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New Strains Alert: Zelda, Dreamcatcher, Summer Breeze, and More

Published on January 12, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Leafly’s New Strains Alert is an ongoing series that announces cannabis strains recently added to our database. Leave a rating and review for any you’ve tried, or find out if a strain is available in your area, by clicking through to the strain page.

To celebrate California’s recent legalization, this week’s New Strains Alert is showcasing Californian cannabis genetics and the exceptional cuts that have been transplanted there. This expansion of legal cannabis has been fueled by unabashedly talented producers and processors that put their necks on the line to popularize this beautiful and diverse plant. The Swamp Boys of Swamp Boys Seeds have had a lasting impact on the landscape of California and recreational cannabis, and this week we’ve gladly added four of their strains. Check out these strains and more below, and let us know which ones you’re most excited to get your hands on.

Summer Breeze Leafly cannabis strain tile
Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is a cross of original genetics created in part by Swamp Boys Seeds collaborator, Cornbread Ricky. This strain is a synthesis of Cornbread Ricky’s McFly strain (Sour Queen x Cinderella 99) and SBS’s Orange Blossom Trail. Summer Breeze emits an uplifting tropical aroma that calls out to sunny days and long afternoons. The buzz is happy and inspiring, elevating the mood and disintegrating stress with each rich exhale.

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Gilz Nilz Leafly cannabis strain tile
Gilz Nilz

Gilz Nilz is a cross of The White and an exceptional Georgia Pine male. It can be a wily plant, but with proper training will yield a robust harvest. This strain is a balance of cerebral and physical effects, offering a lucid and manageable buzz that can mellow stress and pain. Gilz Nilz has an 8-week flowering time and is known for its heavy yield and abundance of trichomes.

Zelda Leafly cannabis strain tile

Zelda by Swamp Boys Seeds is a balanced mixture of Legend OG and Orange Blossom Trail. With both soothing and relaxing effects, Zelda lays into the body, calming and centering sporadic thoughts while tempering minor aches and pains. Its aroma is compelling and intricate, offering notes of anise, rose, and sandalwood. Enjoy Zelda throughout the day to minimize stress and mute “monkey mind.”

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Horace Leafly cannabis strain tile

Horace by Swamp Boys Seeds is a mixture of the renowned Banana OG crossed with SBS’s prized Nigerian sativa. This strain is known to produce massive, stalky plants with fat, trichome-ladencolas over its long flowering cycle (70+ days). It has a distinct banana candy taste when combusted and a velvety smooth exhale. Horace is a light-devouring monster, but patient growers are rewarded with hearty plants with outstanding potency.

Dreamcatcher Leafly cannabis strain tile

Dreamcatcher is a heavy, berry-flavored hybrid that combines Blueberry/Black Domina x Blue Chronic. This strain tends to be sedating and heady, as the name might suggest, laying into the limbs with compounding physical weight. Dreamcatcher is functional and relaxing in small doses, but its sedative attributes increase with each consecutive hit. The strain’s multiple veins of “Blue” lineage give this flower a pleasant fruity aroma and taste. Enjoy Dreamcatcher’s permeating relaxation to diminish stress and encourage rest.

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Lost Coast Ghost Leafly cannabis strain tile
Lost Coast Ghost

Lost Coast Ghost is as mysterious and phantasmagorical as one might guess. This strain is the supposed cross of Lost Coast OG and Ghost OG, a popular OG Kush phenotype. Lost Coast OG combines Chemdawg, Pakistani Kush, and Lemon Thai genetics to add gas, citrus, spice, and floral elements to the earthy, citrus-rich terpene profile of Ghost OG. Combined, these strains create zesty buds that fill the room with thick, smoky spirits while its effects weigh heavily into the limbs.

Black D.O.G. Leafly cannabis strain tile
Black D.O.G.

Black D.O.G. by Humboldt Seed Organization is a weighty mixture of two northern California favorites, Blackberry Kush and Emerald Headband. This medium-sized plant expresses dark, nearly black leaves that give way to sticky, dense buds. Its aroma is a mixture of grape, berries, and oil while the effects tend to be relaxing with just a touch of cerebral stimulation. Black D.O.G. has a rapid flowering time of 48-55 days and has been known to produce a THC profile in the 16-21% range.

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