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“CONGRATULATIONS LCS.!.!.! I was in the Centre today and noticed a few trophies on the wall. When I inquired about them they said they where from last years Karma Cup. They had 2 big trophies and a hand full of smaller ones. I was told to look up this years results. So I did and found not only did they Win 2nd place for their extract (Atomic Haze), but it was tested at nearly 75% THC (and almost 85% THC-A) and more so Their Widow 98" tested at a astounding 32% MAX THC. I know what I'm buy on my next visit.”

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“By far the worst dispensary in Canada. This place was awesome 5 years ago. Now it's an absolute dive. If you like overly aged, brown, mouldy and premature cannabis, sign up! If you want actual medicine, go anywhere but here. Even if you buy some crappy outdoor from a shady bum off the street, it is guaranteed to be better than what this place has to offer. DON'T waste your time and money. This is coming from a long time member. They have one good strain (LA Confidential grown by one particular person) that Seels out instantly when they have it. Everything else is garbage. Heed this warning!”

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