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New Strains Alert: Sonic Screwdriver, Lemonder, Golden Gage, and More

October 14, 2016
This week’s New Strains Alert includes some local favorites alongside a few up and coming heavy hitters. We’ve added some outstanding OG crosses, including Lemonder (Lavender x OG Kush) and Chem D.O.G. (Chemdawg x OG Kush). With complex terpene profiles and the right balance of heavy and heady, these OG’s are ready for the weekend. If sativa-dominant strains are more your speed, give Golden Gage and Sonic Screwdriver a spin to elevate your mood and to help you get out from under the gray skies of fall.

Leafly Sonic Screwdriver sativa cannabis strain   Sonic Screwdriver

Sonic Screwdriver by TGA Subcool Genetics has been dubbed one of the best yielding plants of all time. With genetic parents Orange Cream Soda and Trainwreck, Sonic Screwdriver leans toward the sativa side, offering stimulating effects with bright, complex terpenes of ripening citrus and forest floor. Trainwreck gives this strain a strong, heady onset that hits right between the eyes, but afterwards settles into the body, exhibiting a comfortable energy throughout. This strain is ideal for overcoming lethargy, curbing minor physical pain, and stimulating the appetite.

Leafly Lemonder hybrid cannabis strain   Lemonder

Lemonder is a body-heavy hybrid with an outstanding aroma. This strain is a cross of Soma Lavender and OG Kush, and offers alert mental clarity and relaxing physical effects. The buds glitter with trichomes and are tangled in orange/bronze hairs. Its aroma smells like lemon peel, pine needles, and a sprinkling of earthy spice. Enjoy Lemonder throughout the day as its effects are manageable and won’t pull too firmly toward stimulation or relaxation. Expect smile-inducing euphoria and a calming, carefree body buzz.

Leafly Future hybrid cannabis strain   Future

Future by Exotic Genetix is a strain of cannabis crafted in the present, but sent from the future. This potent cross of GG4 and Starfighter F2 delivers immediate euphoria that elevates the mind and relaxes the body. The strength of this strain has been known to dole out anxiety in novice consumers, so mind your dosage. But overall, Future is a wonderfully potent hybrid cross with aromas of chemical and chocolate with a light, earthy sweetness. Utilize this strain throughout the day to curb nausea and depression.

Leafly Mean Misty hybrid cannabis strain   Mean Misty

Mean Misty is a fruity hybrid with quality mental and physical effects. Brought to life through the genetic cross of Secret Recipe and Blue Dream, Mean Misty emanates a strong berry aroma with earthy elements that speak to its OG heritage. This strain sits firmly between physical and mental effects, gaining an effervescent head rush from the Sour Diesel (in Secret Recipe) and the Haze (in Blue Dream) while garnering the mid-level relaxation of Abusive OG (in Secret Recipe) and Blueberry (in Blue Dream). This strain has been known to push upwards of 20% THC, so mind your dosage and enjoy with care.

Leafly Golden Gage hybrid cannabis strain   Golden Gage

Golden Gage by Green Gage Genetics is a wooly sativa-dominant hybrid with neon-orange pistils and trichome-laden foliage that will make your fingers sticky. By crossing Golden Goat and Joseph OG, the breeders at Gage Green created a special cut with truly lifted attributes. Anticipate powerful, creative euphoria and spiced, hashy flavors with hints of citrus beneath. This strain is ideal for consumers looking for mental stimulation that plays well outside, at the club, with breakfast, or after work.

Leafly Yoda's Brain hybrid cannabis strain   Yoda’s Brain

Yoda’s Brain is an indica-dominant cut with dense, crystal-coated buds rich with potency. Due to its high THC content, Yoda’s Brain exhibits a sativa-dominant rush to the head off the get-go. This powerful sizzle in the brain simmers down and wraps the body in a weighted aura some might consider meditative. It has a slightly floral aroma with overtones of earth and spices. Enjoy Yoda’s Brain near the end of the day to amplify its relaxing, sedative effects.

Leafly Chem D.O.G. indica cannabis strain   Chem D.O.G.

Chem D.O.G., not to be confused with Chemdawg, is a potent Chemdawg and OG Kush cross that harnesses the best qualities of either strain. With an expansive terpene profile that includes limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, this strain has a spiced citrus nose with touches of chemical and earth. This bouquet of aromas illustrates the complex effects nestled below Chem D.O.G.’s frosty greenery, which offer soothing physical relaxation after a powerful rush brought on by the strain’s high THC content.

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Jeremiah Wilhelm

Jeremiah Wilhelm is a former strain researcher at Leafly.

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  • Anthony Shawcross

    Can I get any sent to the uk for my own consumption I have claudication of the spine I’m on 62 micro gram patches suppose to last 3 days but they don’t the patches are fencino fentanyl slow release patches are not working any suggestions of anyone in the uk I could get your produce from

    • I would love nothing more than to be able to send you something. The weed here in California is some of the best in the world. Unfortunately the feds frown upon using the U.S. mail to ship cannabis and Englands old school prohibition laws make matters worse. I hope you are able to find some relief soon my friend. Nothing better than a cup-a and some good bud. Cheers Anthony !

      • Anthony Shawcross

        Thanks mate worth a try can’t trust any one here but life goes on

        • Leeroy

          damn bro I will send you some bud

          • Anthony Shawcross

            That would be great but wouldn’t want to get you in trouble not worth it

          • Leeroy

            Have had two back surgeries myself…one a fusion..I understand.

          • Anthony Shawcross

            Can’t operate had a heart attack only 40% capacity left surgeon wouldn’t take chance

  • Anthony Shawcross


  • E. A. Becker

    Just wanted to thank whomever it was that recommended Medical Cannabis. The high CBD/ low THC strain has helped me go from 9+ migraines a month to one or two. Seriously amazing stuff.Thanks to Dr Megan.You can reach her via for inquiries on any Cannabis Product.Good delivery service too