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Have Your Pie and Smoke It, Too: 9 Pie-Themed Strains to Try

March 14, 2017
Pie Marijuana Strains for Pie Day
Pi Day (March 14th, 3.14) is upon again and beyond its humble lodging on the keypad of every graphing calculator on planet Earth, this string of numbers also lives within and among us, hidden in the foundation of all things.
The number pi (3.14) is not quite as decadent as its dessert counterpart, yet this numerical expression is as integral to defining the shape of a pie and, perhaps, of the universe itself, as atoms are to creating matter (which science represents as circular or spherical by nature). The circumference of a circle (or a pie) is defined using Pi — i.e. C (circumference of a circle) = 2πr (where r is radius).

This most basic and universal of forms is seen throughout life; and like pie and Pi, life is complicated and numerous, and more apt to take all shapes than one as one shape representing all shapes.


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The best thing about Pi is the fact that each year on 3.14, we get to shamelessly celebrate this complex mathematical concept with its simpler and far tastier homonym. And if you’re a cannabis consumer, celebrations can and should carry over into your strain selection. Here are nine pie-themed strains to help you bring a little puff puff pie into your life on this glorious, mathematical moment in time.

Cherry Cream Pie


Lineage: Cherry Pie x Cookies and Cream

Effects: Cherry Cream Pie is deeply relaxing. This aromatic strain offers a pleasant euphoria coupled with a deepening sedation and tasty terpene profile.

Pie Face OG

badge (2)

Lineage: Cherry Pie x Face Off OG

Effects: Noted as one of the most “tingly” strains in the database, Pie Face OG’s strong indica-dominant backbone make it a brilliant evening strain that helps temper aches and pains while illuminating the mind.

Key Lime Pie

badge (1)

Lineage: GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) phenotype

Effects: Key Lime Pie behaves very similarly to GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies), offering euphoria and relaxation, but this strain’s terpene profile is rich with lime and mint while retaining the classic doughy aroma native to its parentage.

Cherry Pie

badge (4)

Lineage: Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison

Effects: Cherry Pie is a brilliant union of polar opposites. GDP’s deep sedation intermixed with Durban’s landrace stimulation make for a potent pairing worth your time.

Blueberry Pie

badge (3)

Lineage: Blue Dream x GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies)

Effects: Another deep tissue combo, Blueberry Pie mixes the dreamy mental buzz of Blue Dream against the deep relaxation of GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies), creating a strain that is easy on both the body and the mind.

Zoom Pie

badge (8)

Lineage: Blue Zombie x Cherry Pie

Effects: Zoom Pie stimulates the appetite (for pie, perhaps) and brightens the mind with the help of Cherry Pie’s Durban Poison lineage.

Blackberry Pie

badge (7)

Lineage: White Widow x Trainwreck

Effects: This fruity pie strain combines two well-established parents offering luscious physical effects that have been known to lead to arousal. And we all know where arousal leads: pie.

Jawa Pie

badge (6)

Lineage: Key Lime Pie x Alien Rift

Effects: Jawa Pie offers a similar variety of euphoria found in the many of these strains, but simultaneously offers a stoney, care-free mental state that shrugs off stress and anxiety.

Lemon Pie

badge (5)

Lineage: Unknown

Effects: Our only pie strain without genetics as well as the only sativa-dominant entry on this list, Lemon Pie has been know to imbue consumers with a deep-seated happiness fitting for a day spent celebrating pie.

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Jeremiah Wilhelm

Jeremiah Wilhelm is a former strain researcher at Leafly.

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  • LaTonya Jackson

    What about oxygen?

  • hahaha This is great. Shared to a cannabis company page I manage. Thank you!

  • DopinShamoke

    Some of these strains sound good enough to try. Problem is, trying to find them at a store. I have seen cherry pie for years.

  • Mark Skinner

    I would like to live in America for two reasons. I could own a gun and I could live in a state free enough to have relaxed cannabis laws
    so that I had access to all of these beautiful strains of smoking options.

    • horsemannv

      Be careful what you wish for Mark. America has the highest incarceration rate for marijuana possession in the world. As little as a joint or even paraphernalia like a pipe or hemostats will land you in jail, especially if you are black or latino or even have a deep tan.But white guys are in the mix too, especially if you are mouthy. If you live in a state where medical/recreational marijuana is legal and you decide to go to one of your neighboring states that does not have legal marijuana laws, prepare yourself to be stopped and searched because that state does not want pot in their state (as though they could stop it) and they assume you are carrying pot. If you are going 10 miles over the speed limit, then you are written up for 20, just for laughs. If that state happens to be in the south and you get convicted, the sentences vary from state to state, the south has some of the strictest laws and the jails/prisons there are deplorable and house the worst of the worst criminals. Make sure your family brings you vaseline when they visit.Get my drift? As far as owning a gun, yes it’s cool. You can protect yourself and if you like to hunt you can use a rifle to hunt. But in many states there are no open hunting laws. You have to apply for a tag. And if you get it, a few hundred bucks comes out of your bank account. Hand guns are for self defense only. Buying, registering, getting a concealed weapon carry certificate and education in how to shoot a gun or rifle easily runs you into a few thousand dollars. The better the gun, the higher the price. If you have a tail light out on your car and you get pulled over and you don’t immediately tell the officer you have a gun in the car, you just broke the law. And if he finds or sees it you go to jail if he doesn’t shoot you first or take you out of your vehicle and slam you to the ground to cuff you. More vaseline please. Of course, you can buy a gun at a “gun show” and avoid the registration but if you get caught, guess what…you go to jail again. And if you think you are buying a weapon to protect yourself from the “coming apocalypse”, know that America, even the smallest of towns in America, have the highest percentage of police forces that are para-military trained and equipped. Where “probable cause” to search anything or anywhere you own can fall under “probable cause”, you are subject to raids in the early morning hours. If your wife or kid has a toy gun and points it at the “intruder” he/she is dead on the spot. If your house is searched and weapons found, registered or not, and they are not in a locked gun case, in some state you can go to jail for that. Lastly, people who are known to have guns are more likely to experience a home invasion, a theft of a gun or anything else of value and have higher chances of social crime, like rape, than people who have no guns. But owning a gun is fun and sometimes essential. I hunt, I carry and my wife carries but no one has the key to the closet or the combination to the gun safe but myself and my wife. And IMHO, no one exposes their guns to their children until they are at least 12 yrs. old. Then they are educated to the nth degree on how to use a gun or rifle responsibly. My last piece of advice to you, DON’T join the NRA and don’t vote on a gun issue unless it is to actually and factually, take your guns away from you. Still want to come to America? Come on in, as long as you don’t have a dark skin color or a religion that is somehow viewed as subversive. If so, you won’t even get a plane ticket.