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Greenwerkz Edgewater

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“If your looking for cheap bud definitely go here . Lets remember you get what you pay got what was supposed to be one strain and all was different and it's pre packged and some 8ths were short but it will get you high but you will never know for sure the strain. People were cool and weed was priced awesome but other then that you get what you get ......”

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“It's a nice place, great prices, and the flower is actually a deal if you pick the right strains, but the overall knowledge of the strains confuses me, maybe it's cause they are a new store or cause Greenwerkz is turning into Green Dragon & along with expanding they are hiring new people. At least the prices rock and the people are cool. They have good taste in music too\m/ Although, they either need more strains to choose from, or more data on the strains they have. I'd reccomend lab testing if you only have 2 strains available on a Saturday night. Either way I will always shop Green Dragon. Also if ANYONE reading this visits a place and sees the Green Dragon Cold Ethanol extract Oil syringe called :Gold Green Dragon Oil - Romulan, no additives, BUY IT, it's incredible. No matter how you use it! 74.5% THC. 100% Hash Oil. Though hard to find and I've been to every store around here and I got it 4 months ago. Hope this helps, worth a check, cheap eighths and edibles, usually deals happening.”

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