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Green Tree Medicinals - Boulder

3.6| 9 Reviews
  • Medical Dispensary
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“First of all the smell in that place is so bad. It's overpowering and awful. Second, they sold me clones and the strain type was not even close to what it was billed as. An indica grows completely different than a sativa, never mind all the other problems with getting clones with the wrong strain. They said they would tell their growers about it and get back to me, and if they do, I will amend this review. As of now, I would never go back. Over priced clones that aren't even the correct genetics? Sorry, that's unacceptable.”

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“Most disrespected Ive ever felt at a dispensary. I walked into the store and it immidiatly smelled like dog shit. I wondered if there was a dog around but after being let back into the bud room i was sure the smell was coming from the dirt weed they were selling behind the counter. I looked at a viriety of types of wax and shatter which didnt look too bad because they were not blown with greeen treees product. After picking a gram of "sugar wax" i paid for it and went home. When I got home I looked at the gram and it was crumbly wax which was not what I paid for. so After being late to work I called Laura which was my budtender and they said it would b worth my while if I came in and swiched out the grams so I went back across town because of their error. I tell them Im in a rush and I can see the two girls chatting away in the back. They tell me they are going to give me a joint for their mistake and I watch the lady take a tiny 1 inch joint out of a bin that sais 3 dollar pre- rolls. Next which is the most horrific part I watched her take the gram I had opened up at my house and touched with my dirty dab tool and handled profusley after eating hot cheetoes right back on the shelf for another customer to buy. Next she comes out with a gram of Sativa shatter, which I can not handle on account of my paranoia and tells me to get lost. I open the gram before I leave the store and I see it still not the "Sugar wax" i wanted. she tells me that I shouldnt have been served in the first place because my card was illegible which is false because I went to a dispensary yesterday. She took the shatter back and said "Id be happy to give you a refund and not allow you back in the store" worst Ive ever been treated as a medical patient. The other persons name was nicole. I think that they should most definitly lose their jobs or at least be transfered over to recreational where they are not dealing with sick patients with actual needs like epilepsy like myself.”

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