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“Alright, so this was my second time ever buying. My first experience with these places wasn't good, but this one was much better. The sign in lady didn't have an attitude which was nice. My real issue with all these places is the budtenders. The one who helped me was nice, but I don't think a single one of these people smoke, all they know is the different types of strains and the ones that'll get you the highest. Zero knowledge on the strains medical purposes. The conversation seems really forced and awkward, had the same experience at the first place I went. Secondly, can we please get these ladies some shirts and maybe hire some guys. Not trying to be all feminist here, I just think they should have normal t-shirts for the ladies and they hire pretty much no guys. Guarantee you it's just to keep you coming back (take it from a gay dude, they got you by the balls bro, sorry). Strains I got: Snozzyberry: kinda weak to me, and I'm someone who hates heavy/super spacy highs. Interesting smell and taste though. If you find yourself like me and gotta be careful about what you smoke because of paranoia, try maybe just a gram see if it does anything, may not work for me, may be just potent enough for someone else. Alice in Wonderland: good stuff, trippy flower taste, a little bit more aware than I'd like to be lol. Head high isn't too much a problem, the body high is slightly annoying, I'm like hyper aware of all the twitches in my muscles, my table feels really soft right now, I'm sure that'd be great for someone out there. If I focus on the twitches I get a tiny bit worried, but as long as I don't think about it, it's a nice high.”

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“great selection and lots of smiling faces. ”

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