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New Strains Alert: Atmosphere, The Black, Blue Dot, OG #18, and Watermelon

Relaxation is the name of the game this week! These five new strains promise to cut the edge, and each offer additional effects and flavors to fit your occasion. If you're looking for an active, social strain, we have two OG Kush predecessor hybrids for you to explore. If it's sleep you're after, these two heavy-hitting indicas may provide satiety. And if you're chasing that heady buzz, there is a single, dynamic sativa with your name on it. Enjoy!

1. Atmosphere

Characteristics of Atmosphere:

2. The Black

Characteristics of The Black:

3. Blue Dot

Characteristics of Blue Dot:

4. OG #18

Characteristics of OG #18:

5. Watermelon

Characteristics of Watermelon: