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The 9 Most Overhyped Cannabis Strains

November 1, 2017
The 100 Marijuana Strains You Must Try Before You Die | Leafly(Cameron Karsten for Leafly)
After we ran our list of 100 cannabis strains to try before you die, we started getting a lot of strain ranking-related questions. Specifically, we had a lot of people curious if there were any strains that weren’t worth trying.


The 100 cannabis strains you must try before you die

Our short answer to that question is: No. While individual consumers may like or dislike certain strains based on varying preferences in flavor, aroma, effects, provenance, strain reputation, and personal past experiences, just about any strain can be a world-class strain if it’s cultivated with enough expertise, passion, and care. Furthermore, just because a strain is overhyped doesn’t mean it’s bad—it simply means it gets a ton of love that could just as easily be going to other equally deserving strains.

Below, we’ve listed nine cannabis strains we believe to get a disproportionate amount of attention. And we repeat again—these are still great strains. Many of the following are also on our list of the top 100 to try, and deservingly so. So take this list with a grain of salt—and let us know in the comments if you agree or if you think other cannabis strains are more overhyped than these ones!


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Blue Dream

Strain type: Hybrid

Parent strains:  BlueberryHaze

Why it’s overhyped: “No matter how great a strain is, if it’s the most popular strain in the nation, it’s going to end up with a target on its back—as Blue Dream has. Is Blue Dream good? Yes. Is it hands-down the best strain in the nation? Probably not. But the beauty of Blue Dream is that it’s a great place for cannabis beginners to start: It offers appealing flavor, balanced effects, and widespread availability. Among more experienced consumers, Blue Dream is less popular, and sometimes even vilified, but that’s to be expected. Take wine as an example: The easy-drinking red table blend that gets a beginner into wine probably isn’t going to pique the interest of a seasoned connoisseur with a penchant for Cabernet. And that’s completely okay. You do you, Blue Dream.” —Brett Konen

Charlotte’s Web

Strain type: Sativa

Parent strains: Hemp

Why it’s overhyped: “Day in and day out, Leafly hears from medical patients asking where they can get Charlotte’s Web, the famous CBD strain that catalyzed a massive shift in the public’s view of cannabis, beginning with CNN medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta. Charlotte’s Web delivered miraculous results for adolescent epilepsy patient Charlotte Figi as well as many others, so much so that it became the only strain CBD-seekers hunted. But Charlotte’s Web is the most talked-about strain you’ll probably never hold in your hand; it’s an incredibly rare CBD variety grown by a single farm in Colorado. So, know that there are many other fantastic CBD strains that are far more common, such as ACDC, Harlequin, and Canna-Tsu, and give them a try if CBD is what’s missing in your life.” —Bailey Rahn


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Acapulco Gold

Strain type: Sativa

Parent strains: Mexican

Why it’s overhyped: “Another nostalgic strain with a legend that has fueled the hype-train. Acapulco Gold became popular in a time when imported cannabis was all the rage. It influenced many baby boomers, leaving an indelible mark on the Woodstock generation as tales of its uplifting glory and stellar potency spread throughout the counterculture. A low-budget mockumentary named for the strain and a cameo in Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke added to the allure, introducing the strain to the masses. Truth be told, Acapulco Gold is a flavorful and compelling landrace strain that can lead to wonderful experiences when in the hands of a skilled grower, but it is also known to produce racy cerebral effects than can spark social anxiety for some.” —Will Hyde

OG Kush

Strain type: Hybrid

Parent strains: Undisclosed

Why it’s overhyped: “Everyone, their mom, and their dog has an OG cross that they claim is ‘the real OG.’ A quick search query yields 493 different strains that mention OG on Leafly. That is an incredible amount of strains that claim to contain some part of this strain’s genetic code. It is all well and good to search out the favorable attributes in OG strains, but to use the OG branding as a means to grow hype around another product is just lame. OG firstly stands for Original, and that is the real irony—most of these OGs are anything but.” —Jeremiah Wilhelm


