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The Best Cannabis Strains for the Holidays (According to Leafly Reviewers)

The holidays are fast approaching, so naturally you’re thinking about the perfect cannabis strains to enjoy over the upcoming weeks. Have innumerable aunts, uncles, in-laws, and second cousins coming into town for the long weekend? You’ll probably need something to chill you out after all that family time. Wanting to keep moving in spite of the weather? You’re after something active. Have about a thousand errands left to run? Something to spice up the process would be nice.

Luckily, Leafly user reviews are a gold mine of suggestions for cannabis strains that fit any scenario, so we’ve compiled a few great user-sourced recommendations for a range of seasonal activities listed below. Whether you’re grocery shopping, cocoa-sipping, or baking some cannabis-infused holiday cookies, try out one of the ideas below and enjoy your holiday celebrations!

For Coping with Winter

space jill cannabis strain
“This is the perfect strain to make Seattle winter days productive! A couple hits gives my ambition, creativity and libido a jump-start.” –munin.raven


durban poison cannabis strain

“My go to for getting my figure back after holiday indulgence!” –grngrazer

og kush cannabis strain

 “Smooth pull, great taste – exactly what I hoped for…real killer high to cure the inevitable holiday blues.” –hazedandconfused

For Spending Time with Family & Friends

blue hawaiian cannabis strain

“Smells like Christmas trees, tastes like pine and lightens the heart and mind…I found it made the whole holiday with ALL the family, very enjoyable. Oh and added benefits of not breaking ornaments or dropping the turkey.” –Free_Byrd

sour lemon og cannabis strain

 “Smoked this with my Nana and great Uncle Pete while on winter vacation…Made me forget how much my back hurt from sleeping on an air mattress.” –somniumtextrix

bubble gum cannabis strain

 “A swift cerebral head high, accompanied by a punch of energy. Best used at a party with friends as is very good for getting you in the mood, to talk, dance, whatever!” –JustAnotherStoner

For Curling Up by the Fire

blue haze cannabis strain

“I could feel every atom in my body float away in rhythm with the space heater I was sitting next to. Perfect for sitting home on a cold winter evening and then getting a good night sleep.” –Anonymous

jack frost cannabis strain

 “I enjoyed a blunt and hits from my vaporizer along side with a cup of hot chocolate, it was a great combo…pick it up for a stay-at-home type of day.” –kushconnoisseur420

obama kush cannabis strain

 “I’m washing it down with some seasonal ale and it’s the perfect end to a perfect night.” –BudseyXO

Looks, Smells, and Tastes Like Christmas

jack herer cannabis strain

“When I opened the bag I thought I was suddenly on a camping trip. It smelled like a Christmas tree…The taste of pine, clove and earth danced across across my palate.” –robmacpheejr

SFV OG cannabis strain

 “Nom nom nom like a Christmas tree with a lifesaver candy cane in your mouth.” –greedyguy

fire OG cannabis strain

 “Feels like I threw a Christmas tree in a wood chipper… lights, ornaments, candy canes – everything – and put it in my Pax to vape it.’” –Midnyte003

For Making Spirits Bright

purple voodoo cannabis strain

“This is like that one ‘big’ present hidden behind the tree just when you think you didn’t get what you ‘really’ wanted that year. It’s that good.” –Anonymous

larry OG cannabis strain

 “My brain lit up like Times Square on New Years Eve.” –Grumple

mango kush cannabis strain

 “This strain had me smiling like the Grinch that stole Christmas.” –Skyclub

ice cream cannabis strain

 “Like skating across a frozen lake surrounded by snowflakes in the night.” – bugpowderdustmugwumpjism

sour diesel cannabis strain

 “BEST. STRAIN. EVER. Four for you, Sour D, you go Sour D.” –Anonymous

What are some of your favorite strains to enjoy over the holidays? Share in the comments!

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