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The Leafly Staff Discusses the Best Summer Activities to Enhance with Cannabis

Just as the journey is more important than the destination, sometimes the discussion is more important than the conclusion. As such, we’re kicking off a series of informal chats published largely unabridged. Viewpoints expressed are participants’ own.

We all know cannabis makes summer amazing (and spring, and fall, and winter, for that matter). From lounging in the grass with a sweet, citrusy sativa, to sunbathing with friends, joints, and munchies on the banks of a slow-rolling river, cannabis brings out the best of this sun-soaked season.

The Leafly Staff Discusses How We'd Outfit the Ultimate Cannabis Clubhouse

Our team here at Leafly HQ took to our office Slack channels to discuss our favorite summer activities to enhance with cannabis. Slacklining, paddleboarding, hiking, river floating, bubble soccer, music fests, and hot tub hammocks (seriously, they exist!) all rank among our faves – we even hear Jeremiah likes “flailing” (but you’ll have to ask him about that, we’re still not sure what he means).

What summer activities do you enjoy with cannabis? Join the discussion in the comments!

Leafly SlackChats – The Best Summer Activities to Do While High

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