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Pineapple Express

Strain type: Hybrid

Parent strains: TrainwreckHawaiian

Why it’s overhyped: “Don’t get us wrong—Pineapple Express is a fantastic strain. That’s why it’s also on our list of the Top 100 Strains to Try Before You Die. This strain is overhyped not through any fault of its own, but thanks to the fact that it was chosen as the name of a major motion picture and, subsequently, became Hollywood-famous. Thanks to its eponymous movie, Pineapple Express has joined the canon of the world’s most iconic strains, which makes it capable of eclipsing many other worthy strains with its name recognition alone. You should absolutely enjoy Pineapple Express whenever it crosses your path—just don’t let its star power make it the only thing you reach for.” —Brett Konen

Sour Diesel

Strain type: Sativa

Parent strains: Chemdawg 91Super Skunk

Why it’s overhyped: “To say the least, Sour Diesel is a polarizing strain. People seem to love it or hate it, but no matter how they feel they are passionate. Due to closely guarded genetics and the historically high price tag Sour D fetched in its native New York City, it has been counterfeited, knocked off, and forged for years. With the market flooded with bunk versions of the genetics, consumers are often misled and disappointed when looking for the real Sour.  True Sour Diesel is well worth the hype if you are attracted to its palate of flavors—when grown well, the pungent aroma and sharp taste produces a gassy, diesel note that either entices to the point of obsession or repulses to the point of complete disgust. The effects of the strain are regularly described as energetic, upbeat, and euphoric, which can also spark paranoia and anxiety for some. Tl;dr: There’s a lot of hype behind Sour Diesel, some of it is even justified, but if you don’t know for certain that you have legit Sour Diesel there’s a good chance that hype train is headed right off the rails.” —Will Hyde


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Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Strain type: Sativa

Parent strains: North American Sativa

Why it’s overhyped: “Alaskan Thunder Fuck gets a lot of cred just because the name is louder than the flower. Some cuts can blow half your head clean off, and to that point, sativa dominant strains aren’t for everyone. That is also to say, good sense doesn’t always cut through the hype, and just because this strain’s title is more profane doesn’t make it better. Do the research, understand the genetics, and go deeper than a strain’s name.” —Jeremiah Wilhelm


Strain type: Hybrid

Parent strains: South AmericanMexicanThaiAfghani

Why it’s overhyped: “The legacy of AK-47 paints it as a potent strain that is popular with new growers, but it comes from an era when hybrids were being selected more for their flowering time indoors than for compelling and distinct characteristics. Thanks to it being a staple of Dutch coffeeshops and the genetics being so widely available through seed banks, AK-47 ends up in the hands of many novice growers, and the results tend to be mixed. This makes it difficult to find truly exceptional varieties of the strain. The lack of any specific unique trait that would help it stand out makes the hype and nostalgia of AK-47 outweigh its experience.” —Will Hyde


What are the strongest cannabis strains?

Champagne Kush

Strain type: Hybrid

Parent strains: Hash Plant, Burmese Kush

Why it’s overhyped: “Champagne is an overhyped naming scheme that has been tacked onto different strains to try and illustrate quality. It won’t smell like champagne, it doesn’t taste like champagne, but the notion of popping a bottle of bubbly is associated with celebration and luxury, and brands want to parlay that association to give certain strains greater value, whether they deserve those accolades or not. Also, wise up you fakers—if it doesn’t come from Champagne it isn’t champagne anyway.” —Jeremiah Wilhelm

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Brett Konen

Brett is a former editor at Leafly who loves travel, craft cocktails, and shining a spotlight on unique lifestyle trends.

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  • davidaquarius

    One more time for clarity… OG – Ocean Grown. We were talking about California weed back in 1974. ‘Homegrown’ as we called it was either ‘Northern California Sensimilla’ or ‘Ocean Grown surfer weed’ Grown in the Emerald Triangle or city weed grown around La La Land. All the imported crap was Mexican or Colombian moldy brown weed that made its way up to the Northwest by boat, truck.or migrant worker. All the Northwest weed grown at that time stayed in the city (Seattle and Tacoma) and rarely made it out the sticks of Eastern WA. God bless all the Mexican migrant workers that saw fit to bring extra stash with them to sell to the locals.

