Leafly List 

The top cannabis adult-use stores and medical dispensaries in North America.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Leafly List

We get a lot of questions about the Leafly List, so we’ve addressed the most common queries in our Leafly List Frequently Asked Questions to help clarify any confusion you may have. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, hit us up at support@leafly.com.

What is the Leafly List?

The Leafly List is a quarterly publication that ranks the best medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries based on a number of consumer engagement metrics. Similar to other page and post ranking algorithms, like those found on Google and Facebook, the Leafly List is based on 100% objective customer feedback and data collected by Leafly. No subjective criteria are included, and it is not possible to pay or otherwise bargain for a spot on the list.

How often is the Leafly List released?

The Leafly List is published every quarter (spring, summer, fall, and winter).

Where is the List published?

The Leafly List is published on Leafly.com to an audience of more than 10 million. It has also been syndicated by other media outlets, such as:

What factors go into the Leafly List index score?

Medical and adult-use cannabis dispensaries are scored and ranked on a variety of data points that reward locations for being a positive presence in their communities and the cannabis industry. The score also takes into account the stores’ digital performance and their engagement on Leafly. Other factors include:

  • The strength of each store’s group of followers (active and engaged with many reviews)
  • The accuracy of each location’s menu
  • Meaningful community reviews of each location’s service, atmosphere, and the variety of products on their menus

What are tie-breaking procedures if two locations index with the same score?

Ties between two or more locations with the same index score are decided first by the total average star rating for all reviews collected during the previous quarter. If locations remain tied, with the same average star rating, then the location that collected the most reviews during the quarter prior will be awarded the higher Leafly List ranking.

What can I do to impact my favorite location’s Leafly List index score?

The Leafly List is an organic representation of the best and most popular dispensaries in each major cannabis market. Everyone in the Leafly community can weigh in with their opinions by leaving meaningful reviews and staying engaged with their favorite local dispensaries.

Some best practices for patients and customers:

  • Follow your favorite dispensaries on Leafly.
  • Leave meaningful dispensary reviews. Either positive or negative experiences can be meaningful to others. Let your voice be heard!
  • Tell your friends why your favorite spot is the best and have them review their experience too.

Example of a meaningful review:

Sweetbutter Leafly Review

How can a dispensary with fewer reviews or a lower star rating beat out another dispensary?

Ranking on the Leafly List is not solely based on the total number of reviews, the star rating, or the number of followers. The Leafly List indexing algorithm consists of more than a dozen different data sets that we have identified as valuable metrics in representing the very best and most engaged dispensaries on Leafly for our users. We will continue to refine and adjust the criteria in an effort to improve and optimize the rankings over time.

Why does the algorithm change?

The algorithm is constantly being optimized and updated to ensure the most accurate representation is published every quarter. As our learnings evolve, we continue to add real-time elements that will adapt to the fast-changing market conditions of the cannabis industry.

Can delivery and patient-to-patient services make the Leafly List?

At this time the Leafly List is limited to brick-and-mortar storefront locations and Licensed Producers (LP) in Canada’s medical marijuana system.



Here are some of common questions we hear from dispensary owners and employees about the Leafly List rankings.

Why do I care about the Leafly List and my store’s index score?

The top ranked locations in each of the active US cannabis markets receive some extra love from Leafly and give the community a better idea of where they should be shopping for cannabis. A spot on the Leafly List positions dispensaries as the example for other businesses to follow as our industry continues to grow.

Benefits of being featured on the Leafly List can include:

I’m a dispensary owner or employee, what can I do to impact our Leafly List index score?

For location managers and budtenders, the best and easiest thing you can do to affect your location’s standing on the Leafly List is to continue to provide patients and customers with industry-leading service so your patients and customers feel comfortable, educated, and safe when purchasing cannabis.

The goal is a simple one for most businesses: provide an amazing experience that visitors will want to talk about it. Customer reviews and feedback is one of the most potent forms of marketing a business can receive, so finding ways to encourage your dispensary to be top-of-mind and the center of the cannabis conversation will go a long way in amplifying your Leafly List performance.

Some best practices for dispensaries include:

  • Updating your menu daily to maintain accuracy
  • Embedding your Leafly menu directly to your website
  • Driving engagement and traffic to your Leafly page through specials, deals, and updates
  • Responding to negative and positive reviews to let your patients and customers know you are listening
  • Sharing your updates, events, and other news on social media (use #leaflylist and tag @leafly for added visibility)

How come my location’s index score or position on the Leafly List dropped since last time?

The Leafly List is indexed against the performance of all local and regional competition. The performance of each individual location may have been stronger than the previous quarter; however, index scores account for the performance of the entire regional market. The overall performance only increases relative to that of your local competition. For example, if your overall performance increases but your neighbor’s performance went up even further, then your rank will drop relative to their increase.

How do I know what my location’s Index score is?

Index scores for the top locations in each region are published once per quarter. If you’re a location owner or manager and your score is not published as a top location, talk with your account manager or our customer support team to discuss ways to increase your engagement on Leafly.

Here are some helpful resources for you to get started on your own:

Can I pay to get #1? How much does it cost to be on the Leafly List?

The Leafly List is based on 100% objective customer feedback and data collected by Leafly. No subjective criteria are included, and it is not possible to pay for a spot on the list.

How will I know when the algorithm changes?

Leafly reserves the right to update or change the indexing algorithm at any time without notification.

I own multiple locations – can they all make the Leafly List?

In an effort to provide a more comprehensive view of the top locations in each region, we limit franchise locations that share the same name and branding to two locations listed in each region during each cycle. Any other locations that index will be included in a text callout within a footnote at the bottom of the rankings.