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Star Signs + Strains: December 2018 Horoscopes

Published on December 3, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Hallelujah! Mercury stations direct this month and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Jupiter continues its transit through Sagittarius, and that fiery energy is going to help us not only suss out our most effective New Year’s resolutions, but achieve them as well.

The theme for December is 'All You Need Is Love!'

Venus finds herself in moody, saucy Scorpio all month, so expect relationships to be a little more intense both romantically and platonically. With Mercury direct, communication should flow more easily and we’ll be able to navigate any troubled waters with success. A Full Moon in tender Cancer on December 22nd will bring those warm and cozy vibes just when we need them most.

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Lean into love this holiday season, and you’ll find joy even in the darkest moments.


It’s your month, Archer! The New Moon in your sign on December 7th is a great time for you to work on your New Year’s resolutions and get clear on what it is you want to manifest in 2019. Your ruling planet Jupiter—which moved into your sign in November and will stay there through the entirety of next year—is coming with some legit fairy godfather vibes to help you along.

Mercury, planet of communication and travel, will station directly at the beginning of the month before it moves into your sign on December 12th, so don’t shy away from those big dreams of faraway adventures.

December Strain: It’s indeed a magical birthday month when the universe offers you zero cosmic speed bumps. When your mystical instructions include kicking back and taking it all in, we suggest a laid-back West Coast (and Puerto Rico! See far away adventures above) fave like Purple Diesel, a hybrid derived of Sour Diesel and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Their unique chemistry produces both an uplifted euphoria and body-ache relief made for living in the moment.

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Mercury stations direct on December 6th, and that’s not a day too soon for you because you are done babysitting the drama queens. You never really understood why everyone freaks out at retrogrades, but not everyone is as good of a planner and problem-solver as you. Your ruling planet, Saturn, has been in your sign all year and that’s been a big blessing to your career and financial endeavors (as well as helping you weather all the cosmic mess of 2018).

Some Capricorn dirty talk: use the New Moon on December 7th to make a list of all the ways you’ve been successful this year, and then buy yourself a new planner to map out how you want to expand these systems of productivity into 2019.

December Strain: Horns up, Capricorns! This month your best Type A attributes will shoot right to 11. When the time comes to get it all done, skip the caffeine and go straight to a serious sativa. Super Lemon Haze is a bold, sweet, citrusy smoke that happily gives you a whole lotta get-up-and-go and the focus to get it all done right. Organize and strategize to have your very best month.

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Hang in there, Water Babe. Mercury is stationing direct on December 6th and leaving watery Scorpio for fiery Sagittarius on December 12th. These shifts are going to give you a boost of energy and clarity—especially around blocks to the creativity you’ve been running up against—and work projects you’ve been procrastinating.

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Air feeds fire, and your ideas are going to ignite some seriously magical action this month. Drop the daydreams and engage in real life.

December Strain: You’re an expert at navigating rough waters, so it makes sense that you’d require a flexible strain that rides the wavy month to come. Blue Haze is a balanced hybrid that promotes relaxation, creativity, and euphoria. Its potency can easily be portioned for your task at hand.  Blue Haze is also a munchie strain, so stock up accordingly on treats you can reward yourself with as your ideas become action.

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With Venus swimming through watery Scorpio beginning December 1st, and a Full Moon in Cancer on December 22nd, you’ll be on the receiving end of some cosmic kindness this month— especially in the romance department. Mars is still in your sign through the end of December, and when you combine this energy with that of Venus in Scorpio, the potential for a deeply passionate holiday love connection is in the air. We’re talking Soulmate vibes.

Don’t be afraid of the intensity a fire season babe might bring into your world. Your depths are more than capable of meeting it, matching it, and alchemizing it into dazzling, lush liquid gold.

December Strain: You’re about to get yours, Pisces, and it’s about damn time! The stars favor your time under the mistletoe this month with a hot and heavy fire sign. Are you ready to burn it up? LA Chocolat, a tasty hybrid born of LA Confidential and Chocolope, is a combination which creates a sultry strain rich with earth, wood, and coffee notes. Not to mention all the best side effects that assure you’ll stay plenty warm this winter.

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You’ve made it to Sagittarius season, so take a moment to breathe in the flames. But don’t get too comfortable. December is all about the water and fire vibes, and this holiday season is going to be anything but drama-free. Venus moves back into Scorpio on December 2nd … and your interactions with others could get weird. Good weird and bad weird.

Biological family tensions might run high, so take shelter with your chosen family whenever possible this month. Your ruling planet Mars enters your sign on New Year’s Eve and you’re going to be in the perfect position to slay those resolutions. Get it.

December Strain: When December chaos starts to swirl, center yourself, inhale, and repeat, “I just have to make it to New Year’s Eve.” If that doesn’t work, take a walk around the block, center yourself, and inhale a little Dr. Funk. A potent strain that lets you pleasantly detach from all stressors and produces a high that is very hard to harsh. Dr. Funk is as fun to smoke as it is to say. Don’t forget to bring your tiny Febreeze on that walk as “the funk” sticks with you.

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Be careful with overindulgence this month, Earth Angel. Sagittarius season, Venus in Scorpio, a Full Moon in Cancer, holiday parties, family drama, dreary weather … All could have you seeking temporary comfort in bad habits and old vices. Our advice: take a timeout when you need it, even if that means disappointing someone. Fire and water energies can feel destabilizing, but nothing is worth making yourself sick over. And as an earth sign, you embody your imbalances.

Let the full moon in Cancer on December 22nd nurture and rejuvenate you. You don’t want to spend New Year’s in bed with the flu and miss an electrifying midnight kiss!

