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“They Actually Care! Not just in it for the college kids like all the rest!”

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“Truth be told, I am in the process of getting my card and just named Kanna as my caregiver, so I haven't sampled the wares. But, I've paid them several visits as I've learned about buying marijuana legally in Bozeman and was impressed by them over the other shops. Even though the strain I was most interested in (Harlequin) is one they don't carry, I decided to go with them anyway. I would put myself squarely in the ex-rec user, returning medical user camp—I would probably only get high a few more times in my life if I wasn't in so much pain. I felt that Kanna saw me as a true patient and treated me with a more medical approach...but also with plenty of warmth, caring, and humanity. I like that they wear lab coats. Sure, that's just good branding, but it reminds me they really do test all their things in a lab. I also really liked the clean, lab-like product room. I appreciated this over the more stoner-shack vibe of one of Bozeman's other well-stocked provider options...even though the budtender there was very knowledgable and didn't rush me, despite all my questions and a growing line behind me. With Kanna you can walk in from a medical building; some of the others have camera locks and buzz ins and it just felt gross. Another thing, I appreciated that Kanna is a woman-owned business by one of the area's earliest proponents. She's had her hands on growing plants and cooking and has grown the business from there. As a woman and also a female business owner, I also liked that much of the staff was female. Maybe that's sexist, but it made me feel more at ease and is worth noting for others who appreciate a female lean. Between the lab-testing, the cleanliness, the fact they make or source all of their own extras locally (versus one shop who just bought the same CBD oil I can get online), I felt Kanna stood out above the rest. These things helped me break ties with several of the other shops I was considering that also had good service and energy. This includes a new shop that I think just needs some time to grow and add edibles, topicals, etc, and another downtown alternative that had a good selection but not the same level of professionalism and knowledge and caring I felt with Kanna. Two more bonuses: the downtown location is walking/biking distance for me, and the location inside the Medical Arts Center means you can make a discreet entrance. I would recommend Kanna to anyone, but especially seriously medically-motivated patients, newbies, women, the elderly, and anyone else who needs a little extra respect and attention. I will review again once I've tried the stuff but there is no doubt in my mind it will be consistent and quality.”

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