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The World’s 10 Most Beautiful Places with Strains Named After Them

Strain names are inspired by all sorts of things (like celebrities and movie stars, for instance), but one of the most common tropes is locations. Everything from tiny towns (Aberdeen, Mendocino) to landmarks (Space Needle, Krakatoa) to countries (Malawi, Nepal) to whole continents (South America, Asia) are given nods in the names of strains that were bred or inspired there.

The following 10 strains stand out in the beauty of the locations they’re named for. Have you visited these places or tried these strains? Let us know which are you favorites (or hey, review 'em)!



Paris cityscape at sunset

Strains: Paris XXX & Paris OG

The romantic city has captured the hearts and minds of visitors and locals alike for centuries. Between its dreamy alleyways, iconic architecture, sidewalk café scene and effortlessly beautiful inhabitants, Paris is a no-brainer namesake for strains Paris OG and Paris XXX.

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The Alps

The Alps at sunset

Strains: Alpine Blue & Alpine Star

Alpine Blue and Alpine Star shout out to the soaring, snowcapped peaks and sweeping green valleys nestled within this grande dame of mountain ranges. It’s no wonder that visitors from around the world seek out its world-class snow and scenery for whole seasons at a time.

Myanmar (Burma)

Balloons flying over ruins in Myanmar, Burma, at sunrise

Strain: Burmese Kush

Now that the country’s long stretch of military rule has come to an end, the golden temple turrets rising over the lush landscapes (often with colorful hot air balloons floating amongst them) are drawing visitors to the country once again. Burmese Kush denotes the country.

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Balmoral Castle in Scotland at sunset

Strain: Balmoral

The stately British castle is as regal inside as it is out, and attracts visitors from all over the world to marvel at its turrets and towers. It’s immortalized by Balmoral, a relaxing, happy hybrid strain which was in fact bred in Canada.


Madagascar at sunset

Strain: Madagascar

Madagascar’s rich, one-of-a-kind array of striking flora and fauna make it a visitor favorite, and inspire beautiful photographs, especially from beneath the canopies of its trippy, towering baobab trees. Madagascar, a floral indica with full-body effects, name-drops the island nation.


Venice canals sunset

Strain: Venice OG

Sparkling canals weaving between buildings, gondolas ferrying visitors and locals alike through the perma-flooded city, buildings and city squares that ooze Old World charm all make Venice one of the most uniquely beautiful cities on Earth. Venice OG is a shout-out to the city.


Jamaican coastline

Strains: Jamaican Dream, Jamaican Lion & more.

Tropical, serene, and green, green, green, it’s no wonder that cannabis has long played a role in Jamaica’s social and cultural landscape. Numerous strains denote the famously cannabis-friendly Caribbean nation.

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Mt. Kilimanjaro at sunset with elephant in foreground

Strain: Kilimanjaro

Looking out across the wild plains of Tanzania, this breathtaking mountain rises high above the surrounding landscapes like the throne of a king. The Kilimanjaro strain, a landrace sativa that originated in the same country, will take you to new heights of its own.


Thailand mountain landscape at sunset

Strains: Blue Thai, Thai Haze & more.

A coastal Southeast Asian location, surreal rock formations rising out of the crystal-blue waters, and white sandy beaches that stretch for miles upon miles characterize Thailand, and strains like Thai-Tanic, Thai Haze and Blue Thai all name-drop the nation.


Sonoma at sunset

Strain: Sonoma Coma

There’s no getting around the beauty of wine country, and Northern California sure knows how to do it right. With its rolling hills and rows of grapevines bathed in golden sunlight all year round, Sonoma is worthy of a mention from the similarly lovely sativa that is Sonoma Coma.

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