December Strain: It looks like couchlock may be the best solution to staying out of trouble this month. A heavy smoke will serve you well. These aren’t tiny bowl times, bullish babes. This is a blunt situation. Roll up some delish Grape Ape and let it wash away the idea of clothing with a waistband. If you don’t slow yourself down, the cosmos will force it in unpleasant ways, so luxuriate with naps, baths, and binge watching when your tank is running low.

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Joy to the world, your ruling planet Mercury stations direct on December 6th and you’ll finally feel a little more control over not just your conversations with others, but your incessantly hyperactive inner dialogue as well. Lean into that Sagittarius energy because you’re done talking, dreaming, and analyzing. It’s time to do the thing—whatever the “thing” may be.

All the fire in the air this month is going to sharpen and direct your vacillating, scattered thoughts into a level of productivity and action that you haven’t been able to achieve in a minute. Don’t sleep! You’ve got more than just your charm on your side this month. Are you ready to know what real power feels like?

December Strain: Not surprisingly, a strain with notes of coffee, sweetness, and citrus puts a little pep in your step. Energizing hybrid Phantom Cookies tastes great and motivates you both mentally and physically—perfect for bolstering this universal blast of productivity. It also makes for a giggly, light high that lets you rise above your evil twin’s inner voice.

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Although it’s technically Sagittarius season, Venus will be in watery Scorpio all month and—paired with a full moon in your sign on December 22nd—this looks to be a sweet month for cherished relationships and intimate connections. Your loving, caring, and protective nature will be well-received this month, and the bonds you have with those closest to you will be strengthened and fed with a sparkling intensity that only the combination of water and fire can provide. This includes your relationship to yourself.

Expect to feel the L-O-V-E this holiday season. Want to know what will make it even sweeter? Gratitude. Practice both and you’ll be in for a super cozy December.

December Strain: Lucky Cancer! You’ve got joy on the horizon. Take it in, and give it back, in a karmic puff, puff, pass. Your charmed winter season will only get better with hybrid Glass Slipper, whose sweet, earthy, and pineapple notes are born of its parent strains Pineapple 99 and Cinderella 99. Relaxed, uplifted, and euphoric are sweet states in which to experience your own winter wonderland.

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You love the holiday season—because of glitter! You are it, you bask in it, you believe in it. The New Moon in fellow fire babe Sagittarius on December 7th can help you shed some of the seasonal depression you may have been feeling post-Daylight-Savings and remind you that it’s the sparkliest time of year. So, stop sulking and start working on what head-turning ensemble you’re going to wear to the first of what is sure to be many parties this season.

You are the Sun, and the world needs your hot, hot heat more than ever this time of year. Let the bedazzled gazes and gasps of your admirers remind you who you are and shine on.

December Strain: Time to primp and preen. Your friends are expecting your particular roar at their shindigs this season. A shareable strain like Hawaiian Haze will put you in the center of the celebration—right where you want to be. A peppy hybrid with a tropical tang and floral aroma, Hawaiian Haze will leave you feeling happy, uplifted, and like the life of the party.

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Winter is a traditionally earthy season, but with all the water and fire swirling around this month, you might not feel it. Fire can be wonderfully transformative and water buoyantly supportive, so use December to practice letting go of your fear of not being in control all the time, then see what gifts might be available to you as a result. The New Moon on December 7th in Sagittarius is a good opportunity for you to practice surrendering to the magic of fire by liberating yourself of some of your judgments and criticism.

Let Venus’ transit through watery Scorpio assist you in opening your heart to the unfamiliar. You might find yourself both bringing and receiving holiday joy this year.

December Strain: Opening up and losing fear is essential to your winter journey. The chatty happiness associated with Lime Skunk, a hybrid of Green Ribbon and Lemon Skunk, is as dank as its name implies. It’s perfect for intimate social gatherings and deep one-on-one conversations. Well-developed terpenes are a trademark of this strain, so take time to enjoy a swirl of this smoke.

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The fires of Sagittarius are going to give you some serious star power this month, so get clear on your intentions and desires! Mercury stations direct on December 6th, and when that collides with the New Moon on December 7th, you’re going to have a staggering moment of clarity around something that’s been working your brainwaves for a while. Now is a good time to make a decision, and trust that with the help of Sagittarius you’re making the right move.

Notice we said “trust.” That’s your keyword for December, and that’s what the Universe is asking you to do: Trust. Believe in the magic of the season and go for what you want. It’s time to stop sitting still.

December Strain: Energy and self-trust are the keys for even scales this month. You’ll need to push yourself to achieve this level of emotional bravery—and Libras love a sweet reward. Chocolate Fondue promotes energized euphoria and a talkative, positive statement of mind. It gets its boost from parent Chocolope and its buzz from Exodus Cheese—making for an even, all day strain.

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The first half of the month could bring some titillating energy to your sex life with Venus moving into your sign on December 2nd. Unfortunately, Mercury also starts out the month retrograde in your sign, but only until December 6th when it stations direct and continues to hang out in your sign through December 12th. The trick here is to watch out for missed connections during the first week of the month. Don’t force things. You may cross paths the following week in a strange and unexpected way when Mercury is on your side and your abilities to seduce are at their peak.

Above all, practice patience this month, and avoid your tendency to be a super sleuth control freak. Cosmic energy doesn’t like to be dominated, so try to go with the flow.

December Strain: You’ve been given the keys to Sexytown, Scorpio, all you have to do is trust yourself to get off at the right exit. If you’re truly going to ride where the universal winds want to take you this month, we recommend doing so via Purple Dragon, a heavy smoke derived from Purple Urkle and Blue Dragon featuring grape, pungent, and sweet flavors. Boasting arousal and giggles as side effects, Purple Dragon is a Scorpio’s dream strain.

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Original zodiac illustrations by Kaela Graham for Leafly. IG: @kaelagraham

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