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New Strains Alert: Cackleberry, Hannibal Nectar, Brain Candy, and More

Published on November 3, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Leafly’s New Strains Alert is an ongoing series that announces cannabis strains recently added to our database. Leave a rating and review for any you’ve tried, or find out if a strain is available in your area, by clicking through to the strain page.

Saluations and welcome back! This week we are sharing a few flavorful cuts from Insanity Strains as well as a some user-submitted strains from cannabis consumers just like you.

Brain Candy, Hannibal Nectar, and The Loops take up the Insanity Strains roster for this week. These strains lean predominantly on indica genetics to create luscious physical effects and pungent terpene profiles that linger in the air long after the flower is torched. These strains are juxtaposed against flavorful OG cuts like Banana Cream OG and Blood Orange Kush, which also emit pungent aromas that stimulate the senses. For those looking for a more fuel-forward experience, look no further than BCN Diesel and the powerful Chemdawg cross, Cackleberry.

Read up on these strains below and see if any pique your interest!

Banana Cream OG Leafly cannabis strain tile
Banana Cream OG

Banana Cream OG is grown by Vagrant Hill Farms of Forest Grove, Oregon. This strain is a hybrid cross of Blue DreamBanana OG, and Ocean Beach OG. It emits strong notes of orange and spearmint, and expresses tight lime green buds. Not much more is known about this strain other than its heavy, OG-forward effects that lay into the body and gain weight with continued consumption.

Brain Candy Leafly cannabis strain tile
Brain Candy

Brain Candy by Insanity Strains is a handy hybrid to help get things done. It’s a balanced cross of The LoopsWhite Widow, and Northern Lights. The onset of this strain is heady and alert, offering positive and motivational energy. These uplifting effects settle down into the body over time and eventually lead to couch-lock with continued consumption. Brain Candy’s arc of effects make it a helpful companion for consumers combating depression and stress.

Blood Orange Kush Leafly cannabis strain tile
Blood Orange Kush

Blood Orange Kush is an indica-dominant cross of, as of now, the unknown or unnamed genetics Aota x Pinecracker and an unnamed OG. This plant has a bushy structure that doesn’t yield much, but the dense, trichome-covered nugs are prized for their bright terpene profile and heavy effects. Blood Orange Kush emits a bouquet of gas and tart citrus that fills the room and coats the palate. Its uplifting mental buzz and relaxing physical effects make Blood Orange Kush a solid option for consumers looking to abate minor pain and elevate mood.

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Hannibal Nectar Leafly cannabis strain tile
Hannibal Nectar

Hannibal Nectar by Insanity Strains is a pro-grade cross not meant for unexperienced cannabis consumers. This weighty cross of The Loops and Pineapple Cheese hits the body like a ton of bricks, squinting the eyes and hazing the mind. The strain’s aroma is that of pungent citrus and cheesy musk which morphs into a tang of musky grapefruit on the palate. Enjoy this strain near the end of the day to maximize its potent, stoney effects.

The Loops Leafly cannabis strain tile
The Loops

The Loops is a potent indica-dominant cross of Granddaddy PurpleOG Kush, and Volcano Hash created by Insanity Strains. This sedative strain expresses frosty purple buds wrapped in dark green foliage and bright orange hairs. The Loops is a heavy indica that erases problems from the mind while locking the consumer to the couch. High levels of THC and the terpenemyrcene ensure a relaxing experience that evaporates stress and remedies restlessness.

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BCN Diesel Leafly cannabis strain tile
BCN Diesel

BCN Diesel by Kannabia Seed Company is a pungent hybrid cross of familiar and potent genetics. Created by crossing NYC Diesel and Black Domina, this strain produces dense, bullet-shaped buds that stink of citrus and fuel. It achieves this bud structure and density through the addition of Black Domina while the NYC Diesel contributes to the strain’s heady, energetic buzz. BCN Diesel has a snappy 8 week flower time, but has been known to benefit from an extra week for maximum yield and potency.

Cackleberry Leafly cannabis strain tile

Cackleberry by Greenpoint Seeds is a fuel-driven, fruit-forward hybrid that offers consumers potency in both aroma and effect. It was created by crossing Cherry Diesel and Stardawg. This combination compounds the cherry cough syrup, ammonia, and fuel aromas of Cherry Diesel against the deep chemical and fuel aromas of Stardawg. Greenpoint Seeds set out to improve upon the base genetics of this strain, and Cackleberry hits the mark. Its fruity terpenes and powerful euphoric buzz make it a worthwhile addition to any smoke circle.

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