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Round 1: Meet the Competing Cannabis Strains

While March Madness plays out on the court, we’ve got a competition on the sidelines. Welcome to Leafly’s Strain Madness, where you will decide which strain gets dubbed the champion of all cannabis.

Check back every day to find out which strain wins in each division, and vote every day to see your favorite strain through to the final round.

In the spirit of competition, we’re kicking off a week of voting where you decide which cannabis strain deserves a little recognition. The name of the game is Strain Madness 2019, where popular strains are pitted against each other to determine the best of each terpene.

To set up our bracket, we’ve divided 16 of the most popular and trending strains on Leafly into four divisions based on their dominant terpene.

Using aggregate lab data from Leafly’s verified lab partners, we’ve broken down the average terpene profile for strains featuring the cannabis terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene, terpinolene, and limonene.

We’ve chosen four strains in each terpene division, and they’re ranked 1-4 based on their popularity.

Over the course of this week, we’ll be asking you to vote on which strains should advance through the competition. Simply vote for your favorites below, and check back every day to vote strains through to the next round.

Let’s meet our contenders.

Click to enlarge. (Elysse Feigenblatt/Leafly)

Vote for Your Favorite Strains

Myrcene Division

Myrcene is the most prevalent terpene within the chemical profile of cannabis strains. On its own, it has an earthy, herbal aroma. These four myrcene-dominant strains showcase the full spectrum of the effects of cannabis, from relaxation to stimulation.

The top-seeded Granddaddy Purple squares off with fourth-seeded LA Confidential in this first-round matchup. Both of these myrcene-dominant strains are lauded for their relaxing euphoria, but which is better: GDP’s enticing berry flavors and dreamy high, or LA Confidential’s sweet, earthy aroma and mood-lifting effects?

See each strain’s terpene profile here:

The soaring stimulation of Green Crack goes head-to-head with White Widow’s legacy of resin-coated happiness. Green Crack’s earthy sweetness is known to preface racing cerebral energy that’s either an appreciated kickstart or a menacing distraction, depending on who you ask. White Widow, on the other hand, is a classic strain with more balanced effects that lift the mood.

See each strain’s terpene profile here:

Caryophellene Division

Caryophyllene is a common terpene with a sharp, spicy quality to it. It’s different from other terpenes because it is the only one that is known to directly stimulate cannabinoid receptors, specifically CB2 receptors found throughout our bodies.

The caryophyllene division is led by a matchup between two contemporary powerhouses, GSC and Original Glue. The earthy, sweet vibes of GSC are backed by the cultural prestige of the Cookies family. Meanwhile, Original Glue is respected for its strong pine aroma and consistent mind-numbing potency.

See each strain’s terpene profiles here:


Talk about a matchup! These caryophyllene-dominant mainstays are two of the most revered strains in the cannabis ecosystem. OG Kush presents sharp pine flavors and a potent punch of euphoria. Its challenger, Sherbert, offers a complexity of fruit flavors and a relaxed, happy headspace that melts away stress.

See each strain’s terpene profile here:

Terpinolene Division

We like to think of terpinolene as the “least-common, common terpene” found in cannabis. Each of the four terpinolene-dominant strains in this category carry a bright, dynamic aroma and provide a mood lift and cerebral stimulation.

The terpinolene division begins with top-seeded Super Lemon Haze. The sweet zest and blissful focus of Super Lemon Haze are pitted against Chernobyl’s lime flavors and exhilarating mood boost. Both strains share citrus vibes, so this matchup might come down to your preference between Super Lemon Haze’s unique energy or Chernobyl’s dreamy cerebral buzz.

See each strain’s full terpene profile here:


Two import strains square off in this first-round matchup. Acapulco Gold originally sprouted in Mexico with pungent earthy aromas and an uplifting energy that has solidified its legacy among the counterculture and cannabis communities.

Meanwhile, the sweet signature aroma and piney flavors of Dutch Treat crossed the Atlantic Ocean, bringing along happy, relaxing vibes and blissful euphoria.

See each strain’s full terpene profile here:

Limonene Division

Limonene is a terpene that presents a sharp citrus aroma to the mix of cannabis flavors. Its bright, mood-elevating scent is common in citrus peel, rosemary, and juniper. The four limonene-dominant strains in this category all share fierce, pungent aromas and robust effects.

The pungent fuel flavors of cannabis heavyweight Sour Diesel go up against Cinex’s blend of woody and citrus notes. Sour Diesel is a strain with a few known and disputed phenotypes, but it is universally appreciated for its euphoric energy and signature aroma of diesel fumes. Cinex challenges Sour D’s legacy with its cheerful mood and earthy sweetness.

See each strain’s full terpene profile here:

Powerhouses Do-Si-Dos and White Fire OG go bud-to-bud in this matchup. Both cultivars carry dank earthy aromas with a hint of gas. Do-Si-Dos stands out with a hint of sweetness, while WiFi is capped off by a touch of citrus flavor. Both provide potent relaxation, with Do-Si-Dos leaning more toward happy dreams and White Fire toward creative exhilaration.

See each strain’s full terpene profile here:

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