buds. As a veteran smoker, I will say that it’s one of the very best.” – Anonymous

Leafly Chocolate Chunk indica cannabis strain

Some people can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without a piece of chocolate, so Chocolate Chunk is a perfect way to cap off your special night. With flavors most commonly described as nutty, earthy, and coffee, this strain offers a rich way to help you both drift off to sleep.

“I enjoy this strain before I end the day. It really helps me unwind all my stress after a long busy day.” – jakeyodice

Recommended By Leafly Users

Looking to stock up on even more sexy strains? Here are some Leafly visitor reviews that highlight some of our strains’ seductive sides:

Leafly Green Crack sativa cannabis strain

“Seriously, the sex on this strain has been… the BEST ever. My wife and I love it. My only complaint about GC is it doesn’t allow a solid night’s sleep. Instead, I can be restless and wake up feeling and looking tired. Oh well, not a big deal for weekends. And did I mention the sex? Wow.” – Synthie

Leafly Hindu Skunk indica cannabis strain

“Had great sex & amazing orgasm. Great daytime/sexytime strain” – koesherbacon

Leafly Danky Doodle indica cannabis strain

“Wow, best sex of my life after this stuff! Great overall high, only down part is the scary dry eyes it’s typically gives.” – Anonymous

Leafly Granddaddy Purple indica cannabis strain

“STRONG. extremely aroused… uncontrollable sex drive pain relief. head high is psychedlic and introspective but not euphoric. – georgeeliot

Last, but certainly not least, this offering seems to be quite the popular arousing strain among our visitors:

Leafly Atomic Northern Lights hybrid cannabis strain

“I love it. Great high, great smell, awsome taste and an amazing high. Great to have sex while using. I recommend this strain to anyone.” – Long_live12

“You won’t need Viagra with this awesome strain.” – ZenKat

“This one makes both the male and female hormone go a little wild and if your lucky the sex better.” – McLovin94

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