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New Strains Alert: Blueberry Jack, Hellfire OG, Double Tangie Banana, and More

Published on September 18, 2015 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The weekend is drawing near, which means it's just about time to kick back and relax with a bowl of your favorite strain. We'd like to introduce you to a few varieties recently added to the Leafly Explorer, and if you like the sound of any of these, check the links to see if any are available near you.

Remember, if you do have a chance to try one of these newly added strains, give 'em a review. Happy strain hunting!

Leafly Blueberry Jack cannabis strain tile
1. Blueberry Jack

A cross between the legendary Jack Herer and DJ Short Blueberry, Blueberry Jack has something special to offer in both flavor and effect. Sweet, candied blueberry flavors invade on the inhale while the earthy, piney exhale reminds you of this strain’s Jack heritage. A lively sativa buzz typically dominates Blueberry Jack’s effect profile, with just enough physical relaxation to keep you grounded. Blueberry Jack offers an easy escape from stress and bad moods, keeping you positive and motivated through the day.

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Leafly Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien cannabis strain tile
2. Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien

Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien is another indica staple from Exotic Genetix, who combined Tiger’s Milk with Starfighter to create this powerhouse strain. Flavors of pine and spice come through on the inhale while ushering in full-body tranquility. Its heavy-handed sedation makes Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien a perfect choice for sleepless nights or for getting rest and relaxation.

Find out which locations are currently carrying Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien

Leafly Double Tangie Banana cannabis strain tile
3. Double Tangie Banana

Double Tangie Banana is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain developed by Crockett Family Farms. Supposedly a cross between Banana Sherbert and DNA Genetics’ orange-flavored Tangie, Double Tangie Banana oozes with crystal resin and citrus aromas. Anyone who has tried Tangie knows that this strain was primarily bred for the flavor enthusiasts, so if you’re searching for a strain with an impressive terpene profile, look no further.

Leafly Chocolate Diesel cannabis strain tile
4. Chocolate Diesel

Chocolate Diesel is a sativa cannabis strain that brings together genetics from the original Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai. With soaring euphoria that shoots straight to the head, Chocolate Diesel could easily be compared to a cup of coffee. Its flavors offer a little part of both parents, with notes of both earthy chocolate and skunky diesel.

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Leafly Hellfire OG cannabis strain tile
5. Hellfire OG

Hellfire OG is a California hybrid strain that crosses Rascal’s OG Kush with SFV OG Kush. Another robust and powerfully euphoric addition to the OG family tree, Hellfire OG is the perfect THC powerhouse for the cannabis veteran or the patient needing potent relief. In a show of its genetic line, Hellfire OG carries that signature OG smell of lemon diesel and earthy spice.

Hellfire OG is currently available at Green Door (medical) in San Francisco, CA

Leafly Blue Power cannabis strain tile
6. Blue Power

The indica-dominant Blue Power is one of Sin City Seeds’ signature strains, bred from Sour Double, Master Kush, The White, and Blue Moonshine genetics. Cherished for its fragrant buds, Blue Power offers a sweet fusion of lemon and berry flavors with an earthy finish. It should be noted that another genetic variation released by Vision Seeds crosses Blueberry, White Widow, and Skunk #1. This rendition is described as a happy and uplifting indica that helps focus the mind while fighting stress.

Blue Power is currently available at Jackson County Compassion Club (medical) in Jackson, MI

Leafly Cactus Cooler cannabis strain tile
7. Cactus Cooler

Cactus Cooler is a sativa-dominant strain that’s said to be a cross between Blue Dream and OG Kush. The sativa in Cactus Cooler lends an upbeat cerebral kick to help you stay focused and productive throughout the day, while the OG boosts the senses with buzzing euphoria. With notes of sharp lemon and sweet wildflowers, Cactus Cooler takes after both parents in its fragrance.

Cactus Cooler is currently available through Grandma's Goodies Delivery (medical) in San Francisco, CA and Los Angeles, CA

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