    • bong donkey

      Over Grow!!!Research is key to getting the answer you seek! lol!!

    • bong donkey

      Surfer weed from Emerald triangle??Pinche pendejo!!!

  • BSTV

    Yes, I’d ask a couple if years back what it stood for at a few dispensaries, and some weren’t sure, but a couple said Ocean Grown. No one ever told me Original or, thankfully, Organically Grown.

    • bong donkey

      Og stands for the defunct online pot forum Over Grow!Fact!!!!!

      • Dgran21

        i think the strain has been around way longer than the internet. In fact I clearly remember a time without the internet and I also remember (not so clearly) smoking OG around then too.

        • bong donkey

          Not worth the debate,but I am correct about Og standing for Over Grow.The Kush clone was only available from people on the forum.Hence the name!Og Kush!

          • Sicknature

            You could not be any more incorrect

        • bong donkey

          I think that was around the turn of the century!lol!

  • Dgran21

    I’m in Humboldt and true OG is something to use as a benchmark. It stands up to the hype. Outside of the dispensary it is easy to get stuff that is misrepresented as another strain. We have lots of options here and I would say that the grower makes a huge difference too. I’ve had Blue Dream that was just “ok”, and some I would actually pay for. I was impressed enough with the Blue Dream I grew that I am growing it again, but I’m a small scale medical grower though, so I can invest a good amount of time per plant and baby them along. Humboldt has its share of shitty growers too so I can attest that even great strains can turn out poorly.

    • bong donkey

      Majority of commercial weed from Triangle is average to good.But it is still better than rest of world!lol!!!

  • Fun Please

    Meh – reviewers young, Ignorant, and biased. Some are correct. Some are not. The hate for Acapulco Gold is warranted. For ATF or Sour Diesel, no.

  • Melissa Reneé Cantey

    I honestly don’t want anything but sunset sherbert. It’s hands down been the best for my condition and doesn’t make me anxious like some other strains. I’m sad that it’s hard to find around here, and most of the dispensaries sell crap that I’ve found :/ I wish I had the space and money to do my own.

    • Drew

      I agree 100%. I was lucky enough to try some via a friend in a neighboring state who got it from his local dispensary. My state has only 3 Medical Dispensaries and they have never had Sunset Sherbet in stock. I have even had trouble finding a few seeds, strictly for growing personal medicine. But anyway, I agree, it is such a fantastic strain!

  • $parkle Puss

    If you’re looking for a Charlotte’s Web alternative, Harlequin & Canna-Tsu are probably NOT good choices due to the higher THC content. Charlotte’s Web is classified legally as hemp since it contains ~0.03% THC. Therefore, a better alternative would be something like Cherry Wine, Otto II, BaOx, Trump or Charlotte’s Cherries. These are all hemp strains grown for their high CBD content (14% and up) & they look/smell as amazing as any marijuana in a dispensary. Plus they’re legal in all 50 states to possess & sell (but not to grow) due to the absence of THC.

  • Peter Lemonjello

    Cannalope Kush and Gorilla Glue #4 for the win!

    • GG#4 is the ONLY strain that I can vape without coughing. I don’t know why and it’s annoying but there you have it. This has been the case for nearly a year now.

  • DirrrtyMike

    Mmm sour diesel.

  • Stephen Mc Daniel

    so can anyone tell me if Florida, Orlando, Orange County, is going to get the OK for Pot to be legalized .. ?

    • Pelu Maad

      LOL…under RepubliKKKan control….I doubt it……

      • AKcharle

        That’s DemoKKKrat by the way, that’s their organization not Republicans. Smoke the smoke and stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

  • bong donkey

    The Strain thing mostly comes down to personal preference or opinion.

