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Vermont Patient Alliance

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“I think they are doing great considering how new Marijuana Dispensaries are to VT. The prices are FAIR, but are similar to street priced high grade in Vt, meaning 40-60 an 1/8. Sometimes I think they need to let the crop mature as a few strains gave me anxiety. They usually have 1 high CBD, 2-4 indicas, 1-2 Sativas and 4-5 hybrids. Thry sebd out a weekly menu. They have the BEST bubble hash, grade A. Also have grade B but I haven't tried it. The edibles are the one area that VPAI needs to dearly improve upon. They are too overpriced and taste horrible. They also have oils, capsules, tictures, etc. The atmosphere is great. Feels like an upscale medical office, not some sketchy backdoor operation. They are on top of answering calls and emails. Appointments are easily obtained with just a few days notice or less.”

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“I have been getting my meds here from day one,that they opened. I really enjoy the time spent,chatting at my visits. the crew / lifegaurds(if you will) are all very awesome!! just have one small petpeeve about maturation of the flowers. the crystals need to mature more. they are mainly clear and should be cloudy if not breaking on amber coloring. otherwise all thumbs up people!! thanks for being !!”

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