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New Strains Alert: Black Lotus, Jack’s Girl, Deep Breath, and More

Published on April 13, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Leafly’s New Strains Alert is an ongoing series that announces cannabis strains recently added to our database. Leave a rating and review for any you’ve tried, or find out if a strain is available in your area, by clicking through to the strain page.

This week’s New Strains Alert is a family gathering of parents and offspring, and Honey Lemon Cheese also got invited to the party.

We start with Alien Breath and Deep Breath. Deep Breath gets much of its aroma and uniqueness from its potent, interstellar parent.

Sky Lotus and Black Lotus are siblings descending, in part, from Snow Lotus. These beautiful flowers both pack an abundance of trichomes and resin thanks to their stinky, frosted ancestor.

And lastly, we have Jack’s Girl and Jack’s Dragon Girl #7. Naturally, Jack’s Dragon Girl #7 descends from Jack’s Girl, carrying on the delicious and potent qualities the breeder believed Jack would have truly admired.

As always, if you’ve had a chance to enjoy any of these strain, leave a review and help inform the cannabis community!

Alien Breath marijuana strain tile
Alien Breath

Alien Breath is a rich mixture of hybrid genetics. It crosses POGO (Purple Alien OG x Goji OG) and Berry Breath (Blackberry x Grateful Breath), and exemplifies strong OG elements alongside its tangy, fruity undertones. This plant has an average flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks, and has been known to flourish indoors. This esoteric cultivar is hard to find, but is well worth the search, as its unique terpene profile and robust effects are not to be missed.

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Deep Breath marijuana strain tile
Deep Breath

Deep Breath by Baked Beanz is a deep mixture of “Breath” strains. This massive genetic cross starts with Alien Breath, which is a cross of POGO (Purple Alien OG x Goji OG) and Berry Breath (Blackberry x Grateful Breath). Alien Breath is then crossed with a GG4 x Mendo Breath hybrid, deepening the potent and pungent attributes native to this ancestry. This strain is a slugger, hitting the consumer hard in both effect and fragrance. The aroma is a mixture of astringent chemicals and berries that meld together to form a loud, room-filling fragrance. Its flowering cycle is between 8 and 9 weeks long.

Honey Lemon Cheese marijuana strain tile
Honey Lemon Cheese

Honey Lemon Cheese by Natural Genetics Seeds is a delicious mixture of pungent and sweet strains. Created from UK Cheese x Recon and Ohio Lemon G, this strain emits a skunky, fruity cheese aroma that is as distinctive as the plant’s deep colors and pervasive trichome coverage. This strain has a 63-day flowering time and produces hard nugs dense with resin. Honey Lemon Cheese has been praised by outdoor and indoor growers for its squat, productive plants.

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Sky Lotus marijuana strain tile
Sky Lotus

Sky Lotus by Bodhi Seeds is a delicious hybrid of Mazar x Blueberry OG (f.k.a. Skywalker OG) and Snow Lotus. This strain is a variant of Bodhi Seeds’ popular Goji OG, expressing a similar stocky plant structure. The aroma is a mixture of Pine-Sol, lemon, and sweet berries, while the flavor is more piney and floral. Sky Lotus has a 9-week flowering time, but these flowers are worth the wait. This plant develops an abundance of trichomes which leads to a potent, punchy buzz that soaks up stress and encourages equanimity.

Black Lotus marijuana strain tile
Black Lotus

Black Lotus by Bodhi Seeds is a mixture of famous Pacific Northwest seed stock and Bodhi’s own Snow Lotus. This heavy strain has a spicy, earthy flavor and a pungent aroma that calls out to its Afgooey lineage. The addition of ‘87 UW Black Hashplant piles on the physical relaxation and gives the aroma a sweet and spicy kick. This elusive strain leaves a strong sedating buzz in the body, leading consumers toward rest and relaxation. It should be utilized after dark to maximize the sleepy effects central to these potent genetics.

Jack's Girl marijuana strain tile
Jack’s Girl

Jack’s Girl by Spectrum is a heartfelt homage to the breeder’s dear friend, Jack Herer. This cannabis strain is the offspring of a G13 mother and an Afpak x White Widow father. The breeder is certain Jack would have loved this flower’s deep hashy aroma and abundance of glistening trichomes. Jack’s Girl is said to be a favorite of veterans, as it can potentially assist with PTSD, stress, and pain by laying heavily on the body while mellowing the mind. Enjoy this hybrid throughout the day, but anticipate more weighted effects with continued consumption.

Jack's Dragon Girl #7 marijuana strain tile
Jack’s Dragon Girl #7

Jack’s Dragon Girl #7 by Spectrum is a wonderful mixture of potent genetics and happy effects. Created by crossing Jack’s Girl and Dragon Lady, Jack’s Dragon Girl #7 is presumably the seventh and most highly favored phenotype. This strain has a sweet, floral aroma that translates nicely to the flavor. Her 50/50 balanced hybrid genetics give way to a happy, euphoric mental state and a calm, but not heavy buzz in the body. Jack’s Dragon Girl #7 is an excellent strain for consumers looking to elevate mood while staying productive.

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