  • Matt Alexander

    The point on Charlotte’s Web is incorrect. It is not overhyped in the least. Many people are still unaware it even exists. It’s no longer exclusive to the original grower either. It’s popped up in Canada recently. Unless some of the Canadian growers developed something identical, it’s clearly been shared in the growing community. Those of us lucky enough to have found some know that it deserves any attention it gets.

    • Sicknature

      I have Charlotte’s webb and AC/DC cuts, hard to get but not impossible

  • D White

    I grew up in the time when you got weed from every corner of central and South America, back when the international weight system was measured by fingers, two finger, four finger etc. and who could forget the all American “Lid” Hell what were we on back then to come up with a weed weight system that everyone agreed to, that crap wouldn’t fly now, could you see someone walking up to the counter in the local dispensary and saying hey man can I get a two finger sack of that Gorilla Cookies!. Or how much for a Lid of the Strawberry Kush! I miss those simple times, and I miss some not all of those lovely exotic strains that would appear every once in awhile for a very short time, I don’t know if its the nostalgic allure I remember, but those strains like the Panamas and the sweet chunky golden Columbians that would make you laugh and giggle till you D amn near posses your britches, man those were some great times, I just wish I would have held on to some of those landrace genetics better than I did!

    • Patrick Mayfield


    • Jason Meyer

      Check out & you’ll see a plethora of different strains of cannabis. It’s amazing & finally happening

  • tharp

    Absolutely the worst review I have ever read! Study a little bit more about cannabis! OG is Ocean Grown from the West Coast…Charlotte s web is lacking THC, so harlequin, ACDC and canna-tsu would be horrible for someone looking for CBD…Acapulco Gold is about the only thing you nailed, although as a landrace strain, not bad and there are worse out there…Did you also know that in Oregon they have had to change names of strains due to the OLCC, which said the names cannot be enticing to minors…Leafly is a good resource when reviewing strains, but your editorials and reporting are opinion, and biased based, and frankly suck. Fricking millennials!

    • Jason Meyer is the best source for REAL INFORMATION

    • Keith Cetra McClellan

      It’s not that they’re lacking, it’s that CW and Harle were created to have a higher CBD to THC ratio.

  • Mason Forest Warren

    Most articles that I read from this site have been fairly accurate to date, but this article is off point on just about every strain. Does the author truly know about these strains or just using a quote from a random person with little knowledge?…

  • Robert Wayne

    Every strain is related these days, get over the freaking names of shit. The old school stuff from years past, 60s,70s and 80s was great, because it was not Hybrid. If you were lucky enough to have smoke the Real Afghan you will always remember the smell and laid back couch lock high. Redbud, Sativa, Head high..Gold was good also. Do not forget what makes weed great, The Entourage effect.

  • Joshua Perry

    Very good company by the way. Cbd Rich oil has literally changed my life. I was able to abandon some strong opiates, and my health is doing just fine. Highly recommend!

  • Thomas Blank

    GSC (cookies) are far more overhyped with many more crappy phenotypes than Sour D. I have seen so many weak(fake?) cookies cultivars its laughable, probably 5x as many as those with the “sour D” name. All but a handful of those “cookies” do not live up to the cookie legend. There are also lots of crappy gorilla glue cultivars out there as well.

    • Sicknature

      A few of the original cookie cuts were good. Now its ridiculous. Massively overhyped.

  • Kimber

    OG stands for Ocean Grown. Not “Original”.

  • Cm

    Is this what you did?

    • Michael

      I wouldn’t waste my money on any cannabis product that didn’t have THC in it. Is that what you did ? What, are you 5 ? Go smoke a bone !

      • Cm

        Maybe you need to learn about the potential of CBD then. You might find it could really help your anger.

  • GeneCali

    What a long strange trip it’s been. God Bless Mother Nature! Happy New year to All.

  • Dylan Woods

    you forgot gelato that shit is the worst strain every single time no matter how good it looks smells or tastes it DOES NOT get me high

  • Scott Ziccardy

    Right now I got in oil blue God, furity pebbles, blueberry og, white runtz, super lemon haze, zittles cake, Skywalker og, purple haze. All of them taste great my favorite on this list is zittles cake then runtz